Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 43

They stood there looking at her. Eric and Michael stood with him.

“Doc please,” Ethan said.

“The babies are safe for now, we will keep a close eye on them, if we can make it to 36 weeks then they have a good chance of surviving,” Dr. Peters said.

“How far is she now?” Callie asked.

“Almost 30,” Dr. Peters said.

“Can I go be with her?” Ethan asked.

“Yes we got her in a room and a bed set up already because we figured you would not leave her side,” Dr. Peters said.

“Most definitely I wouldn’t leave her,” Ethan said. He went to Jennifer’s room and walked in and saw her and sat down and took her hand in his.

“I’m here baby, I’m not going anywhere, I love you so much, the babies are fine, they are hoping to get to 36 weeks so we have a ways to go, I hope you wake up soon baby, I can’t imagine my life without you,” Ethan said. He watched her lying there. She had cuts all over her upper body from the windshield shattering.

“Ethan?” Paul said.

“Paul, why you here?” Ethan asked.

“Your father called me, told me what happened, I have connections to find out about the driver who did this,” Paul said.

“Find anything?” Ethan asked.

“They are still investigating, but the guy went to school with Jennifer,” Paul said.

“So this wasn’t random,” Ethan said.

“We don’t know yet, I called Daniel and told him,” Paul said.

“Call him back and have him question his wife,” Ethan said.

“I did mention that to him, he’s going to, I also questioned Nathan, Jennifer’s ex, he knew the guy,” Paul said.

“Ethan,” Nathan said.

“Who was he?” Ethan asked.

“His name was Kenny Frazier, he had a huge crush on Jen,” Nathan said.

“Did he know Tanya?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah but he hated her, he couldn’t stand being near her,” Nathan said.

“Do you think he did this to my wife on purpose?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t believe so, Kenny had problems with alcohol and he was in rehab but got out last year, I thought he was doing better but I guess he relapsed,” Nathan said.

“Now my wife is here in a coma fighting for her life along with my babies,” Ethan said.

“I’m praying they make it,” Nathan said.

“Ethan,” Daniel said. Ethan looked and saw him and Tanya at the door.

“What is she doing here?” Nathan asked.

“I questioned her about whether she was involved in this,” Daniel said.

“I swear to you on my husband’s life that I had nothing to do with this, I would never wish this on Jennifer, she did not deserve this happening to her, please tell us the babies are okay,” Tanya said.

“They are fine for now,” Nathan said.

“We have six weeks to go before they can be safely delivered,” Ethan said.

“I am praying for her and for them,” Tanya said.

“Ethan, she is telling the truth, she looked me straight in the eyes and swore she had nothing to do with it, I know my wife, I can tell when she lies,” Daniel said.

“I’m not the same person I was in high school, being married to Daniel, it’s made me a better person,” Tanya said.

“I hope so,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, keep us updated on Jen, I will help Paul with finding out the reason why the guy did this and if he did it on purpose or accident,” Daniel said. Ethan nodded and Daniel, Tanya, and Paul left. Nathan followed shortly after. Ethan sat there holding her hand.

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