Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 2

Meanwhile in the conference room

“Well, that went well,” Eric said.

“Eric!” Ethan said.

“Why couldn’t you tell them the truth,” Eric said.

“Because I need to talk with my wife about it,” David said.

“Well you can now,” Amber said. She closed the door and sat down.

“Honey,” David said.

“Tell me what’s going on, David, and why I’m just as clueless as my children,” Amber said. David looked at her and sighed. He looked at Michael.

“Amber, we don’t just own nightclubs, we are mafia,” Michael said.

“Oh?” Amber said.

“Ethan is looking for a wife,” David said.

“Oh god no, David, please tell me you didn’t offer our daughter,” Amber said.

“I didn’t really offer her,” David said.

“I want her,” Ethan said.

“She’s not some property,” Amber said.

“I wasn’t buying her,” Ethan said.

“He wants her to be his wife,” Eric said.

“David, what did you do?” Amber asked.

“He wants to make a deal with us,” David said.

“I will invest in the company if Jennifer agrees to marry Ethan,” Michael said.

“So you want her to have an arranged marriage,” Amber said.

“I want her to be mine, I fell for her when I saw her picture that was on your website,” Ethan said.

“I doubt she feels the same,” Amber said.

“Feelings will grow,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, you don’t know if she’s got a boyfriend or is already married,” Eric said.

“She’s not,” Ethan said.

“You don’t know that,” Eric said.

“Boys,” Michael said.

“Jennifer is single,” David said.

“Work has been her focus,” Amber said.

“Has she had a boyfriend before?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah, in high school, they broke up after graduation when she caught him in bed with his ex,” David said.

“Since then she focused on college and then her career,” Amber said.

“I have to ask,” Michael said.

“She is,” Amber said.

“Honey,” David said.

“He was going to ask,” Amber said.

“You two should continue talking about this, we will get back to you about designing the clubs,” Michael said.

“Okay Michael,” David said. They left. Ethan walked by Jennifer’s office and saw her working. He looked at his brother and father. They nodded. He knocked on her door. She looked up and saw him.

“Hey,” Ethan said.

“Hey,” Jennifer said.

“I was wondering if you would like to grab a bite to eat with me,” Ethan said. She looks at the time.

“Yeah, I could use a break,” Jennifer said.

“Okay,” Ethan said. They left and went down the street to a small cafe. They sat down and ordered food. She noticed the waitress was being flirty with him. He didn’t bother looking at the waitress. He focused on her.

“What,” Jennifer said.

“You’re beautiful,” Ethan said. She blushed.

“Thanks,” Jennifer said.

“Are you blushing?” Ethan asked.

“Maybe,” Jennifer said.

“How come you don’t have a boyfriend?” Ethan asked.

“My ex cheated on me so I closed myself off from dating and just focused on work,” Jennifer said.

“So you wouldn’t consider going on an official date with me?” Ethan asked.

“This isn’t a date?” Jennifer asked.

“Do you want it to be?” Ethan asked.

“Do you want it to be?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes I would,” Ethan said.

“Okay so we call this a date,” Jennifer said.

“I guess we can,” Ethan said.

“So you don’t have a girlfriend?” Jennifer asked.

“No, I never found the right one,” Ethan said.

“You think that’s me?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s possible,” Ethan said.

“Possible?” Jennifer asked.

“It depends on how things go,” Ethan said.

“Okay so let’s get to know each other better,” Jennifer said. He smiled and their food came and they sat and ate and talked.

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