Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 28

Jennifer checked the house and straightened out everything.

“Baby it’s okay,” Ethan said.

“I just want it to be perfect,” Jennifer said.

“Baby, she’s coming to see you, not the house,” Ethan said.

“I know, I just don’t want a mess here,” Jennifer said.

“Baby,” Ethan said.

“I know I should be resting, maybe it’s my hormones,” Jennifer said.

“You still are beautiful,” Ethan said.

“I love you,” Jennifer said.

“I love you,” Ethan said. He kissed her softly and they heard the doorbell ring. Jennifer opened the door and saw Callie.

“Callie,” Jennifer said.

“Jen!” Callie said. They hugged as Callie stepped into the house and Jennifer closed the door.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Jennifer said.

“I missed you too, let’s go meet your hubby,” Callie said. They came into the living room and Ethan stood up.

“Callie Tucker, this is my husband, Ethan Ross,” Jennifer said.

“Nice to meet you Callie,” Ethan said.

“You too Ethan,” Callie said. They sat down and talked about everything that’s happened since college.

“I’m sorry to hear about your mom,” Jennifer said.

“Thank you, it was hard watching her slip away,” Callie said. Jennifer nodded as she rubbed her stomach.

“And I hear congratulations are in order for you both,” Callie said.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said.

“Thank you,” Ethan said.

“So you and both of your sisters-in-law are all pregnant together,” Callie said.

“Yes, his brother’s wife is further along than me and James’s wife,” Jennifer said.

“I think by two weeks or three at the most,” Ethan said.

“And this all wasn’t planned,” Callie said.

“Nope,” Jennifer said.

“We told them we were expecting and then they said they found out that morning as well,” Ethan said.

“It was definitely not planned but we are all glad we won’t be going through all this alone,” Jennifer said. The doorbell rang. Ethan got up and wen to get it.

“Does he have any friends who are single,” Callie said.

“I think I know someone who is,” Jennifer said.

“Dad, Matthew, this is Callie, Jen’s best friend from college,” Ethan said.

“I’m Ethan’s father, Michael,” Michael said. Matthew just stared at Callie who stared back.

“Uh hi I’m Matthew, family friend,” Matthew said.

“I’m Callie, family friend as well,” Callie said.

“Um guys, you both are single, staring at each other, go out on a date, I know you want to,” Jennifer said.

“Jen!” Callie said.

“She’s right, would you like to go out on a date with me?” Matthew asked.

“Yes,” Callie said.

“How about now?” Matthew asked.

“Well I just got in awhile ago and was catching up with Jen,” Callie said.

“Go on, we’ve got plenty of time,” Jennifer said.

“You sure?” Callie asked.

“Yes now go have a good time,” Jennifer said.

“Okay then,” Callie said.

“Michael?” Matthew asked.

“I’ll have Ethan run me home,” Michael said. Matthew nodded and he and Callie left. Jennifer looked at Ethan as he pulled her close to him.

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