Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 44

Three weeks later, things were still the same as they were. Ethan never left the hospital for anything. He was sitting by her bedside. The door opened and Daniel and Tanya came in with Paul.

“Ethan,” Daniel said.

“We found out the truth about the accident,” Paul said.

“They found out why it happened,” Tanya said.

“It was on purpose, he thought my wife was with Jennifer,” Daniel said.

“What,” Ethan said.

“He was trying to take out Tanya, he wanted to hurt anyone who hurt Jennifer,” Paul said.

“But she wasn’t in the car, oh god he thought Callie was Tanya,” Ethan said.

“The police said his blood alcohol content was way above normal, he was clearly drunk,” Paul said.

“He was trying to kill my wife,” Daniel said.

“I think all he saw was the blond hair and thought I was back hanging out with Jennifer again,” Tanya said.

“Son of a bitch!” Ethan said.

“It’s a good thing he died in the accident, he would have died anyways,” Paul said.

“Damn right he would have,” Ethan said.

“We talked with his family, they said he wanted Tanya to pay for everything she did to Jennifer, they told him to let it go, that it wasn’t worth it, that everyone has moved on but he wouldn’t listen to them,” Daniel said.

“Oh good, so he was obsessed with my wife,” Ethan said.

“Pretty much yeah, he started drinking because he heard she got married to you,” Paul said.

“Oh great,” Ethan said.

“His family said that his bedroom is like a shrine to Jennifer, pictures of her everywhere dating back to high school, he followed her through college and to the company, he pretty much stalked her,” Daniel said.

“Even in high school he followed her around,” Tanya said.

“Did he believe the stuff you said,” Daniel said.

“He was the only one I didn’t tell, he wasn’t in school that day and I thought someone told him, I didn’t think he was that obsessed with her,” Tanya said.

“He wasn’t in school or made everyone think he wasn’t, so he could stalk her,” Daniel said.

“Oh god,” Tanya said.

“I’m glad he is dead,” Ethan said.

“There hasn’t been any change, has there?” Daniel asked.

“No, it’s still the same,” Ethan said.

“This is my fault,” Tanya said.

“Tanya,” Daniel said.

“No, it is, because of the way I was towards her in high school and what I did, I should have known my past would come back to haunt me,” Tanya said.

“You could not have known what this guy was going to do, you didn’t know,” Daniel said.

“I should have been a better person towards her, I should have just been her real friend instead of a fake friend, this is all on me,” Tanya said. She went out the door. Daniel stood there.

“The only one to blame is the dead guy, no one could have known what he was going to do,” Ethan said.

“Keep us updated,” Daniel said. He went out the door. Paul came over to him.

“She will come back to you, man,” Paul said.

“I hope for it every day,” Ethan said.

“Call if you need anything,” Paul said. Ethan nodded and Paul went out the door.

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