Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 45

Three weeks later, Jennifer was still in a coma and the babies were still going strong. Her stomach expanded as they grew. Ethan sat there watching her.

“Hey baby, I wish you would wake up, I feel like we have missed out on a lot with the babies growing inside you, they are strong little fighters,” Ethan said. Jennifer moans.

“Jen?” Ethan asked. He pressed the button and the nurse came in.

“Get the doctor, I think she’s waking up,” Ethan said. The nurse nodded and ran out of the room. Ethan took her hand as she opened her eyes and saw him.

“Ethan,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah baby, I’m here,” Ethan said.

“What happened?” Jennifer asked.

“You were in a car accident,” Ethan said.

“The babies?” Jennifer asked.

“They are little fighters,” Ethan said.

“Thank god,” Jennifer said.

“You’ve been in a coma for six weeks,” Ethan said.

“What happened,” Jennifer said.

“I’ll tell you later, okay or after the babies are born,” Ethan said.

“Ethan,” Jennifer said.

“I promise you that you will know soon,” Ethan said.

“Why not tell me now?” Jennifer asked.

“Baby, I don’t want you getting upset or mad or anything that will get you stressed, you just woke up, the doctors need to check you and the babies,” Ethan said.

“Mrs. Ross, good to see you awake,” the doctor said.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer, so happy you are awake,” Dr. Peters said.

“Thank you doc,” Jennifer said.

“Let us examine you, Ethan, why don’t you go call the family and let them know while we are doing the examination,” the doctor said. Ethan nodded and kissed her forehead and went out into the hallway and sent a group text to everyone.

“She’s awake!” Ethan texted.

“Awesome, we are on our way!” Eric texted.

“I am on my way!” James texted.

“That is the most amazing news!” Ashley texted.

“So happy!” Becca texted.

“Great news, I’m heading out now,” Michael texted.

“On our way!” David texted.

“Give her a kiss for us,” Amber texted.

“Awesome news boss!” Alex texted.

“That is the most amazing news!” Seth texted.

“That is great news!” Paul texted.

“Awesome news man,” Daniel texted.

“Callie and I are on our way!” Matthew texted.

“Does she know the truth about the accident?” Callie texted.

“No, I am going to wait until she’s completely out of the woods,” Ethan texted.

“Okay, we will be there soon,” Callie texted. Ethan put his phone away and waited for the doctors to be done. He got out his phone and checked in with Seth and Alex on how things are going at the club and warehouse. They said everything was running smoothly.

“Ethan,” Dr. Peters said.

“Doc?” Ethan asked.

“Everything is fine, you can go back in,” Dr. Peters said.

“The babies are okay?” Ethan asked.

“They are just fine, Ethan, strong heartbeats, they are little fighters,” Dr. Peters said.

“So will I be able to tell her the news about her accident?” Ethan asked.

“As long as she stays calm and doesn’t get stressed, maybe you should tell her before we discharge her in case something happens,” Dr. Peters said. Ethan nodded and went back in. He sat down by her bed.

“We want to keep her tonight to be safe and she will get to go home in the morning,” the doctor said.

“Thank you doc,” Jennifer said. The doctor left the room. Ethan got up and sat on the bed and took her hand in his.

“I need to tell you everything about the accident,” Ethan said. She nodded. He took a deep breath and told her everything about the accident and who caused it and why they did. Jennifer looked at him.

“Kenny Frazier did this because he thought Callie was Tanya and he wanted her gone because of what she did to me in high school,” Jennifer said.

“Yes baby,” Ethan said.

“I’m glad he’s dead or I would have killed him myself,” Jennifer said.

“I would have done it first, baby, I almost lost you and our babies,” Ethan said. The door opened and James came in with Ashley. David and Amber came in. Michael came in. Matthew and Callie came in. Eric and Becca came in with the baby.

“Sis!” James said.

“My baby girl,” Amber said.

“Sweetheart,” David said.

“So glad you’re awake,” Michael said.

“Ethan just told me about the accident,” Jennifer said.

“The case of mistaken identity,” Callie said.

“Yep,” Jennifer said. Ethan’s phone rang and he looked at it and went out the door to answer it.

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