Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 15

Jennifer stood there glaring at her father.

“Jen,” David said.

“Take him to the room, boys,” Jennifer said.

“Yes boss lady,” Alex said.

“You bet,” Seth said. They took him to the back. Ethan came out of his office.

“He here?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah, he’s in the room,” Jennifer said.

“Need me to stick around, Ethan,” Paul said.

“Yeah, you can, you can have the privilege of telling him about the treaty,” Ethan said.

“My mom and James want to be here as well,” Jennifer said.

“Baby,” Ethan said.

“No, Ethan, my mom is beyond done and James is pissed off,” Jennifer said.

“You bet I am,” James said.

“I can’t believe he went this far,” Amber said.

“I don’t get why he would do this, didn’t he want this marriage at the beginning?” Jennifer asked.

“He and I talked about the whole thing, he began to realize that if you got married, he would lose you, that you would forget him,” Amber said.

“So he decided to try to have my husband killed?” Jennifer said.

“I can’t believe he went this far, thank god it didn’t happen,” Amber said.

“There is a treaty with the families down here, Ethan and I are allies and best friends,” Paul said.

“How did he know about the mafia families,” Jennifer said.

“That’s my fault,” Michael said.

“Dad?” Ethan asked.

“He came over the other day to talk about the whole marriage thing, I had the file of all the families on my desk and I left to get us drinks and I guess he looked in the file, that’s the only explanation,” Michael said.

“What did you guys talk about?” Ethan asked.

“About you two being married and what it meant for the mafia, I thought I got through to him that he accepted it but I guess not,” Michael said.

“I’m done with him,” Jennifer said.

“Me too,” James said.

“Me too, Ethan, I don’t care what you do to him, just hope he gets what he deserves,” Amber said.

“Ethan, I’ll go in first with Paul and Jen,” Michael said. Ethan nodded. He kissed Jennifer.

“Love you baby,” Ethan said.

“Love you too,” Jennifer said. Michael, Jennifer, and Paul walked into the room where her father was. He sat in the chair with his arms tied to the arms of the chair. He looked at her.

“Jennifer,” David said.

“David,” Jennifer said.

“Why did you call me that?” David asked.

“Because you are not my father, I don’t know who you are anymore,” Jennifer said.

“Why David, why send someone to kill my son,” Michael said.

“I wanted my daughter back,” David said.

“And I told you you would regret coming after my husband,” Jennifer said.

“Mr. Aspen, I’m Paul Russo, the guy you hired to take out Ethan,” Paul said.

“Is it done?” David asked.

“Well...” Paul said.

“No it’s not done,” Ethan said. He came in with Amber and James.

“I forgot to tell you that there is a treaty with the mafia families here in and the ones in New York as well, Ethan and I are allies and best friends, you picked the wrong guy to send after your son-in-law,” Paul said.

“Why did you want him dead, David,” Amber said.

“I just wanted our baby girl back,” David said.

“I’m not a baby anymore!” Jennifer said.

“She’s 25 years old! It’s around the time she should be getting married and having kids, not being single because you can’t let go of your baby girl, she’s not little anymore, she is a grown woman who can make her own choices and your choices destroyed your relationship with her, not him, you alone!” James said angrily.

“I don’t know who you are but you are not my husband, the man I married would never do something like this, it’s like you are a complete stranger,” Amber said.

“Oh god!” David said.

“God can’t help you now, father, you’ve crossed the line this time,” James said.

“There is no going back,” Amber said. Amber looked at Ethan and Michael and took James and Jennifer’s hands and walked out of the room. The door closed.


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