Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 27

Jennifer, Ashley, and Becca stood there at the door looking at the person standing there. The guys came to the door. Ethan and Eric pulled out their guns as James pulled the girls back behind them. David and Michael stood in front of the girls.

“What the hell!” Ethan said.

“Ethan?” Matthew asked.

“How is he alive?” Jennifer asked.

“What’s going on?” Matthew asked.

“How are you alive?” Michael asked.

“Boss,” Seth said.

“We have the answer to that,” Alex said.

“Guys?” Ethan asked.

“He showed up at the club and we immediately drew our guns on him,” Seth said.

“We tied him to a chair, he didn’t give much of a fight,” Alex said.

“They told me everything that happened the last few weeks, that was my twin brother,” Matthew said.

“Another evil twin,” David said.

“What?” Matthew asked.

“So you are the real Matthew Riker,” Ethan said.

“Yes I got into town this morning, I’ve been in New York for the last couple of months, I left my brother back in LA to be in charge there but he decided to come to Miami and pretend to be me,” Matthew said.

“Did you know all that he did?” Michael asked.

“Yeah Alex and Seth told me, about he was going to steal Ethan’s wife away from him, I would never do something like that, I respect other people’s marriages, I would never destroy a marriage,” Matthew said.

“I’m Jennifer, Ethan’s wife,” Jennifer said.

“Nice to meet you, Jennifer, and you are beautiful and all but you belong to Ethan and I will not try to take you from him, I promise you that,” Matthew said.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said.

“Sir, you said something about an evil twin?” Matthew asked.

“After Ethan and Jennifer got together, I was in my office and got knocked out and woke up in the basement of my company and saw a guy who looked exactly like me, he said he was my twin brother and got separated at birth and he wanted to take over my life, he pretty much did for awhile until I was found by the security guard and I found out that he tried to have Ethan killed,” David said.

“I hope he paid for that,” Matthew said.

“He killed himself,” Jennifer said.

“Probably didn’t want Ethan to do it,” Matthew said.

“I would have done it,” Ethan said.

“I’m James, Jennifer’s twin brother,” James said.

“I’m his wife Ashley,” Ashley said.

“I’m David, Jennifer’s father,” David said.

“I’m her mother, Amber,” Amber said.

“Nice to meet you all,” Matthew said.

“Nice to meet the real you,” Jennifer said.

“I swear I’m the real Matthew Riker,” Matthew said. Jennifer’s phone rang. She went to answer it.

“Ethan, I met with the leaders here and told them about my brother and they redid the treaty and I signed it, I want us to be allies,” Matthew said.

“It’s good, man, I can see you are being truthful,” Ethan said.

“My brother was a womanizer, when he saw a woman he wanted, he would do anything to get her, I’m glad you kept Jennifer safe,” Matthew said.

“She’s everything to me,” Ethan said.

“And so are you to me,” Jennifer said.

“Baby what was that about?” Ethan asked.

“My best friend from college is coming to town to live here, I offered her a room here until she got a place so she wouldn’t have to live in a hotel,” Jennifer said.

“Callie’s coming?” James asked.

“Yes James,” Jennifer said.

“You know her?” Ashley asked.

“She came home with Jen every school break because she didn’t want to go home to her parents because they were always fighting and she didn’t want to deal with it so she came home with Jen to have some peace and quiet,” James said.

“Did you guys date?” Ashley asked.

“We went on one date and realized that we felt more like siblings than anything, she’s like another sister to me,” James said.

“I should get going, I need to find me a place to live,” Matthew said.

“You can stay at my house with me, Matthew, I’m alone there, could use some company,” Michael said.

“Thank you, Michael, I appreciate it, I’ll follow you there,” Matthew said. They left. Everyone else slowly followed. Ethan locked up and hugged Jennifer close.

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