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7 months ago, Mackenzie would have never seen herself dating one of the school's most popular boys. He was a Varsity Swimmer and Basketball player And she was the Drama geek and Dancer. How their two worlds collided will forever be a mystery, but all they know is that they are irrevocably in love with each other. Hunter a cool collective guy never believed in commitment. He believed that all good things must come to an end. 2 months before the start of high school, he ran into the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. But their worlds could have never been more different. Mackenzie stayed in the shadows Hunter was the center of attention They say things happen for a reason that no matter what obstacle you face can be overcome together. Will this prove true, when new lovers Hunter and Makenzie face the scrutinizes of Baxter Highs social norms? Or will their relationship crumble and cease to exist?

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“Hey mom, I’m heading out with the guys,” I said.

“Okay dear, don’t be home too late,” mom said.

“I won’t, bye mom.”

“Wait, Hunter before you go take Willow with you!”

“Mom, you can’t be serious!”

“Oh, she is,” said Willow. “Relax, baby bro, it’s not like I will be stuck to your side the entire time you just have to take me to the mall.”

Meet Willow, or Willow- Mae as mom likes to call her. She’s my twin sister and is older than me by a minute and thirty seconds, yet she still holds it over my head every time. In all honesty, I love her, but she can be a real pain in my ass. She is extremely tan, has short light brown hair with sandy highlights. In contrast to my pale skin, she has chestnut brown eyes, dirty blond hair, and blue eyes that I inherited from my dad. She is extremely smart, and reasonable, as long as you don’t get on her bad side, other than that she’s okay.

“Fine,” I said, “but if you so much as bother me, best believe you won’t like the consequences,” I said aggressively.

“Yeah, yeah whatever, now let’s go,” Willow said with excitement.

“Brat,” I muttered under my breath only so she could hear it.

“I heard that asshat,” she responded.

“Willow- Mae Evans,” mom said, “you watch your mouth young lady!”

“Sorry mom, but he started it, I was just--”

“You were just what?” mom questioned.

“Never mind,” Willow groaned.

“That’s what I thought,” she said, “now you two behave and enjoy yourselves.”

“We will, bye mom,” we said in unison.

“Bye, my loves.”

And with that, we headed out the door. The first five minutes of the car ride were silent, well it was until Willow thought it was a clever idea to start a conversation. Like I said in the beginning, I love my sister, but she is too talkative and nosy for her own good. Ever heard of curiosity kills the cat; well, I guess she hasn’t. I just hope that this conversation has more taste than her taste in men.

“Soooo,” she said.

“So, what?” I asked.

“Who are you hanging out with?”

“Not that it is any of your concern, but I am hanging out with Alec, Kacey, and Bryan.”

“Fuuunn, I guess.”

After that short conversation, silence once again plagued the inside of the car. Since we were little Willow has had a crush on Alec. Alec is one of my closest friends. We practically grew up together. He’s tall, second-best in good looks (next to me that is), has blond hair and emerald, green eyes, and as my sister has said, and I quote, ‘is practically made by the gods.’ Alec, like us, is a Senior as well. He plays Varsity Basketball and tennis with me and has done so since the fifth grade.

We were only ten minutes away from the mall when Willow asked, “So you still with the tramposa?”

“If you are referring to Allison, then yes Will, she is my girlfriend after all,” I said, ” and what hell is a tramposa.”

“It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you got back together with that airhead who went behind your back and fucked some else.”

“Will’s, she apologized, and she fucked up, plus she was drunk at a party.”

“God, Hunter I can’t believe you feel for that bullshit,” she said, “you know you are so desperate and delusional that you can’t even see that she is lying to you.”

“Damn it, Willow, why can’t you mind your own fucking business?” I replied.

“You know what, don’t be surprised when she turns around and cheats on you again.”

I understand that Willow is just trying to protect me, but Allison is a great girl. She would never do anything to intentionally hurt me. She is smart, beautiful, and the most confident girl I’ve met. She has long chestnut brown hair and grey eyes. Her skin resembles that of snow on a frosty winter day but is warm to the touch. If anything, Allison has proven to me that she can be trusted. I just wished my sister could see that. I feel bad for snapping at her, but you can’t just disrespect people without knowing the full story.

The rest of the car ride to the mall was silent. I know Willow is mad at me, but she will never admit it. As soon as we parked, Willow was ready to hop out the car, until I said, “hey, who are you meeting at the mall?”

“Piss off Hunter, I don’t see why you care,” she said while rolling her eyes.

“Wills come on, I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

“Save the bull crap speech that you’re about to give.”

“Fine, at least tell me who you are hanging out with, so I know that you are safe.”

“I’m meeting up with Lizzie, Happy now?!” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

“I just want to make sure you are okay.”

“You should have thought about that earlier,” she said with tears glistening her eyes, “it’s too late for you to care now.”

“Come Willow don’t be like that, I said that I am--”

“I SAID SAVE IT HUNTER!” she yelled, “I need to go, I am late meeting up with Lizzie.”

With that Willow got out of the car, slammed the door, and made her way to the shopping center. I didn’t like the way we left things, but there was nothing that I could do now. I sat in the car for five minutes, when I heard a knock on the car window. I look over to my left and see my best friend Alec. As soon as I saw him, I decided to push the argument that mIand Willow had out of my head, stepped out of the car, and greeted him with a smile.

“Hey,” said Alec.

“Sup dude,” I said.

“Come let’s go, the others are waiting for us at B-Dubs,” Alec said eagerly.

We began walking down the street towards the restaurant, when suddenly I bumped into the most beautiful girl.

“Sorry,” she said.

When I looked into her eyes, the entire world seemed to stop. it was like everything around us no longer existed. She was a rose amongst the thorns. Her eyes expelled beauty, but her posture gave off confidence. Her voice was sweet and angelic, and her face the pure exquisite image of innocence. She smelled of strawberries and vanilla on a warm summer’s evening. Her English accent gave off a sense of sophistication. Her skin was the color of the sweetest milk chocolate and looked as soft as winter blanket. I barely knew her, but one thing I knew is that someday this girl is going to be mine.

“No, it’s my fault, I should have been watching where I was going,” I said. I was completely captivated by her beauty, and Alec must have noticed because he interjected and introduced himself and I followed suit.

“Hi I’m Hunter,” I said.

“Mackenzie, nice to meet you,” she said.

“You as well,” I said, “um, I have to go meet up with some of my friends, but I hope to see you around sometime?”

“Yeah, okay.”

After that, we went our separate ways, which was likely the last time t would ever see her.

Or so I thought.

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