Binding Agreement- Book 1 of the Tipton Dynasty

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****Story contains mature themes and sexual content. Abuse is mentioned as one of the trials Kaydence goes through.**** “What about my things at home?” I responded. “You won’t need them. As I said, I’ll provide everything for you.” He turned to look at me. I nodded. “You know you didn’t really give me a choice by making that payment already Mr. Tipton.” I spoke. He walked over to face me with a smirk. “That was the point. It got you here didn’t it? And please Kaydence, call me Damon.” “You’re point was to get me here to get me into a forced agreement?” I asked. He planted a few kisses on my neck, then he brought his lips up to my ear. “I don’t like the word forced. Let’s call it, our binding agreement.” Kaydence had the opportunity to escape her prostitution past, but it came at a price. She entered into a relationship with Justin Moore who seemed to good to be true. Justin turns out to be abusive and when he takes it too far Kaydence leaves. Forced back into prostitution to pay her mother's hospital bills Kaydence is given another out. She enters into an Agreement with Damon Tipton, to be his and do what he asks. How far is Kaydence willing to go? What happens when this agreement turns into something more?

Romance / Erotica
Lys Marie
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Agreement Number One

I walked into the upstairs penthouse, it had been a long day. I could hear some movement and noises from the bedroom. As I got closer I could hear more clearly, they weren’t just sounds. They were moans. I cracked open the door to see my boyfriend, Justin, deep inside some random girl.

I slammed the door shut, as my way of announcing I was home. He’s done this countless times, bringing some random girl to have sex in our bed with him. Our relationship was not good at all. He kept me around because I looked good to his family. I stayed because he was the one paying my mom’s hospital bills, he also would use my past against me if I didn’t comply with his demands.

My name is Kaydence Bush. I’m twenty-two years old and I was an ex prostitute, that’s how I met Justin about six months ago. I was working one night when he picked me up. He took a liking to my golden blonde hair, green eyes and petite frame. He decided I was the best option to please his family, apparently I fit their standards on who he should be with.

My mom had been diagnosed with cancer, I was doing what I had to so that I could help pay her bills. That’s when he offered for me to be his girlfriend, then he would pay the bills and I could be off the street. At the time it was an offer I couldn’t refuse, I still couldn’t honestly. Bills still needed to be paid and I would have nowhere to go. Of course I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into at first.

He seemed sweet, he treated me like a queen for a good two weeks before he suddenly changed. He was verbally and emotionally abusive to me, talking down about my looks if I didn’t wear what he wanted me to. He’d belittle me if I didn’t do something he asked. He would also use my prostitution past as leverage to entertain clients, sexually. He was manager at his family’s company, Tipton Enterprises.

He was so vile that honestly, I didn’t mind him sleeping with others. It meant I didn’t have to. I would just patiently wait on the couch for him to be done with her, then she would leave in a hurry. They always would be embarrassed if I came home before he was finished, always running out and refusing to look at me. I think they were worried sometimes I would be after them.

Just like clock work, they finished and off she went. Justin came out in just a bathrobe. His short brown hair was a mess from his activities. He was handsome, I’ll give him that. It’s what helped draw me, but getting to know him you’d know he was an awful human being.

“Looks like you were busy.” I spoke breaking the Silence.

He chuckled, “And where were you today?”

“I went to visit my mother.” I answered, he always wanted to know my whereabouts. He did it to make sure I wasn’t out doing something that would make him look bad. He didn’t want to look bad so much he made sure any mention of my prostitution was gone. If his family found out he’d be a laughing stock to them.

“How is she?” He asked, he was smoking a cigarette.

He didn’t really care, he was just asking to keep from any silence. “She’s doing okay. They want to try a different medicine and see how she does.” I responded.

“Will this one be expensive?” He asked, he then let out a chuckle. “Of course it will be. You’re going to have to work for it you know.”

“How?” I asked.

“I have a client I’m going to have you entertain this upcoming week. They get in on Monday. That’s more than enough time to prepare yourself.” He spoke with a stern tone, just jumping right into it.

Sometimes I wondered if I could even call myself an ex prostitute. He basically had me do the same thing. Only I wasn’t getting paid and I didn’t have any right to refuse anyone he sent me to. I’ve become an expert at faking an orgasm, so it was easy to get in and out. The bright side is it wasn’t super frequent, maybe two or three times a month maximum. He only used me if he really needed to close a deal. He was trying to work his way up the company ladder.

Currently it was his uncle who was president, Justin either wanted the company as the CEO or to at least become the president. He’d talk frequently about how his uncle shouldn’t be ahead of him, he hated answering to him on anything. I’ve never met his uncle, but there were a few times Justin came home like he had been scared shitless, which led to the assumption his uncle was worse than he was. To get ahead of his uncle though, he had to get his grandfather to either move him ahead or to give him the company.

That’s where I came in. His grandfather was not giving up the company to anyone he felt was not responsible. Justin figured if he could get his grandfather to approve of our relationship, he’d eventually force marriage on me. His theory was marriage would show his responsibilities and commitment, his uncle wasn’t married which is why he felt this would get him ahead. He also thought that closing more deals would help him advance, which made him hell bent on me pleasing these clients.

I sighed. “I just entertained one a few days ago. Why so soon?”

He glared at me, darkness in his brown eyes. “Because I said so.” he finished his cigarette.

“But you said that I could have at least a week in between Justin.” That was the agreement that had been.

He walked over to me and grabbed a fist full of hair from the back of my head. He forced me to make eye contact. “Well Kaydence, I made an exception.” He sneered. “Now you’ll be a good girl, or your mommy won’t get her new medicine. Understood?”

I was slightly trembling, it was the first time he had actually laid a hand on me. He never got physical, this was something I wasn’t used to. I knew he was under pressure, his uncle was on his back. He was also feeling pressured to move things along in our relationship. He kept saying the quicker the better. The pressure was no excuse though for him to grab me so harshly.

I had taken too long to answer in his opinion, he yanked on my hair. “Understood?!” He shouted in my face.

I felt fear with him for the first time. Usually he just annoyed me, made me feel bad and angered me. I had never been scared of him until now. “Understood.” I responded quietly.

He eased his grip. “Good.” He then backed up giving me some space. “There’s a family brunch tomorrow, we’ll be going. It’s at ten o clock, I expect you to be presentable.”

I nodded. “Okay.” I didn’t want to upset him further tonight. I didn’t want to risk him getting physical again.

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