Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 30

Jennifer, Callie, James, and Ashley were in the living room talking when they heard the front door open and close.

“Jen? Ethan?” Eric said.

“In here,” Jennifer said. Eric and Becca came into the living room and saw them.

“Where’s Ethan?” Eric asked.

“He and Matthew are heading to Seattle,” Jennifer said.

“Why?” Eric asked.

“To beat up a cheating jackass,” Jennifer said.

“Callie?” Becca asked.

“Becca?” Callie said.

“Oh my god!” Becca said. They hugged. Everyone looked at them.

“You two know each other?” James asked.

“We grew up together and were best friends until sophomore year of high school before her family moved away and we lost touch, what are you doing here?” Becca asked.

“Jennifer and I met in college and became best friends, my family life was horrible so every school break, I would go home with her and they took me in as a member of the family,” Callie said.

“I thought things were getting better with your family,” Becca said.

“No, moving didn’t help things, it made it all worse, I couldn’t wait to go to college and get away from it all,” Callie said.

“So the cheating jackass?” Becca asked.

“Her ex whom she was with for three years and he was cheating on her for that long,” Jennifer said.

“I hope they kill him,” Becca said.

“Nope, he will be confined to a wheelchair when they are done with him,” James said.

“Callie, this is my husband, Eric Ross,” Becca said.

“Ross?” Callie asked.

“He’s Ethan’s younger brother,” Jennifer said.

“So Becca is your sister-in-law as well,” Callie said.

“Yep,” Jennifer said.

“Wow, I can’t believe this, I came to start over with my best friend from college only to reunite with my childhood best friend as well,” Callie said.

“And a new guy,” Jennifer said.

“Who?” Becca asked.

“Matthew,” Callie said.

“They went on a date and became official,” Jennifer said.

“Oh Callie, you deserve to be happy,” Becca said.

“I am, I am here with my family and now you,” Callie said. Becca hugged her. They pulled Jennifer into the hug.

“Okay, so tomorrow, girls, we are having a spa day, the four of us,” Becca said.

“I’m in,” Ashley said.

“Me too,” Jennifer said.

“Me too,” Callie said.

“Jen, we have work and a big client meeting,” James said.

“Crap,” Jennifer said.

“James, I’m sure you guys can survive a day without her,” Ashley said.

“Baby, she’s the lead designer and someday co-CEO with me,” James said.

“He’s right,” Jennifer said.

“What time is the last meeting?” Becca asked.

“1pm and they last usually an hour,” James said.

“Okay we will meet for tea at three,” Becca said.

“You guys are having tea, I’m getting coffee,” Callie said.

“That’s fine, Callie,” Jennifer said.

“I do miss coffee, but we can’t with little ones inside us,” Ashley said.

“Okay so 2:30pm we meet at Jen’s company building in the lobby,” Becca said.

“Okay, I work with them anyways as his assistant,” Ashley said.

“Callie can come to work with us, I know my parents will want to see her,” Jennifer said.

“I can’t wait to see them,” Callie said. They sat there making plans.

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