Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 41

The next day, Jennifer was at the office for a meeting since James was at a location for one of their clients. He left Ashley with her. Ethan was at the club doing paperwork.

“Hey you drove right?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah just so I could go over to pick up Ethan so he would drive home,” Jennifer said.

“I need to go shopping for some last minute things before the baby comes,” Ashley said.

“Okay I’m almost done with this and we will go, I need to get a few things too,” Jennifer said.

“Okay I’m going to text James and let him know the plan,” Ashley said.

“Text Ethan while you are at it,” Jennifer said.

“Okay,” Ashley said. She sent the text messages and got a reply back from both of them.

“Tell my wife to leave her car and wait for Callie to come get you both so she can drive you two,” Ethan texted.

“Be safe okay baby,” James texted.

“So what am I to do with my car then?” Jennifer asked. Ashley sent a message to Ethan. He replied back.

“Tell her that I got the other set and I’ll have Seth bring me to get it,” Ethan texted. Callie came in awhile later and they went shopping.


Ethan was sitting in his office at the club doing paperwork and the payroll.

“Hey boss,” Alex said.

“What is it,” Ethan said.

“Just letting you know that Seth had to leave early, his mother called, his grandmother is sick,” Alex said.

“Crap okay I might need you to take me to pick up Jen’s car, she went shopping with Callie and Ashley and I didn’t want her driving,” Ethan said.

“Okay let me know when you are ready,” Alex said.

“Ethan,” James said.

“Hey James,” Ethan said.

“Did you let Jen go shopping with my wife?” James asked.

“I asked Callie to drive them,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, shouldn’t Jen be at home resting right now, she’s pregnant with triplets,” James said.

“I know that, James, they are my son and my daughters she is carrying but I can’t keep her confined to the bed if the doctor doesn’t order it,” Ethan said.

“My wife is almost due,” James said.

“James, whose idea was it to go shopping?” Ethan asked.

“My wife, oh man, I’m sorry,” James said.

“It’s fine, bro, I’m sure they will be fine,” Ethan said. His phone beeped as did James’s phone. They looked at them and at each other.

“Oh god,” James said.

“Jen!” Ethan said. They ran out the door and went to the hospital and found Matthew and Michael in the waiting room.

“Dad,” Ethan said.

“Waiting for word,” Michael said.

“What happened?” James asked.

“Callie called me and told me they were in an accident, a drunk driver hit the car, the driver was killed instantly, he was speeding and came out of nowhere,” Matthew said.

“What condition was the girls in?” James asked.

“Callie was the only one awake, Jen and Ash were unconscious,” Michael said.

“Oh god,” Ethan said.

“The babies,” James said. They sat down and waited for the doctor to come out.

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