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Three young men, obviously dead, and all in less than one minute as the train rattled toward its next stop, twenty minutes away. Why did she not feel horrified, as well as scared… except she was neither. They were dead because of her, because of what they had intended to do to her. She was as near naked as made no difference, and the man who had done this... killed them, had picked her off the floor as though she’d weighed nothing and had placed her on the hard carriage seat. He was talking to her looking directly into her eyes, kneeling between her legs as he touched her face, talking to her, stopping her bringing her legs together, kneeling on one of those bodies. For the first time in her life, she knew exactly where she wanted her life to go. She had fallen in love with this man who had killed to protect her… except….

Romance / Adventure
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A promising new day... at first.

This is my entry into my own 2021 NaNoWriMo contest.

Sisters can sometimes be an embarrassing liability!

Danielle sat up in bed and swore, reaching out to quieten the alarm clock. It was not ‘that’ early, just after 8:00 a.m., Monday morning. She had a job interview at 10:00 a.m., so she had just enough time to get ready and catch the later train.

Her younger twin sisters: younger by only just over a year, would still be asleep after the night they’d all had, talking, laughing, and drinking that strong red wine; ‘Chateau’…something or other, they’d brought with them from their last ship. She could still see the bottles standing in the middle of the kitchen table and the glasses they’d drunk from.

Her head wasn’t as thick as she’d expected after consuming so much strong wine, though her sisters had consumed most of it. They were not backward that way, nor in anything else, always ready to try, and to learn something new. They were sexually precocious that way too. There might still be a half bottle left.

They were sleeping in the bedroom on the other side of the kitchen, sharing the same bed, unless they’d already caught the 8:00 am train, to head into the city, as they’d discussed. She hadn’t heard them go, if they had.

They’d said something about picking up their pay, and getting another cruise-ship job, if there was one, and even doing all of the neglected laundry while they were in town.

Their last tour had ended abruptly three days earlier, when the cruise ship they’d served on, had brushed over some rocks in the mouth of a Norwegian Fjord. The massive ship, as tall as a ten story building, had been pushed a few tens of feet to one side by sudden, gusty winds, and the tide.

It hadn’t been badly holed, just gouged along fifty or more feet, but it needed to put in to port for inspection and repairs that would take at least a few weeks.

All the passengers had been taken off by local ferries, then most of the service personnel had been let go too. Her sisters had been in that latter group. Waitresses and room service were not needed if there were no passengers.

They’d packed their bags and made their way back home over the next three days to their sister’s house, half a world away. That house had been left to her after their father had died four years earlier. Their mother had been injured in the same accident and had been in a rehab facility for months.

Her sisters had arrived late at night, just as Danielle was thinking of retiring early, and planning her next day… after she’d had her interview for that job.

‘Laundry’, had been at the top of the list.

It was as though a hurricane had blown into the house. Her sisters had unpacked their bags, tossed their dirty clothes into the laundry bags, and then had ordered a massive pizza with half a dozen toppings, and got started on the wine, once they’d found the corkscrew.

It was after midnight before they’d got to bed.

Danielle threw back the covers and headed for the bathroom shower, stripping off her pajama top and kicking off the bottoms. She almost overbalanced, feeling the lingering effects of that heavy wine on her head.

After showering and doing her hair, she went looking for the clothing she’d laid out the night before for her interview.

It had gone, everything, along with the two bags of laundry, but at least they’d made coffee, which was still warm and there was cold pizza for breakfast.

They’d had nothing clean to wear, so they’d raided their sister’s wardrobe, as well as taking her last clean clothing that she’d laid out. Damn. They’d taken care not to disturb her. She’d have to sort something else out.

She swore again.

There was a note, explaining that they’d gone to catch the early train, intending to get the laundry done; pick up their pay, or at least get that started; see if there was another cruise... unlikely, with it being half-way into the season, and, that they would try to be back before noon.

Knowing her sisters, she figured they’d be a lot later than that, but at least they’d bring food back with them.

They’d forgotten all about her interview. Maybe she hadn’t told them.

Danielle got wrapped up in her dressing gown. She would go rummaging for clothing, later. Her sisters were too used to exchanging clothing, and wearing whatever they found, or that was readily available, even if it belonged to their older sister.

She dug out the letter from that Engineering Company, about the interview, set up the week before, and she looked it over again.

Dagget & Sons. Engineering.

Main and Forrest.”

Dear Miss Coulson,

Thank you for your response to our advertisement for a Nanny, and for forwarding your resume along with character references.

We will be holding interviews for those candidates who meet our initial requirements, on Monday, the seventh of June.

As you passed our initial security and background check, your interview will take place at 10:00 am, at the above address.

The successful candidate will be expected to ‘live-in’, at the estate and see to the needs of a boy of seven years, and a girl of five.

What estate?She continued reading.

There will be a car, and a generous allowance placed at your disposal.

Remuneration for this position will depend upon the aptitude of the successful candidate and will be disclosed after the interview.

That, didn’t sound promising.

Yours Sincerely,

Mag Hollander.

p.s. The enclosed cheque is to cover any costs of travelling.

It was all very formal for a nanny’s post, but there had been no other jobs that were even mildly interesting to her at the time, and she needed to leave where she’d been working at that time.

She’d decided to give this new job, a shot. She’d brought up her sisters, tending to their every need until they’d left home, and she could easily do the same for a couple of young kids.

If she didn’t like what they told her at the interview, then she’d lost nothing, but she needed some kind of a job, after quitting her other one.

The fifty-dollar cheque to cover her costs, seemed generous. The train ride—one she did every day to work in town when she’d had a job—was already paid for, for the year.

‘Live-in’ was a bit of a bind, but she could easily rent her house if her sisters didn’t stick around. It would give her an extra source of income to cover the mortgage she’d had to take on, to cover the costs of roofing, plumbing, and an electrical upgrade.

She swore loudly again when she went looking for other clothing to wear.

They’d not only taken the last of her fresh clothes she’d laid out for the job interview. but her only other ‘clean’ ones for themselves to wear, leaving her with nothing except what she could round up from clothing she hadn’t worn for years.

She couldn’t even raid the laundry hamper in the bathroom, as they’d decided to do a massive wash of everything in the house.

She eventually found an old high school skirt, shorter than she liked, two inches above her knees and more like a mini-skirt, to her view of it, rather than two inches below; as the school had insisted upon.

There were no clean bras or panties to her name—no bra or panties, period—and no time to search in any of the boxes in the attic, as she scurried around with a piece of pizza in her mouth.

The panties she’d kicked aside as she’d stripped off to shower, had landed in the cat’s dish.

No big deal. She could do a shop beforehand, or even catch up to her sisters in the laundromat; the one they usually used in town and recover what she needed then, as they grinned at her, struggling to get her panties and bra on in that public place, or in the bathroom.

Knowing her sisters, she was easily able to believe that they had stripped down to the bare essentials to wash ‘everything’, even in the laundromat, and even the ‘clean’ clothes of hers they’d walked out with. They didn’t care.

Danielle wasn’t going to do anything embarrassingly ‘awkward’ or revealing, between leaving home and getting into town.

As long as she sat still and didn’t recklessly ‘flash’ anyone sitting opposite her, who the hell would know she had no panties on? Or care?

She salvaged her wet panties from the cat’s dish and washed them out, except they’d need to go into the laundry too, for a proper wash. She put them into a ‘Ziploc’ bag to take with her in her bulky shoulder bag—just in case.

Shopping for lingerie and a skirt, was top of her list, if she couldn’t find her sisters.

It was just a job interview, ‘in… out’, but she needed this job. It had seemed ideal after the other crap she’d had to put up with from those bitchy, women slavedrivers, that always seemed to be in charge at the bank. They’d had a grudge against younger women who were more intelligent than them, better looking, and slim… which she was.

She brushed her teeth in front of the mirror, rehearsing how she would give her sisters hell, for leaving her like this. Except it was almost funny too.

She wiped tooth paste from the top of her breasts, where it had dribbled when she’d pulled a face at herself in the mirror.

Her sisters had always been up for a ‘dare’. They may have done it deliberately… taken all of her good clothes… regarding their older sister as an uptight prude, and laughing over her discomfort having to go into town without underwear.

She didn’t have any slacks either, or a suit. That was her sisters again. They’d raided everything of hers, either to wear, or for the laundry run. They were a pair of clean freaks.

What the hell. She could wear a light raincoat over everything, and that, would be well below her knees.

She didn’t have time to wash anything else out properly by hand, and no time to dry anything or she’d miss the train and be late. Not a good start for anything.

She’d got out of the house just after 9 a.m., cutting it fine, leaving herself little time to catch the last train of the morning which came through at five minutes after. She’d had to run.

It wasn’t a windy day, and she wouldn’t be long. It was only a thirty-minutes train ride. It hadn’t been the first time she’d been without panties, thanks to her sisters, but that had been when they were all much younger.

Fortunately, the train would be mostly empty at that hour. She’d take the last carriage, with the likelihood of fewest people.

She was more than happy to see that the last carriage appeared to be empty when it rattled to a stop at the platform.

If she’d taken the earlier train, as her sisters had, fighting the crush, she may have had to stand; hanging onto a strap, too high above her head, and have her already short skirt riding up on her, along with her coat; inviting voyeurs, or inviting to be touched—always by accident, of course, as people were jostled around—but there was no danger of that, even with the poorly maintained tracks throwing the train and its passengers from side to side. She was relieved to see that the carriage really was empty.

She chose one of the seats along the side, in the middle, leaving room for standing passengers, rather than any of the bench seats laid out like in a bus, row behind row.

She would have it to herself, as no one else got on. She could stretch out there to ease her aching legs, rather than to be confined behind a seatback.

Even low heels were not good for running.

She’d read. Or she could close her eyes and rest them from the bright sun, blasting in across from her, reflecting off the highly polished floor and the bright chrome-plated poles and seat backs, as well as a metal roof close by the tracks, blinding her. It hurt her eyes after the party of the night before, and especially after those two bottles of heavy red wine.

Her sisters had thanked the wine steward for a questionable ‘gift’ of several bottles of Chateauneuf du Pape (that was the name she hadn’t been able to remember), to make up for having their season cancelled, before they had left, finding themselves unexpectedly out of work for a while. They’d have to find something else to do if there wasn’t another cruise, calling in to the city.

With luck, there would be at least one store open on her walk from the station. Daggets, wasn’t that far, after that.

However, it would still be too early even for a Goodwill store, where she could have bought a decent skirt. Nothing opened until 10 a.m.

She’d forgotten.

She’d do what she could, in the city, after the interview. She’d sit demurely for the interview, her legs tight together, and answer all of their questions as best she could, and then she’d be gone, chuckling over secret. Who’d know?

She loved her sisters but sometimes they took the cake.

At least the city kept the carriages clean.

Fortunately, there was no risk of others moving up and down the train. The carriages were old, and the wooden doors between the carriages were always locked, after some kid had fallen between the carriages when that concertina-work had failed. He hadn’t been hurt, as the train wasn’t even moving at the time (stupid kid), but they’d decided to lock the doors to stop it happening again, and them being sued.

The city would have to spend some money and buy something to replace them, soon.

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