Her Past

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Jules Martin, 30 years old, a husband, a best friend, no memories. Jules awakes after being in a coma. She wakes up clueless to why she is in the hospital or who she is. She must find herself, find her way in her life. But why does that random stranger keep showing up places near me? Why does his eyes hold the promise of forever?

Romance / Humor
Kate 🔅
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Chapter 1


I try to groan and move in my slumber but I can't seem to. I slowly move my pointer finger, okay that moves. But why can my finger move but not my arm or body? What's that beeping noise, where am I?

Finally, after what seems like hours, I open my eyes and blink. The all white room around me spins a little as my eyes begin to focus. Looking around I see a man sitting over on my left side, head laying asleep on the bed by my thigh. A female is sitting in the chairs in the corner of the room. She's awake and smiling at me, I smile back but I don't know who she is. Or that sleeping man either.

Where am I? Who are these people? Why am I in a hospital?? While I look around at the room, the unknown girl brings the doctor in, trailing behind are his nurses.

"Well, look who is awake!" The doctor says smiling at me, while checking over my IVs. "Now, I need you to tell me your name."

I try to remember, I went through to the memory part of my brain and I find that there's not one memory stored up there. I don't remember my name, but I also don't remember my birthday, I don't remember my 5th birthday or my 27th birthday. Am I even older than 27? How old am I?
Wait a damn second, Why am I at the hospital? What happened? Why is this man sleeping right now? Why can't I remember anything?

As I start questioning my entire existence the girl, that got the doctor, just smiles at me and tries to show me some breathing exercises. I copy her, easily calming down from the panic attack I was starting to have. The doctor just stood there, watching the whole ordeal.
"Now that you seem more calm, thank you Lucy for helping her." Oh, her name is Lucy. What a cute name. "Your name is Jules Martin, do you know your birthdate?"
I shake my head no, looking down to the white sheet across my legs.

"Your birthday is August 26, 1990. Making you 30 years old."

So I did have a 27th birthday. I wonder what I do for birthdays to celebrate.

The man beside me starts moving a little before sitting up completely looking around. His stern eyes meet mine as shock takes over the rest of his face. His eyes though, never softened, never changed. He is something to look at. His hair a honey blonde color, cut short and styled down perfectly, his brown eyes almost glisten in the bright light of the hospital room. Muscles showing under his light blue button up. His pants are a dark suit pant with brown leather fancy looking shoes. The man is something to look at but also looks so unnatural in this hospital room. Looks out of place.
"Jules, you were in a bad accident." The doctor says snapping me out of looking at the man beside me.

"Accident?" I say looking confused at the doctor.

"A hit and run, you were jogging your usual path around the neighborhood and someone hit you.
When you got here, you were in critical condition, we had to rush into emergency surgery, we managed to get you stable but you wouldn't come out of the coma." He rushes out and looks at the man, then back at me with a nervous smile.

I look between the two but Lucy pulls my attention to her as she slightly shakes her head no and looks away again.
"So when will I get my memory back?" I huff, right now I just want to have my memories, and maybe a cheeseburger and some chili cheese fries. "When can I eat actual food? Not the crap the hospital forces down our throats. Why couldn't I remember things like my name or birthday but can remember that I love cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries? Or that hospital food sucks, even though I cannot remember ever eating at a hospital or being at a hospital except for right now?"
The doctor laughed at my random burst of questions, Lucy is chuckling profusely and the man, whose name I still don't know, is looking at me with a grimace.
"What's your name?" I ask, pointing to the man that doesn't look like he wants to be here.

"My name is Serg. I am your husband." He says, without a hint of emotion.

"I have a husband?" I say to Lucy, who I am guessing is my best friend.

She nods and looks away from me. So I go back to looking at the doctor, who now looks like he doesn't want to be here.

"Well, it can be quite common to wake up from a coma and not have any memories, they should come back gradually over the next few weeks. As far as food, our body just has a memory of foods we like and don't like for instinct sake. I am sorry but you will have to eat the hospital food for now until we are sure you're getting the right nutrients and your body is healing up enough to eat less than nutrient rich foods." The doctor forces that out before excusing himself for an emergency on another floor.

I look between Serg and Lucy, the tension so thick I could cut it with a knife. Clearing my throat the two of them stop glaring at each other long enough to look at me. Lucy comes over sitting next to me on the bed, and hugs me.

"I missed you so much, I am so glad you are okay and alive. You were really touch and go for awhile there. I love you girl but you scared me so bad. Don't do that again, from now on I'm going jogging with you! You can't do that anymore, jogging alone, never mind the fact that you decided to jog at night!" She hugs me, sniffling quietly. I hug her back and just sigh, something about getting this hug felt so comforting right now.
I didn't have anything in my memory before but this hug right here just clicked her position in my life back into place.

Like a flash of a movie behind my eyelids I watch two girls giggling playing on the playground at school, another flash of us performing a Cheetah Girls song at some silly talent show our parents dragged us to. Another flash of us getting ice cream cones at the park, a flash to the first argument we had over a guy, James Gard, we both loved him, he ended up being really freaky so neither of us ended up with him. Another flash of Lucy as my bridesmaid, another flash of us drunk off mimosas on a cruise boat. A dozen more big memories crossed behind my eyelids and when I felt like I could breathe again, I let go of her smiling.

We both get comfortable and watch tv in silence as Serg takes a business call out in the hallway.
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