Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 21

The next day, Jennifer sat in her office going over some paperwork when there was a knock at the door. She looked up and saw someone she never thought she would see again standing there.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” Jennifer said.

“Hello Jennifer, I came to see you,” Nathan said.

“Why bother, I want nothing to do with you,” Jennifer said.

“Come on, Jennifer, we dated all through high school,” Nathan said.

“Then I found you in bed with my former best friend,” Jennifer said.

“It was a mistake!” Nathan said.

“A mistake, so you just fell into her bed naked and your dick just happened to fall into her,” Jennifer said.

“No, sleeping with her was a mistake, she just wanted what you had, once you dumped me, she went onto the next guy,” Nathan said.

“So all she wanted was us to break up,” Jennifer said.

“She wanted you alone and miserable, she was jealous of your life, she wanted to hurt you,” Nathan said.

“So where is she now?” Jennifer asked.

“Last I heard, living the life of luxury here in Miami, married to some rich guy,” Nathan said.

“Name?” Jennifer asked.

“Daniel Sawyer,” Nathan said.

“What did you say?” Jennifer asked.

“Her husband’s name is Daniel Sawyer,” Nathan said.

“Excuse me,” Jennifer said. She got out her phone and sent a text to Ethan.

“Jen,” Nathan said.

“Sorry, just had to text my husband about something,” Jennifer said.

“You got married,” Nathan said.

“Yes I did, he’s amazing,” Jennifer said.

“I hope she doesn’t find out,” Nathan said.

“Oh she will but she won’t be able to do anything about it,” Jennifer said.

“What do you mean?” Nathan asked.

“My husband is friends with hers, actually he had a fling with his sister four years ago, I just met Daniel yesterday,” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer?” Daniel asked.

“Hi Daniel,” Jennifer said.

“Who is this?” Daniel asked.

“This is my ex-boyfriend from high school, Nathan Rogers, he told me something quite interesting,” Jennifer said.

Oh?” Daniel said.

“About your wife,” Nathan said.

“What about her,” Daniel said.

“She’s the reason I broke up with Nathan, she used to be my best friend until I found her in her bed with Nathan,” Jennifer said.

“So you cheated on Jennifer with my wife?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, it was a mistake because as soon as Jennifer and I broke up, your wife went onto the next guy, she got the result she wanted,” Nathan said.

“And what was that?” Daniel asked.

“She was jealous of my life so she wanted me alone and miserable,” Jennifer said.

“She wanted to hurt you,” Daniel said.

“She wanted me to have nothing, no guy, nothing,” Jennifer said.

“I can’t believe this, go to Ethan and I’ll get her and bring her to the club, Nathan, you be there too,” Daniel said. He left. Jennifer looked at Nathan.

“I know we can’t change the past, and I know you have moved on, but can we at least be civil, maybe friends?” Nathan asked.

“We will see, come on,” Jennifer said. She got James to go with them and told him what was going on and they went to the club. She introduced Nathan to Ethan.
“So you want to be friends with my wife?” Ethan asked.

“I said either that or just be civil,” Nathan said.

“We will see,” Ethan said.

“Boss, Daniel is here with his wife,” Seth said.

“I’m going to stand by the door and sneak out,” Jennifer said.

“He put a blindfold on her,” Seth said.

“Perfect,” Jennifer said. Daniel brought his wife in and helped her sit down. Jennifer snuck out with James but stood outside the door where she could hear everything. Daniel took off the blindfold and his wife looked and saw Nathan standing there with Ethan. She looked at her husband.

“Daniel, what’s going on?” Tanya asked.

“You tell me, Tanya, you remember Nathan right?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah from high school,” Tanya said.

“And what you did,” Daniel said.

“Daniel,” Tanya said.

“Did you or did you not sleep with him while he was in a relationship?” Daniel asked.

“Yes,” Tanya said.

“And she was your best friend?” Daniel asked.

“I never liked her,” Tanya said.

“So you faked the friendship?” Daniel asked

“She had the life I wanted, I became popular because of her,” Tanya said.

“So you used her,” Daniel said.

“Yes,” Tanya said.

“You bitch,” Nathan said.

“She didn’t deserve you, you deserved better than her, she deserved to be alone and miserable, I made sure no guy would date her, I told all of them that she was the one who cheated on you, none of them wanted to be with a girl who would cheat,” Tanya said.

“So you lied to all the guys in high school,” Daniel said.

“It was seven years ago, Daniel, I’m not the same person I was then,” Tanya said.

“What would you say to her now if she was here,” Daniel said.

“Yeah, Tanya, what would you say to me?” Jennifer asked. Tanya turned and saw her standing at the door with James.

“Jen?” Tanya asked.

“You call me Jennifer, only real friends call me Jen,” Jennifer said. She came over and slapped her across the face.

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