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Amina is fresh out of college and looking for a job. Jax is a corporate heir who's entire life has been planned for him. When these two have a one night stand, their lives venture off the expected path. Amina just wanted to have one last night of partying before settling into job hunting. Little did she know, she would end up pregnant by Jaxon Signa, a man Forbes deemed number one on the hottest and riches men under 30' list. Jax had his whole life planned out by his parents, and Amina is not a part of that plan. There's only one viable option for the Signa family. Proceed with Jaxon's arranged marriage and hide Amina away in his mansion until the baby arrives. If only things were that simple.

Romance / Drama
Caylah West
4.6 50 reviews
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Chapter 1

College graduation.

It was something I'd been looking forward to for years. I finally had my master's in business and it was time for me to join the work force. At 24 years old, I'd worked hard and even graduated early for my age. My high school offered an advanced learning program that allowed me to graduate two years ahead of schedule. Now that I was finally done studying, my best friend, Asher insisted on taking me for a night on the town. Asher was a year older than me, but he graduated three years ago because he decided to stop after his bachelor's degree. He was even working at a pretty impressive company, Signa Incorporated, in the Human Resources department.

Asher slung an arm over my shoulder as we walked to the club he picked out. He was dressed up in an orange button up and black slacks. His blonde hair was slightly spiked up and the orange from his shirt made his brown eyes stand out even more. Asher was taller than me, standing at six feet even, and he had the lanky stature to match. I even dressed up in a sparkly silver halter-top romper with a deep drape exposing my cleavage. The romper had loose fitting shorts that ended right after my butt. I was, thankfully, blessed with curves in the right places. And being that I used to be an athlete and exercised regularly, my waist was small too. I wasn't as tall as Asher, but I wasn't terrible short either, standing at five feet and four inches. My black stilettos made me seem even taller. I left my long black hair down in beach waves while accentuating my brown eyes with a dark brown smoky eyes and coating my lips in a matte red lipstick.

"You never even told me where we were going," I said as we neared the strip.

"If I told you it was an office party, would you believe me?" Asher smirked. I caught myself rolling my eyes. Asher chuckled before leading me off towards a certain building.

"Minnie, you're going to be job hunting starting next week and Signa is a good company. It won't hurt to rub elbows with a few people ahead of time. Plus, our office parties are actually pretty lit," Asher tried to explain. He showed the security his work badge before he were let inside. He was right about the party. The music was thumping, people were dancing, and the overall atmosphere was lively. Asher led me straight to the bar and ordered us a round of shots. He held his glass towards me with a smile.

"Here's to finally starting on paying back that student debt," Asher said over the music. I chuckled before downing the shot. We had probably five consecutive shots before we finally abandoned the bar for the dance floor. Whilst dancing and throwing my hair around, Asher got pulled away by some of his coworkers. The alcohol was finally starting to hit me and I started having trouble keeping my balance. It was only painfully apparent when I bumped into a wide muscular chest. I froze with my hands on the man's chest as I looked up. He was tall; taller than Asher, and incredibly fit based on what my hands were feeling. The first thing I saw was his sharp, clean shaven jawline. Even through my blurry vision, I could see how sharp his facial features were. He had high cheekbones, a straight but perfect nose, deep double eyelids that revealed ice grey irises, and slicked back dark hair. I found myself steadying myself on his broad shoulders. He didn't say a word as he stared at me. I giggled and tried to look like I wasn't as drunk as I actually was.

"I'm Minnie. Sorry about bumping into you," I apologized. I knew my words were slurring a bit, but hopefully it wasn't too bad.

"You're not an employee. Who brought you?" The gorgeous man asked. His deep voice vibrates through my body and woke up places that couldn't be seen through my clothes.

"The question is, are you taking me home?" I flirted shamelessly. The man sighed before looking around, when he didn't find what he was looking for, he held my up by my arms and led me outside. He waved someone down before a sleek town car parked in front of us.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Where are you taking me?" I smirked. He sighed before putting me in the car and getting in after me. We drove for a while before finally getting to a hotel. After checking in, the mysterious man took me up to the room and we went inside. He looked even yummier in his steel gray suit in proper lighting. The cut looked like it was tailor made to fit him. Standing there with his hands in his pockets, he looked like a model.

"You can stay here until you sober up, then you'll be able to find your own way home," he said as he looked around the room. I saw my opening and pounced. I pulled the back of his neck down to meet mine in a kiss. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck as he stood frozen. He wasn't participating, but he wasn't pulling away either. I let go of his neck and unbutton his suit jacket before pushing it off his shoulders. His hands came to my waist and it was like a switch flipped in him. He picked me up and I was quick to wrap my legs around his waist. He laid me down on the bed before releasing his lips from mine.

"You're a strange woman," he said mostly to himself as I started unbuttoning his shirt. He was just too good looking to let pass. He stopped my hands, making me look at him.

"You understand that after this, we'll most likely never even see each other again, right?" He asked. I nodded. I didn't care at the moment. I just wanted to be legs-spread underneath this Greek god. I didn't even know his name, but it didn't matter to my hazy brain.
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