Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 38

A week later, they were sitting in the examine room at the doctor’s office getting ready for her appointment.

“Jennifer, how have you been feeling?” Dr. Peters asked.

“I’m okay, morning sickness sometimes but not too bad,” Jennifer said.

“And who is this with you today?” Dr. Peters asked.

“This is my husband, Ethan Ross, sorry you haven’t met him before today, something always comes up with his business that he is unable to get away,” Jennifer said.

“Hello,” Ethan said.

“Nice to finally meet you, Dad,” Dr. Peters said. Ethan smiled and she got the machine ready.

“You ready to see your baby,” Dr. Peters said.

“Yes,” Jennifer said.

“Yes,” Ethan said. She got it ready and they looked at the screen and saw the image.

“Doc?” Jennifer asked.

“Is that?” Ethan asked.

“You are having triplets,” Dr. Peters said.

“Oh my,” Jennifer said.

“Doc, will everything be okay, I don’t know if you heard about her previous pregnancy and how she miscarried,” Ethan said.

“I know all about it and everything is perfectly fine, she will be fine with plenty of rest and less work load,” Dr. Peters said.

“Well she’s the lead designer for her father’s interior design company and she’s sitting at her desk most of the time,” Ethan said.

“You can work but rest if you get tired and don’t work long hours,” Dr. Peters said.

“Okay,” Jennifer said. She got cleaned up and made the next appointment and they stopped at a store and got some things and got them ready and they went to her office and sat down.

“I can’t believe it,” Jennifer said.

“Me either, but we can do it,” Ethan said.

“Yeah,” Jennifer said. He rubbed her stomach as she rested against him.

“I can’t believe it,” Jennifer said.

“Me either, but we can do it,” Ethan said.

“Yeah,” Jennifer said. He rubbed her stomach as she rested against him. David, Amber, James, and Ashley came in.

“Hey sis,” James said.

“How did the appointment go?” Ashley said.

“Our grandchild okay?” David asked.

“Yep,” Jennifer said.

“Doc wants her to rest more,” Ethan said.

“Is everything okay?” James asked.

“The miscarriage isn’t going to cause problems with this pregnancy, is it?” Ashley asked.

“No,” Jennifer said.

“I asked that, the doc said there shouldn’t be any issues,” Ethan said.

“We got you guys something,” Jennifer said. She pointed to the boxes on her desk. James got the one with his and Ashley’s name on it. David got the one marked with grandparents on it and they opened them.

“What!” James said.

“Oh my god!” Ashley said.

“Oh my god,” David said.

“Oh my goodness!” Amber said.

“Three grandbabies?” David asked.

“At once?” Amber asked.

“Yes,” Jennifer said.

“Oh sis!” James said. He hugged her. Ashley hugged her the best she could.

“So happy for you both!” Ashley said.

“Baby girl,” David said.

“Honey,” Amber said. They hugged her and Ethan.

“Jen, I want you to only work half days and go home and rest in the afternoons, you are carrying special cargo and we want you to take special care of yourself and them,” David said.

“I can pick up more work sis,” James said. Ashley clears her throat.

“Um you should be getting prepared for your baby coming soon,” Jennifer said.

“Okay you’re right, sorry baby,” James said.

“I hope so,” Ashley said.

“Ashley, honey, you guys can head out, you need to rest,” Amber said.

“Good idea,” Ashley said.

“Bye guys,” James said. He helped her out the door. Jennifer leaned against Ethan.

“Baby you okay?” Ethan asked.

“Just tired,” Jennifer said.

“Oh honey,” Amber said.

“Morning sickness last night,” Ethan said.

“Go home and rest baby girl,” David said.

“All right, bye Dad, bye Mom,” Jennifer said.

“Bye sweetheart,” David said.

“Bye honey,” Amber said. They hugged her and she and Ethan headed home and she went to the bedroom and settled into bed. Callie and Matthew came in.

“How did it go at the doctor?” Matthew asked.

“Everything okay?” Callie asked.

“We found out that we are expecting triplets,” Jennifer said.

“Oh my gosh!” Callie said. She sat down and hugged her. Matthew shook Ethan’s hand.

“Congratulations to you both,” Matthew said.

“We have a question for you both,” Ethan said.

“What’s up?” Matthew asked.

“We couldn’t decide between my brother and hers so we went neutral,” Ethan said.

“Would you two be godparents to the babies?” Jennifer asked.

“We would be honored,” Matthew said.

“Yes we will be godparents, I’m so happy!” Callie said.

“Thank you both,” Jennifer said.

“Thank you,” Ethan said. Matthew and Callie left the room after awhile and Jennifer smiled at Ethan. He sat next to her and held her close.

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