Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 40

Two months later, Jennifer was six months along with the triplets. Becca was due any day. Ashley was eight months pregnant. Jennifer was resting in bed. She was tired more often so she cut back on her work hours and rested more. Ethan worked from the house on paperwork and payroll for the clubs. James took most of the work over at the office and sometimes came to Jennifer for her opinion on some designs for the clients.

“Baby, I just got a text from Eric, Becca just went into labor, he will call once the baby is born, Ethan said.

“We can go to the hospital, babe,” Jennifer said.

“I know but I just thought you wanted to take a nap or something,” Ethan said.

“I took a little one, I should be okay for the time being,” Jennifer said.

“Okay baby, but you will let me know if you get tired,” Ethan said. They went to the hospital and joined Michael in the waiting room.

“Hey Dad, ready to be a grandpa,” Ethan said.

“I’m ready, son, three months of spoiling this one and then it will be time to spoil the three little ones here,” Michael said.

“They could come early, me and James were three weeks early,” Jennifer said.

“Then it will be sooner than later,” Michael said.

“Dad, no spoiling,” Ethan said.

“It’s what grandparents do,” Michael said.

“Dad,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, he’s right, but we should say that if he does, he keeps them overnight,” Jennifer said.

“I’ll go with that,” Ethan said.

“I can spoil them too,” Michael said.

“Or he can keep them for a week or so until they are normal,” Jennifer said.

“Baby,” Ethan said.

“I want our babies to be good kids who respect us and each other and are happy with what they have and have a good heart,” Jennifer said.

“They will have that because you are their mother,” Michael said.

“Yeah baby,” Ethan said.

“Dad,” Eric said.

“Eric,” Michael said.

“You have a grandson, his name is Jacob Michael Ross,” Eric said.

“You gave him my name?” Michael asked.

“It only seemed right,” Eric said.

“It’s perfect,” Ethan said. Eric smiled and he and Ethan hugged. Michael hugged Eric.

“I love you my son,” Michael said.

“Love you Dad,” Eric said.

“How’s Becca?” Jennifer asked.

“She’s fine, tired and exhausted, she’s resting,” Eric said.

“When can we see our nephew?” Ethan asked.

“Come on,” Eric said. They went to the nursery and looked in the window at the babies and saw the one marked Ross.

“There he is, my boy,” Eric said.

“He’s so handsome,” Jennifer said.

“I know he is,” Eric said.

“He’s amazing, bro, proud of you, congratulations Dad,” Ethan said.

“Thanks bro, your turn next,” Eric said.

“Well for Ross babies, but James is due to be a dad before me,” Ethan said. They watched Eric’s son in the nursery before going to see Becca. Ethan and Jennifer went home and she settled on the couch with him.

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