Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 26

Three weeks later, they were still in Vermont. Ethan had been in contact with Alex and Seth who were taking care of things back home and talking through untraceable phones. Ethan told her that if someone tired to trace it, it would say they were in Seattle or California. He found her a doctor who did house calls and was very private about things. Jennifer walked into the living room where Ethan was talking on the phone with Seth.

“That’s great news, man, I’ll let her know, yeah man, talk to you later, bye,” Ethan said. He hung up and looked at her and she sat down and snuggled against him.

“What’s up?” Jennifer asked.

“The other leaders ran Matthew out of town,” Ethan said.

“But he could come back,” Jennifer said.

“Not unless he can come back from the dead,” Ethan said.

“What?” Jennifer asked.

“Daniel, Paul, and the rest of the leaders shot and killed him, Seth and Alex witnessed it, Matthew tried to take my father out but was caught by Eric and Becca and they took him to the cells and called the leaders and my dad told them what happened, my dad is so respected by the other leaders that they wanted him dead so they all took him out,” Ethan said.

“So it’s safe now?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes baby we can go home now,” Ethan said. They packed up and locked up the house there and headed home to Miami. Once they arrived home, they went to the house and went in.

“Home sweet home,” Jennifer said.

“I had the guys check the house, it’s all good,” Ethan said.

“I just want to move on and focus on us and our baby,” Jennifer said. He smiled and hugged her from behind and rubbed her stomach.

“I’m so excited to be a father,” Ethan said.

“I could see you holding our baby in your arms,” Jennifer said.

“Me too baby, I can see our baby in your arms,” Ethan said. The doorbell rang. Ethan looked out and opened the door and saw the family. They came in and hugged them.

“Oh my baby girl!” Amber said. Jennifer hugged her mom. David hugged them. James joined the hug.

“Dad, how you doing,” Ethan said.

“I’m okay son,” Michael said.

“I talked to Paul and Daniel, they told the police it was a hit by a mafia family from LA, they questioned them and they had no idea about the hit but said it was probably a guy who wanted to be in the family but that Matthew said no,” Eric said.

“So he’s definitely gone gone,” Jennifer said.

“Yes sis he is, you are safe now,” Eric said.

“Now girls we have missed some time we could have spent doing things together and we did promise to do everything together during our pregnancies so let’s get caught up on everything,” Ashley said.

“Okay,” Jennifer said. They hugged and kissed their husbands and opened the door and saw someone standing there that made them freeze in their tracks.

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