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Ivin Garcia is a successful arrogant cold hearted business man who by accident had a one night stand with a heart broken 23 years old woman since then he fell in love with her and did everything he could to have her in his life,he was known for his ruthless nature and dealt with anyone who went against him but for her he was gentle,caring and loving,however his dark secret played as hindrance to his new found love. Liliana Williams a 23 years old wealthy spoiled girl who was in love with his high school best friend Matt but he broke her heart,with a heavy heart she ended up having a one night stand with an unknown man when she woke up the next morning she couldn't remember what happened to her after a year she shifted to New york with hopes of starting a new life there she met with Ivin Garcia who manipulated her in blackmailing his Casanova best friend Chris,not knowing that the same man she was working for was the same man she had a night with and supposedly the man who was the main suspect to the murder case of her mother years ago Will she ever find love in Ivin and what will happen when she finds out the man she fell in love with killed her mother. **A story of love trust betrayal friendship and mysteries

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Chapter 1

Liliana Williams is a care free kind hearted girl with a strong will power and is never intimidated easily,she grew up in a wealthy family the only child to Jack and Clara Williams

Her only mistake was falling in love with her high school best friend Matt who turned out to be only after her wealth when her mom found out about Matt's evil intentions she got killed before she could warn her daughter
Blindly Liliana believed Matt loved her and planned a future with him until one unlucky night to went to his apartment to give him a surprise but caught in in bed with her older cousin Mavery,with a heavy heart she went to a club to drown her sorrow only to wake up the next morning naked in bed it turned out she had a one night stand with an unknown man
A year later she shifted to new york to start a new life there she met the all powerful Ivin Garcia who makes her life a living nightmare.
Ivin Gracia a wealthy handsome billionaire at a young age,want nothing to do with love but accidentally falls for his one night stand mysterious heart broken woman who he sees after a year unfortunately she doesn't recall him or what happened that night with great difficult he does everything he could to show her hatred but as time goes by they both fall in love only for him to find out she's the same woman who who's mom was murdered and he happened to be the prime suspect.
Will liliana still love him when she finds out about the ivin's dark past or will she do everything she could to avenge her mother's death..
"You murderer you killed my mom"Liliana yelled on top of her voice at the man standing in front of her,she loved him greatly but the betrayal was too painful to bear
"Sweetheart listen to me"Ivin tried to reach for her but Liliana slapped his hand away taking a step back away from the monster who claimed to love her but killed her mom in cold blood
"I..I was a fool to think you were different that you loved me but I was wrong"tears streamed down her cheeks no matter how hard she tries to hold them back they keep coming out
"Am sorry"Ivin lowered his head not sure how to defend himself he was innocent,thunder roared as the sky prepared to pour out the woman he loves was in pain and there was nothing he could do to comfort her,he was the beast that's making her cry
"Sorry won't bring back my mom Ivin she won't come back to me"She cried hysterically dropping to the cold mudded grass,her mom was innocent she was caring and never did wrong to anyone but got killed in cold blood by the man she claims to love
With anger burning in her heart Liliana fisted the grass as she stood up dried her tears and glared at the man in front of her,her black hair blowing in different directions due to the heavy wind
"You will pay for this am not gonna let you off Ivin"She went close to him and held him by his collar he was wrong he couldn't do anything all he could do is watch her do as she pleases let her vent her anger on him if it will make her feel better
"From now on I hate you we are enemies Mr Ivin Garcia,you cease to exist in my life and now I don't want to see your face leave from here and go back to new york"she said her final hurtful words and walked away,she knew the words she said to him hurt him badly but she has to
"Sir are you okay"His driver stan ran to him seeing Ivin sink to the cold ground
"Go after her and make sure she's safe"he murmured
"But sir you have to go inside before you catch a cold"his boss has always been vulnerable to cold weather and if he stays out here for a long time he might get sick,he wonders how miss Liliana left him like this despite knowing about this
"Stan ho and see that Liliana is safe"He yelled and stan nodded and left immediately
"I love you Liliana"Ivin whispered just as the rains heavily poured...

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