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Mafia King & Model Queen

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The spin-off to Model Mafia King. Please read it before this one.

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Chapter 1

Karly opened her eyes and saw she was in the hospital. She looked around and saw her brothers, Austin and Eric sitting by her bedside.

“Austin? Eric?” Karly said.

“Karly!” Austin said.

“Thank god!” Eric said.

“I’ll get the doctor,” Austin said. He ran out of the room.

“What happened?” Karly asked.

“Jason is what happened, Karly, he beat you up, we found you unconscious in your apartment, after we saw him running from the building, we caught him and he’s in jail now,” Eric said.

“Oh god,” Karly said.

“Karly, you were pregnant, the beating caused a miscarriage,” Eric said.

“Oh god!” Karly said. Eric gently hugged her.

“You’ve been in a coma for two weeks,” Eric said.

“Two weeks?” Karly asked.

“Yeah, we closed the agency until you are able to go back, we have an interview for an assistant tomorrow, Austin and I will conduct the interview,” Eric said.

“Oh god, Eric, I had this dream, we were all married, Dad had this will, found out he wasn’t my real father, we all had kids, so much in one dream, it was like I was living this life inside my head,” Karly said.

“Wow, well, there is no will that we have seen besides the one that was read, Austin has finished cleaning up the house and renovating it, he’s gotten into the safe and nothing stands out there, there is no will of any sorts in the house and we talked to Jack and there was no other will besides the one we know of,” Eric said.

“Okay, so how bad did I look?” Karly asked.

“Not pretty,” Eric said. He showed a picture of herself.

“Yikes,” Karly said.

“And this is how you look now,” Eric said handing her a mirror and she looked.

“Well, better,” Karly said. Austin came in with the doctor and checked her over.

“You should be able to go home tomorrow, we need to do some more scans,” the doctor said. Karly nodded. The doctor left the room and Austin gently hugged her.

“How you feeling?” Austin asked.

“Achy, just had a weird dream,” Karly said. She told him all about the dream she had.

“Well one part is true, I do have a girlfriend named Abby,” Austin said.

“Really?” Karly asked.

“Yes, and the girl we are interviewing for your assistant is named Hayley Stone,” Austin said.

“Wow, coincidence,” Karly said.

“Glad Mom isn’t around to see what happened, she would have killed Jason for sure,” Eric said.

“I miss her,” Karly said.

“We all do, sis,” Austin said.

“So do you think Hayley has a brother named Luke?” Eric asked.

“Who knows, maybe, I’m not ready for another relationship anyways, I just want me time,” Karly said.

“So if you were to meet him and he was interested, what would you do?” Austin asked.

“I would probably say I’m sorry but I am not ready a relationship right now and I don’t know when I would be ready,” Karly said.

“What if it’s undeniable, what if you see him and something inside you makes you want him,” Eric said.

“Eric,” Karly said.

“Karly, just because Jason turned out to be a jackass, doesn’t mean every guy is that way, Luke could be the one,” Austin said.

“If he exists, which is doubtful,” Karly said.

“We will talk to Hayley,” Austin said.

“Austin,” Karly said.

“No, Karly, we need to know, you need to know, maybe it’s time for your dream to come true,” Austin said.

The next day, Karly was home in bed while Austin and Eric were at the agency for the interview. They were sitting in the office when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” Austin said. The door opened and a woman walked in. Eric stared at her for a moment and quickly looked at the papers in front of him.

“Good morning, I’m Austin Davis, this is my brother Eric, are you Hayley Stone?” Austin asked.

“Yes, I am,” Hayley said as she sat down.

“Welcome to Davis Modeling Agency, this interview is for the assistant position,” Austin said.

“Are you two going to be my boss if I get the job?” Hayley asked.

“Uh, no, our sister, Karly, is the boss, she just got out of the hospital due to an accident that happened two weeks ago, she’s resting at home now, this interview had been set up beforehand and we didn’t want to postpone it, so we are doing this interview for her so she can relax when she’s ready to come back to work, that you would be here to help her, if you get the job I mean,” Austin said.

“We just have a few questions for you,” Eric said.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Hayley said.

“Is this your first job?” Austin asked.

“Yes, my family is wealthy so there was no need to work but I wanted to get a job to become my own person and make my own money, so I wouldn’t have to depend on my parents and my brother,” Hayley said.

“Can we ask what your family does?” Eric asked.

“My brother owns clubs in the city, Club Rally being one of them, Club Indigo is the other, he took them over last year from my father, my father does imports,” Hayley said.

“Second question, why did you pick this as your first job?” Austin asked.

“I have always had a thing for fashion, I have a business degree, I just thought this would be perfect for my first job,” Hayley said.

“Third and final question, are you good at taking directions and staying on top of things, listening to orders and keeping things organized?” Austin asked.

“Yes,” Hayley said.

“Okay, then you got the job, Karly will train you once she’s cleared to come back to work, in the meantime, the agency will be closed until she is able to come back, which should be sometime next week,” Eric said.

“May I ask what kind of accident she had?” Hayley asked.

“We are going to call it an accident for now until she’s ready to talk about it, it’s private for now,” Austin said.

“I understand, thank you for giving me the job and I look forward to coming to work for Karly,” Hayley said.

“She will appreciate having some help, she was getting worn out by doing this all on her own, I am surprised she didn’t advertise sooner,” Eric said.

“We should stop the advertisements, bro,” Austin said.

“Right, thank you for coming in and we will let you know when your first day will officially be,” Eric said. Hayley shook their hands and left the office. Eric sat back.

“In Karly’s dream, that was your wife,” Austin said.

“I know, how about we go down to Club Rally and meet her brother?” Eric said. They locked up the office and the building and went down to Club Rally and walked in and looked around.

“Can I help you, guys?” the bartender asked.

“Yes, is the owner in?” Austin asked.

“Let me get him,” the bartender said. He went to the office while Austin and Eric looked around the place.

“This is a nice place,” Austin said.

“This would make a good place, bro,” Eric said.

“Can I help you?” a voice asked. They turned and saw a guy standing there.

“Are you the owner?” Austin asked.

“Yes, I’m Luke Stone,” Luke said.

“Hi there, Luke, I’m Austin Davis and this is my brother, Eric,” Austin said.

“Davis, as in the Davis Modeling Agency,” Luke said.

“Well, yes, that’s our sister’s agency,” Eric said.

“My sister had an interview today,” Luke said.

“Hayley?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” Luke said.

“She got the job, we hired her,” Austin said.

“I’m sorry, I thought you said it was your sister’s agency?” Luke asked.

“It is, our sister, Karly, had an accident two weeks ago, she woke up from a coma yesterday and came home from the hospital today, we did the interview for her, Hayley will start when Karly is cleared to go back to work, she told us you own two clubs here, and we came by to check them out,” Eric said.

“We want to check them out on behalf of our sister, we thought maybe she could have some photoshoots here at the club for the agency sometime and we came to ask if that would be a possibility?” Austin asked.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with it, just let me know two weeks in advance and we will get it taken care of,” Luke said.

“Thank you, Luke, we will talk with our sister and she can get something set up,” Austin said.

“You’re welcome, is that all?” Luke asked.

“No, we have to ask this, are you seeing anyone?” Eric asked.

“Eric?” Austin said.

“No I’m not, why do you ask?” Luke asked.

“Uh, it’s nothing, have a good day, Luke, bye,” Eric said. He went out the door. Austin shook his hand and followed.

“What was that,” Austin said.

“I had to ask,” Eric said.

“Why,” Austin said.

“You know why, for our sister,” Eric said. Eric went home to his apartment and Austin went home to his house.


Quick note from author:

Thank you for reading my stories. Please don’t criticize the way I write by pointing out the ‘he said she said’ parts. I want my style to be different from others and want everyone to know says what in my stories instead of everyone guessing who said what. It’s the way I have always written since I started over 20 years ago. Please only send positive comments and reviews. Keep the negative stuff to yourself. It will not change my way of writing and I won’t change my way of writing so keep those negative stuff to yourself. Have a good day and thanks for reading.
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