Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 16

James and Jennifer hugged their mom. Michael, Ethan, and Paul came out of the room. Ethan came over and Jennifer ran into his arms as she cried.

“Shhh baby,” Ethan said.

“Is he?” Jennifer asked.

“No,” Ethan said.

“What?” Jennifer said.

“I shot him as a warning,” Michael said.

“Michael,” Amber said.

“He begged us not to kill him, he would do anything we asked,” Michael said.

“Is he awake?” Amber asked.

“Yeah,” Michael said. She walked into the room and looked at her husband.

“Amber,” David said.

“Are you going to leave Ethan and Jennifer be or are you going to try to kill him again,” Amber said.

“I will do anything you ask,” David said.

“Will you accept Ethan as her husband and your son-in-law?” Amber asked.

“Amber,” David said.

“He loves her, David, she loves him, they proved it by getting married in Vegas, I saw how they looked at each other, it was like how I looked at you!” Amber said.

“Can I speak to them?” David asked. Ethan and Jennifer came into the room and looked at him.

“I’m so sorry to you both, I was just scared that I would never get to see you again, I deserve to be cut out of your life,” David said.

“I will never forgive you for trying to kill my husband, if you ever do anything like this again, I will be the one putting a bullet in you, goodbye David,” Jennifer said. She and Ethan walked out of the room and left the club and went home.

“Baby,” Ethan said.

“Would you have killed him?” Jennifer asked.

“A part of me wanted to because he wanted me dead and leave you a widow,” Ethan said.

“Oh,” Jennifer said.

“Baby, if I had killed him, how would you have felt?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t know, I guess relieved a little knowing that he would not be able to do it again,” Jennifer said.

“I hope he got the message to not do it again, Paul was going to reach out to all the families and tell them what happened,” Ethan said. Her phone rang. She answered it.

“James?” Jennifer said.

“Sis, he’s gone,” James said.

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked.

“Dad got ahold of Seth’s gun and shot himself in the head,” James said.

“Oh god,” Jennifer said.

“Sis, don’t blame yourself okay, he told us before he did it that he couldn’t live with what he did because it cost him you, he told us he deserved to be dead so he wouldn’t cause any more problems,” James said.

“Oh,” Jennifer said.

“Sis?” James asked.

“Where’s Mom?” Jennifer asked.

“She’s sobbing in Michael’s arms,” James said.

“I can’t believe this,” Jennifer said.

“Sis, we will have to go back to the company now to keep it going,” James said.

“I know,” Jennifer said. Tears started falling down her cheeks. Ethan came over to her.

“Sis, I’ll get Mom and come there,” James said.

“Okay,” Jennifer said. She hung up and texted him the address and went into Ethan’s arms.

“Baby?” Ethan asked.

“He’s gone,” Jennifer said. She told him what happened. Ethan held her tight against him.

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