Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 23

Two months later, Jennifer sat in the bathroom at the house looking at the tiny stick in her hand. She smiled at the results. She looked at the others on the counter. She wanted to surprise Ethan with the news. He assumed she stayed on the shot but she didn’t go back for one when it was due. She was ready to start a family. She hoped Ethan was ready as well.

“Baby, I’m home!” Ethan said.

“I’m in the bathroom!” Jennifer said.

“You okay baby?” Ethan asked.

“I’m just perfect,” Jennifer said. He came in and saw the tests and looked at her.

“Jen, are those?” Ethan asked.

“Yep,” Jennifer said.

“All positive?” Ethan asked.

“Yep,” Jennifer said.

“I thought you stayed on the shot?” Ethan asked.

“I decided not to, I wanted to surprise you by taking these tests,” Jennifer said.

“Oh god Jen, I’m going to be a father?” Ethan asked.

“Yes,” Jennifer said. He took her in his arms and held her close and buried his face in her neck.

“Oh god baby, you have no idea how happy I am, I have wanted this since our wedding night,” Ethan said.

“Speaking of a wedding, next week is our family wedding,” Jennifer said.

“I can’t wait to see you walking down the aisle to me on your dad’s arm,” Ethan said.

“We are not spending the night apart before the wedding, I can’ sleep well without you,” Jennifer said.

“Me neither baby,” Ethan said.

“Let’s go to the doctor,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah let’s go,” Ethan said. They went to the doctor and got tests done and the pregnancy confirmed and got all the info needed and went to her parents’ house and told them the news.

“I’m going to be a grandmother!” Amber said.

“A grandfather, congratulations you two,” David said.

“About the wedding next week, we are not doing the tradition of spending the night before the wedding apart, absolutely not, we can’t sleep well without each other,” Ethan said.

“But it’s tradition,” Amber said.

“Honey, they are married already, tradition is out the window here,” David said.

“Fine,” Amber said.

“We are going to head over and tell Michael about the baby,” Jennifer said.

“Okay, see you tomorrow,” David said. Jennifer and Ethan went to Michael’s house and told him the news along with Eric and Becca who were there.

“Oh my god, so am I!” Becca said.

“Really? Thank goodness I won’t be going through this alone!” Jennifer said. Her phone beeped and she sent a text.

“Baby?” Ethan asked.

“James has some news and wondered where we were, I told him we were here,” Jennifer said.

“I bet Ashley is pregnant,” Becca said.

“Oh boy,” Eric said.

“What,” Becca said.

“Three of you pregnant at the same time, lord help us with three hormonal women,” Eric said.

“Bro,” Ethan said.

“You did not just say that,” Becca said.

“Bec, I read it in a book about pregnancy, I wanted to be ready for anything so after you went to sleep last night, I read the book you got,” Eric said.

“He’s got a point actually,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah true,” Becca said.

“But I heard that pregnancy brings out the sex drive in the women,” Jennifer said.

“I read that too, so bro, be ready for lots and lots of sex,” Eric said.

“Couldn’t keep my hands off her anyways,” Ethan said.

“Love you babe,” Jennifer said.

“Love you too baby,” Ethan said. Michael let James and Ashley in.

“Sis,” James said.

“We have news,” Ashley said.

“You’re pregnant,” Jennifer said.

“How did you?” James asked.

“We are too,” Ethan said.

“So are we,” Eric said.

“All three of us girls are pregnant?!” Ashley said.

“Yep, I’m two months along,” Becca said.

“I’m three weeks along,” Jennifer said.

“I’m four weeks,” Ashley said.

“We are so close together!” Jennifer said.

“Oh my goodness!” Becca said. The girls went to talk about everything. The guys stood there watching them.

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