Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 36

Jennifer sat there looking at him. He came over to her but she turned away from him.

“Jen,” Ethan said.

“What you did destroyed me, Ethan, I mean I understand why you had to but you couldn’t leave me a sign or something to let me know that I was in danger or leave word with the family, with Seth or Alex, you told no one, not even your own father or brother, you kept this to yourself,” Jennifer said.

“Jen, I’m sorry, I had to do what I did so everyone would be safe,” Ethan said.

“Yeah well you’ve missed a lot while you were protecting us,” Jennifer said.

“What do you mean?” Ethan asked. She stood up and held her clothes to her body revealing her stomach. He looked at her and sat against the desk.

“You never gave me the chance to tell you about it until now,” Jennifer said.

“Oh god,” Ethan said.

“I didn’t want to tell you through a text message,” Jennifer said.

“Jen, I’m sorry for everything, I will do anything to make things right,” Ethan said.

“You shouldn’t have left like you did, you could have written a letter to be delivered at a certain time, you could have put it in with the papers you sent to me so I know that it was for our protection, you made it seem like I did something wrong,” Jennifer said.

“So what are you saying, is it over?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t know what to think right now,” Jennifer said.

“Then I guess I’ll go and stay with my dad and give you space,” Ethan said.

“Ethan,” Eric said.

“No she made it clear, I messed up,” Ethan said.

“Jen?” Becca asked.

“It’s fine, Bec, really, it’s fine, just let me know when your next appointment is, I want to be there for that and our baby,” Ethan said. He went out the door. Jennifer sat there with tears running down her cheeks. She turned and faced the window. Eric and Becca came over and hugged her and left. She sat there crying softly. James came in and took her in his arms.

“I’m here, sis,” James said.

“What should I do, bro,” Jennifer said.

“Just go with your heart,” James said.

“My heart is in pieces right now,” Jennifer said.

“Whatever you decide, I support you, do you love him?” James asked.

“More than anything,” Jennifer said.

“Just take time to think about everything and what he had to do to protect all of us, you know it probably killed him to have to leave like that,” James said.

“I know but it still hurts,” Jennifer said.

“I know sis, it’s understandable,” James said. David and Amber came in and hugged her. James took her home an hour later and Callie hugged her.

“Ethan called me and told me everything, I feel at fault here,” Matthew said.

“Why,” Jennifer said.

“He was my twin and I didn’t know he would become obsessed with you and get my rival obsessed as well,” Matthew said.

“You couldn’t have known, Matthew,” Jennifer said.

“I should have known, but I’m glad my rival is six feet under, I gave my territory to my best friend out there, I’m staying here for good,” Matthew said.

“You staying for me?” Callie asked.

“I love it here in Miami, I talked with Ethan about joining his crew,” Matthew said.

“From leader to employee,” Callie said.

“Co-leaders with him and Eric,” Matthew said.

“Guys, what should I do?” Jennifer asked.

“About your marriage,” Callie said.

“Jen, he had to do what was needed to protect you and all of us, I know the guy, he’s the most dangerous leader in LA, more than I was, he would have destroyed us,” Matthew said.

“I know him leaving like that hurt you, let him heal your heart,” Callie said. Jennifer looked at them and nodded and made the call.

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