Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 46

Everyone sat there talking with her. Ethan came back in and sat down.

“Everything okay?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah baby, everything is fine,” Ethan said.

“You sure?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes baby,” Ethan said.

Three days later, Jennifer was home resting in bed. Ethan brought her lunch in bed.

“Baby, I am going to run to the club for a bit to handle the payroll,” Ethan said.

“Okay so I’m stuck here in bed alone,” Jennifer said.

“Not alone, Callie and I are here,” Matthew said.

“Yep, you aren’t alone,” Callie said.

“Until you guys start making out and disappear to your room,” Jennifer said.

“Nope,” Callie said.

“Not until Ethan is back,” Matthew said.

“We promised,” Callie said.

“Okay I’ll see you later baby,” Ethan said. He kissed her softly and hugged her and went out the door. Jennifer ate her lunch. Matthew took the dishes down to the kitchen after she was done.

“You okay Jen?” Callie asked.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Jennifer said.

“You sure?” Callie asked.

“Yeah I’m going to take a nap,” Jennifer said.

“Okay just text or yell if you need anything,” Callie said.

“Okay,” Jennifer said. Callie left the room and Jennifer laid down on the bed and closed her eyes and went to sleep. She woke up sometime later and saw Ethan sitting on the bed beside her watching her.

“Hey sleeping beauty,” Ethan said.

“What time is it?” Jennifer asked.

“Six pm,” Ethan said.

“Wow, I was asleep for five hours,” Jennifer said.

“Must have been tired,” Ethan said.

“How long have you been home?” Jennifer asked.

“Couple of hours,” Ethan said.

“Took you three hours to do payroll?” Jennifer asked.

“I did the paperwork too since I was with you at the hospital,” Ethan said.

“Oh,” Jennifer said.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t know, I just think you are hiding something from me,” Jennifer said.

“Baby I’m not,” Ethan said.

“What was the phone call you had at the hospital that had you go out of the room?” Jennifer asked.

“Just an old friend checking in,” Ethan said.

“An old friend, one I have never heard of?” Jennifer asked.

“He’s usually out of touch most of the time,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, who is he?” Jennifer asked.

“His name is Brett Davidson, he lives in San Diego,” Ethan said.

“And he’s out of touch why?” Jennifer asked.

“He’s in the military,” Ethan said.

“Oh,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah baby, he’s stationed in San Diego, he’s got some free time so he’s coming to visit next week,” Ethan said.

“Oh and you want him to stay here?” Jennifer asked.

“No baby, he will get a hotel room,” Ethan said.

“He’s okay with that?” Jennifer asked.

“He prefers it,” Ethan said.

“Oh okay,” Jennifer said.

“Baby, I’m sorry I haven’t mentioned him before, it just never came up,” Ethan said.

“All right, I get it, I love you,” Jennifer said.

“I love you too,” Ethan said.

“Now have you thought of names for our little ones?” Jennifer asked.

“The boy’s name I like is Jackson,” Ethan said.

“Jackson Ross,” Jennifer said.

“Jackson David Ross,” Ethan said.

“After my dad?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah baby,” Ethan said.

“Not yours?” Jennifer asked.

“I thought one of the girls can be Samantha Michelle Ross,” Ethan said.

“I like it,” Jennifer said.

“Then Hayley Ann Ross,” Ethan said.

“I like them,” Jennifer said.

“I love you,” Ethan said.

“I love you more,” Jennifer said. He kissed her softly and they cuddled up together. He stroked her stomach.

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