Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 17

Three days later, they held the funeral. Ethan stood there holding her close as they listened to the pastor speak at the gravesite. They heard yelling and turned and saw Andy who worked at the company as a security guard.

“Stop,” Andy said.

“Andy, what’s going on?” Amber asked.

“That’s not David you are burying,” Andy said.

“What?” Jennifer asked.

“I was walking the building and went to the basement and I heard a noise and I opened the door and there was a man tied to a chair, I got close and looked and saw it was David or a guy who looked like him, he woke up and saw me and said my name so I knew it was him,” Andy said.

“Why would you say that?” James asked.

“The guy you are burying could never remember my name, he kept saying the wrong name when he saw me,” Andy said.

“And the guy you found?” Jennifer asked.

“He looked at me and said Andy,” Andy said.

“Where is he?” Amber asked.

“Hospital,” Andy said.

“You guys go, I’ll take care of this,” Michael said. They went to the hospital and talked with a nurse and she led them to a room and they went in and saw him lying there in the bed. He opened his eyes and saw them.

“My love,” David said.

“David?” Amber asked.

“It’s me, my love, I’m your husband,” David said.

“What happened to you?” Amber asked.

“I was in my office and someone knocked me out and I woke up tied to a chair and I saw him, he looked exactly like me, he said he was taking over my life, that I had the life he wanted, a wife and a son and a daughter, he said he was my twin brother and somehow got separated at birth and he was raised in a home where he got hurt a lot and starved at times,” David said.

“Oh my god,” Amber said.

“Amber, they took a blood test, they will be in with the results, my love it’s me, we got married on August 25th, 1994, James and Jennifer were born April 25, 1995, you were three weeks early with them,” David said.

“Oh god,” Amber said.

“Daddy?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s me, baby girl,” David said.

“Dad,” James said.

“It’s me son,” David said.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Stevens, are you guys family?” the doctor asked.

“Depends on what the blood test says,” Amber said.

“Doc?” David asked.

“You are David Aspen,” Dr. Stevens said.

“Then I’m his wife and this is his son and daughter,” Amber said.

“This is my wife Ashley,” James said.

“This is Ethan, he’s with me,” Jennifer said.

“Jen?” Ethan asked.

“Are you two dating?” David asked.

“We’re married actually,” Jennifer said.

“Married?” David asked.

“Yes,” Jennifer said.

“I missed a lot, who walked you down the aisle, my twin?” David asked.

“I did, we thought he was you and he wasn’t supportive, in fact he went as far as to trying to have him killed,” James said.

“What!” David said. Amber explained everything that his twin did. David covered his face with his hands.

“I can’t believe this,” David said.

“We didn’t know he wasn’t you,” Jennifer said.

“Baby girl, are you happy? In love?” David asked.

“Yes I am,” Jennifer said.

“Ethan, you love my daughter?” David asked.

“More than anything,” Ethan said.

“Then I’m happy for you both, take care of my baby girl,” David said.

“I will sir,” Ethan said.

“We need to find out if he is for sure your twin brother,” James said.

“I’ll call my dad,” Ethan said. He left the room to make the call.

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