Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 3

Three weeks later, things between Ethan and Jennifer became official as he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes. Ethan went to his father and told him to just invest in the company. He wanted to take things slow with her. He wanted her to fall in love with him without knowing about the deal. He didn’t want to force her into marriage. Michael agreed and sat down with David, Amber, Ethan, Jennifer, and James and they talked about the investment.

“So the company won’t be completely mine and James’s when we take over,” Jennifer said.

“It still will be, I’m going to be a silent investor, I will not have any day in the company,” Michael said.

“You guys are hiding something,” James said.

“What James,” David said.

“What reason would he need to invest in the company, we are doing very well, we are not in debt, I’ve seen the numbers, Dad, we are not in trouble that we need an investor,” James said.

“It’s not that, son,” David said.

“This is just a preventive measure,” Michael said.

“You never know what will happen,” David said.

“Jen?” Ethan asked.

“Hmm?” Jennifer said.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asked.

“I just think something is wrong or there is a big secret between everyone except me and James,” Jennifer said.

“Honey, there’s nothing to worry about, he just wants to invest because it’s a good business measure,” David said.

“David, honey,” Amber said.

“Okay, there was an original deal in place but it’s no longer needed to happen,” David said.

“What was that?” James asked.

“I would invest in the company only if Jennifer agreed to marry Ethan,” Michael said.

“What!” Jennifer said.

“What!” James said.

“So that’s why you want to invest in the company so I would marry Ethan?!” Jennifer said.

“Jen, that’s off the table now,” Ethan said.

“Three days after that first date at the cafe, Ethan came to me and told me to call it off, that he wanted things to happen on their own, he wanted things to go naturally, he didn’t want to force you into marriage,” Michael said.

“Michael called and told me he would invest for nothing in return, that it would just be good business,” David said.

“Oh my god,” James said.

“Jen, baby?” Ethan asked.

“I can’t believe this, so what you feel for me isn’t real?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s real for me, I fell in love with you,” Ethan said.

“When?” Jennifer asked.

“Before we even met, I saw your picture on the website and I just fell in love with you,” Ethan said.

“You fell in love with me before we met,” Jennifer said.

“I saw your picture and I just knew I had to meet you, I wanted to meet you and get to know you and date you,” Ethan said.

“But you would going to go along with this marriage thing,” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer, that was my doing, he wasn’t so sure about that, what he told you is the truth, he saw your picture and fell for you and wanted to meet you and get to know you and date you, he wasn’t totally on board with the whole thing and when he came to me to call it off, I didn’t hesitate, I saw in his eyes how he felt about you when he talked about you, there was love in his eyes,” Michael said. Jennifer looked at Ethan. She took his hand in hers.

“I could never lie to you about my feelings for you,” Ethan said.

“I’ve never felt this way before, I feel the same way,” Jennifer said. He smiled and took her hand and kissed it as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

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