Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 25

The next day, Ethan was at the meeting. Jennifer was at work in her office. James came in and sat down.

“What’s up sis?” James asked.

“Just working,” Jennifer said.

“Where’s hubby?” James asked.

“A meeting with the mafia leaders to decide whether to let a new guy from LA into the treaty,” Jennifer said.

“Oh really, what’s he like?” James asked.

“I don’t know, I think he wants me, he wouldn’t stop checking me out and he kept staring at me and he called me beautiful,” Jennifer said.

“So you think he will want to fight Ethan for you or try something,” James said.

“I have a bad feeling about him,” Jennifer said.

“Keep your guard up, sis, okay, if you feel that way, he’s bad news,” James said.

“I will bro,” Jennifer said. James went back to his office. Jennifer continued working on her paperwork. There was a knock at the door. She looked up and saw Matthew standing there.

“Hello Jennifer,” Matthew said.

“Hello what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be at the meeting,” Jennifer said.

“I was,” Matthew said.

“So how come you are here,” Jennifer said.

“I came for you,” Matthew said.

“I’m married,” Jennifer said.

“Oh that doesn’t bother me,” Matthew said. He moved closer to her desk and leaned on it.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” Matthew said.

“I’m sorry but I want you to leave now, I love my husband and I will not destroy my marriage, go back to your dreams because that’s the only place you will have me, in your dreams, please go now!” Jennifer said.

“You will be mine,” Matthew said.

“I will never be yours, never in a million years, I will never be with you even if you were the last man on this earth,” Jennifer said.

“What’s going on here,” David said.

“He was just leaving,” Jennifer said.

“Not without me getting to meet my future father-in-law,” Matthew said.

“I am married to Ethan and that’s where I’m staying!” Jennifer said.

“Who is this guy,” David said.

“Matthew Riker, he moved here from LA and he seems to think that I’ll be his but he is so dreaming,” Jennifer said.

“Get out of my building and stay away from my daughter,” David said.

“Get out now asshole!” James said.

“Fine I’ll go for now, but I’ll be coming for you, Jennifer, you will be mine, I guarantee it!” Matthew said. He went out the door. David and James took her in their arms.

“Ethan, where is he,” Jennifer said.

“James, call him,” David said. James went to call him. David held her close.

“I’m scared Daddy,” Jennifer said.

“It’ll be okay honey,” David said.

“Jen baby!” Ethan said. She cried and ran into his arms. David told him what happened.

“He said he’s coming for me, he thinks he’s going to marry me, Ethan, what happened at that meeting,” Jennifer said.

“They voted him in and he signed and they said he should look for a wife and he said he’s got his eye on one and he smiled at me and left, I met with my father to see what I could do,” Ethan said.

“I’m scared Ethan,” Jennifer said.

“I won’t let him get you, baby, you are my wife, my everything,” Ethan said.

“You guys should go away for awhile,” James said.

“What about work” Jennifer asked.

“Honey, we will be fine, okay, your safety comes first,” David said. She hugged them and left with Ethan and they went home and packed. He had his men securing the house and he had the other leaders keeping Matthew and his men busy. Ethan and Jennifer gave their phones to Seth and took untraceable ones and left the house and went to his plane and took off for their destination. The plane landed and a car was waiting for them and Ethan drove for a few hours. They ended up in Vermont and settled into a house under a different name.

“Baby, we are now Tanner and Missi Davis,” Ethan said.

“Okay Tanner,” Jennifer said.

“Okay Missi,” Ethan said.

“What about a doctor?” Jennifer asked.

“I’ll figure something out honey,” Ethan said.

“What if he goes after our family to get to us,” Jennifer said.

“Well he won’t find them,” Ethan said.

“What?” Jennifer asked.

“While we were disappearing from the city, so were they,” Ethan said.

“So my dad shut down the company,” Jennifer said.

“Until the other leaders can take him out legally,” Ethan said.

“What needs to happen for that,” Jennifer said. He sat down and told her everything.

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