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Act III: Scene I

Chantelle sat stiffly as the carriage pulled her along. Her time with Marceline had been amazing, but now she had to go home. The carriage drove along smoothly and in silence. She didn’t even have the driver to talk to as the horses were mechanical and programed to take her directly home. Marceline had offered to come and make the return trip alone, but Chantelle didn’t think it was a good idea to bring her girlfriend home to her mother. Girlfriend. She’d ever expected to have one of those or even a suitor of any sort.

She’d stuffed her bags hurriedly this morning, carefully placing the water color set Marceline had purchased for her inside. She wanted to call Marceline, but that would only make her want to go back more. No, she would deal with her mother and then call her. Certainly she could manage that.

A few maids came to retrieve her things without a word. Once she was out of the carriage and the suitcases were taken off the carriage moved to the stable.

Chantelle looked upon the familiar house and knew it wouldn’t feel like home. It was too large, too empty. A little over a month away and it no longer felt like home. She climbed the steps, pushing open the front door and moving into the green room. Mother would be waiting there.

“Aren’t you late?” Her mother asked before Chantelle had one foot in the room. Her expression was sour and she eyed Chantelle with suspicion.

“We got held up in traffic for a bit.” Really it was that she had left late, but her mother didn’t seem to notice the lie. She took a seat opposite her mother.

“How was it there? Did they take care of you?”

“It was nice. They took excellent care of me.” She didn’t want to sound too happy with the trip.

“Did anything odd happen?”

“Odd?” Chantelle tilted her head to the side, playing the innocent fool her mother thought she was. No doubt she had heard some gossip about the Harris’.

“There are strange rumors about them. That they are odd. Some think the mother is a witch.”

Chantelle almost aborted. Just weeks ago her mother had addressed Eliza by her first name, now it was ‘the mother’. “Nothing of the sort.”

“Are you sure?” Of course she didn’t believe her. She squinted her eyes and wrinkled her nose when she thought Chantelle was lying.


Her mother nodded. “Alright. I’m sure you’re tired. Why not go upstairs? But know you won’t be seeing that girl anymore.”

“Yes, mother.” She would argue later when she knew exactly what her mother wanted to do. For now she climbed the stairs to her room, collapsing on the bed.

Instead of calling, she decided to send Marceline a text. She simply sent: I wish you were here.

The reply came quickly: Want me to come?

Yes. But how could she? They were miles apart.

Close your eyes. She stared at her phone screen, a sigh rising in her throat. But what could it hurt? Even a bit of hope was something.

A kiss pressed to her cheek and she opened her eyes to see Marceline smiling down at her.

“You’re here.”

“Of course. And before you ask it’s a Vampire thing.”

Chantelle nodded, scooting over in the bed to give her some room. It made sense. How else could Marceline have come to her many nights ago? Maybe it really was a dream, but she liked to think it had been real. “Mother doesn’t want me to see you again.”

Marceline lay down beside her, wrapping her arms around her. She pressed a kiss on Chantelle’s neck just below her ear. “I don’t see how she can stop you. Seeing as I can come and go as I please.”

Chantelle smiled, taking hold of one of Marceline’s hands. “I guess she can’t.” The hope in her heart was growing. This would work out. She knew it.

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