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Can love, at first sight, be that much dangerous that it can lead to abduction? if it is then what will be the destiny of that love? A thrilling love story between captive and captor

Romance / Thriller
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“Mom I’ve already set my room. it’s looking good but there are some changes that I want to do so for that I have to go to the market this Saturday.”

“OK darling, I also want to buy some things we could easily go to the market on Saturday”, Mom replied. I went to the kitchen to get a drink because I was tired of all the shifting stuff, I hate shifting I don’t know why but it’s too boring. Those 16 years that I spent in London were amazing, but my dad must come back, so we also must come. Oh, I forgot to give my introduction. My name is Sarah and I’m 17 years old. So, if we talk about dreams, I think every girl wants to become a doctor but don’t worry I’m different I don’t want to become a doctor. I think it’s quite boring I want to become an architect because I want my life full of colors, Unique styles, and amazing. “Are you coming Sarah or will you just remain there talking with yourself!” “Coming mom!” I went to her room to help her because my little brother is always ready to make a mess.


“Shoot him!” “But sir! Police are arriving.” “Can’t you hear my voice shoot him or otherwise I will shoot you!” I ran to the car and heard the noise of sirens and shooting. I took a long breath and yelled at the driver “Start the car! You asshole!” We arrived at the building at about midnight. All other members were already waiting. “Yay! Very good, you all have done a great job.” I pat the shoulder of Fahad who had to shoot the man. Fahad was looking agitated. “What happened to you Fahad. Aren’t you happy?” “No sir, I was just a little shocked…… Why did you ask me to shoot him?” I squeezed his shoulder and he gave a painful cry. “You have questioned me now NEVER question me again UNDERSTAND!” “Ye…. Yes … Sir.” “Good boy!” I started to laugh. “By the way, he had seen my face that’s why I told you to shoot him.” “Ok go and make dinner. I am starving.” Everyone dispersed. Of course, they had to, I am the boss, and what I say must happen. I threw myself on a sofa and tend to relax. I was watching everyone doing their work. My one command can shake the whole house. I wish it could save my past also.


I was alone in my room. My window was open. A gentle wind came rushing inside and made the chimes in my room dance. Their dancing creates a sweet melody. I was reading a novel in which a girl was abducted by a man and she falls in love with his captive. I closed the novel and put it on my side table. This is just a fantasy I thought. How this could be a reality. I smiled. How a girl can fall in love with her captor. It’s rather amusing than fake romance. I laughed at my thoughts. I was yawning by that time and immediately fell asleep.

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