Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 39

Three weeks later, Jennifer and Ethan had the family wedding the week before and had arrived home from their doctor’s appointment where they learned the genders.

“How you feeling about today?” Jennifer asked.

“Baby, I’m so happy, it didn’t matter to me what the genders were, all I wanted was for you and our babies to be healthy,” Ethan said.

“Everyone is coming over for the reveal,” Jennifer said.

“Let’s get to work,” Ethan said. They got everything set up for the reveal.

“Not a big fancy party but it’s good,” Jennifer said.

“Yep,” Ethan said.

“I love you my husband,” Jennifer said.

“I love you my wife,” Ethan said.

Soon everyone showed up and sat down.

“Okay so what’s up?” Eric asked.

“We found out the genders of the triplets today,” Ethan said.

“Okay so what are they,” James said.

“Baby A is a ......” Jennifer said.

“Boy!” Ethan said.

“Grandson,” Michael said.

“Baby B is a …....” Ethan said.

“Girl!” Jennifer said.

“Granddaughter,” Amber said.

“And Baby C is a …....” Jennifer said.

“Girl!” Ethan said.

“Two girls and one boy,” Ashley said.

“A nephew and two nieces,” Becca said.

“A grandson and two granddaughters,” David said.

“So happy for you both!” Amber said.

“We got you this to keep,” Ethan said.

“Our grandbabies,” Amber said.

“Son, you have your own son to carry on and take over,” Michael said.

“What if the girls want to do it,” Becca said.

“Ethan?” Jennifer asked.

“I might make them all my heirs,” Ethan said.

“Your decision, son,” Michael said.

“We will see what happens,” Ethan said.

“I can’t wait to spoil my nephew and nieces,” James said.

“Really, well then since your baby will be born first, I’ll spoil yours and see how you like it,” Jennifer said.

“He won’t spoil them, right babe?” Ashley said.

“All right I won’t,” James said.

“You promise?” Ashley asked.

“I promise baby,” James said.

“Good because if you break that promise, there will be consequences,” Ashley said.

“That goes for you too, babe,” Becca said.

“I promise baby,” Eric said.

“Okay so no spoiling the babies, any of them,” Ethan said.

“Oh man,” David said.

“Take away our fun,” Amber said.

“Mom!” Jennifer said.

“Spoiling the grandbabies is part of our job,” Amber said.

“But then we would have to deal with the tantrums and all that and we will already be exhausted,” James said.

“Please no spoiling, please,” Ashley said.

“Okay,” David said.

“We promise,” Amber said.

“Promise,” Michael said. They all sat and talked. They all left an hour later. Ethan helped Jennifer up to their bedroom where he helped her change and got her into bed.

“I love you so much,” Jennifer said.

“I love you too my wife,” Ethan said. He kissed her deeply and laid on the bed with her.

“Get some rest baby,” Ethan said.

“Seems that’s all I’ll be doing now is resting,” Jennifer said.

“You have our three babies inside you,” Ethan said.

“I know,” Jennifer said.

“I don’t want anything happening to you or them, you are my life,” Ethan said.

“You are mine,” Jennifer said. He kissed her deeply and he held her close as she went to sleep.

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