Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 33

Jennifer stood there holding the gun looking inside the cell.

“You’ve gone insane!” Mandy said.

“No, bitch, she deserved it!” Jennifer said. Seth and Alex took out Sarah’s body.

“All she wanted was to be with the man she loved,” Mandy said.

“She was a fling to him, nothing more, he’s my husband!” Jennifer said.

“She loved him so much,” Mandy said.

“So Jennifer was just suppose to leave her husband?” Matthew asked.

“Sarah loved him more than her own life,” Mandy said.

“Ethan,” Daniel said.

“Hey Daniel,” Ethan said.

“She killed your sister, Daniel!” Mandy said.

“What sister?” Daniel asked.

“Daniel, she killed Sarah,” Mandy said.

“Oh good, I can stop paying the hospital then,” Daniel said.

“Oh my god, you don’t care that she killed your only sibling,” Mandy said.

“She was dead to me after what she did, now I heard what you did,” Daniel said.

“Killing a innocent baby, tsk tsk tsk,” Tanya said.

“Tanya,” Mandy said.

“You deserve what you get,” Tanya said.

“It was your idea, Tanya,” Mandy said.

“What!” Daniel said.

“She’s lying,” Tanya said.

“You said you wanted to destroy Jennifer,” Mandy said.

“No, actually I didn’t say that, I was talking about what I almost did back in high school but I’m a changed woman since I’ve been married to my husband here,” Tanya said.

“Tanya, tell me the truth, now!” Daniel said.

“I am telling you the truth, babe, she’s a lying bitch, she just saw her best friend die, she doesn’t want the same thing happening to her,” Tanya said.

“Okay, you little bitch in the cell, tell the truth now and we might let you live,” Ethan said.

“It was Sarah’s idea, she sent me a letter telling me what to do, she told me who Jennifer was and how to find her picture to know what she looked like,” Mandy said.

“Ethan, what do you think?” Matthew asked.

“If you kill me, my father will come after you,” Mandy said.

“Your father is dead,” Tanya said.

“Sarah told me,” Daniel said.

“And I was there when she did,” Tanya said.

“That was my stepfather, I found my real father,” Mandy said.

“Name?” Matthew asked.

“Ricardo Larson,” Mandy said.

“I know him, I’ll call him,” Daniel said. He went to make the call. Ethan hugged Jennifer to him.

“You okay baby,” Ethan said.

“What does all this stuff happen to us, why can’t they just leave us be and let us be happy,” Jennifer said.

“I don’t know baby, but no one is going to tear us apart, I will never let anyone hurt you again, one way or another, she will pay for what she did,” Ethan said. Jennifer nodded and rested against him. They sat there and waited. Daniel came downstairs awhile later with a man behind him.

“Dad!” Mandy said.

“Mandy, what the hell did you do,” Ricardo said.

“Dad, it was Sarah’s idea,” Mandy said.

“You killed the unborn child of Ethan Ross, do you have any idea how bad this is, he’s the most dangerous mafia leader in Miami and you killed his baby!” Ricardo said.

“Daddy, I’m sorry, Sarah begged me to help her get revenge, I didn’t know she was pregnant, I swear,” Mandy said.

“Where is that bitch now?” Ricardo said.

“Dead, they killed her,” Mandy said.

“Good riddance,” Ricardo said.

“Ricardo, what should happen with your daughter?” Daniel said.

“She can take Sarah’s place in the mental hospital,” Ricardo said.

“Dad!” Mandy said.

“What you did was wrong, Mandy, you need to pay for what you did, an innocent baby didn’t get a chance to be born,” Ricardo said.

“I’m sorry,” Mandy said.

“Get her out and I’ll go with you to check her into the psych ward,” Ricardo said. Seth and Alex got her out and they took her out the door. Ricardo shook hands with Daniel, Ethan, and Matthew and left. Jennifer sank against Ethan.

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