Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 49

Jennifer stood there looking at them with tears running down her cheeks.

“You kept this from me,” Jennifer said.

“Jen,” Ethan said.

“You couldn’t tell me about the past, you had to hide it from me, you couldn’t be honest with me, I told you all about mine but you couldn’t tell me this!” Jennifer said.

“I should go,” Brett said.

“No, I should go,” Jennifer said.

“Jen please,” Ethan said.

“No, I’m done!” Jennifer said. She walked out the door and went upstairs and packed a bag and came downstairs and saw Matthew and Callie.

“We will take you where you want to go,” Matthew said.

“We will go with you,” Callie said.

“I’ll be okay,” Jennifer said.

“Jen, the babies, you shouldn’t be alone,” Callie said.

“I’ll be fine, I won’t be alone,” Jennifer said. She walked out the door. She saw Brett come out the door and got into his car and left. She got into her car and saw Ethan standing at the front door with tears running down his cheeks. She started her car and drove off. She looked in the rearview mirror and saw him sink down on the step. She drove to James’s house and got out and went to the door. She rang the doorbell. James opened it and saw her. She started sobbing and he took her in his arms.

“Sis, come in,” James said. He brought her in and sat down on the couch with her.

“Callie told me you left him, but didn’t say why,” James said.

“He kept something from me, something from his past, I was an open book about mine but he kept his from me,” Jennifer said. She told him everything she overheard. James sat there.

“Sis, I can see things from both sides, he wasn’t sure how to tell you and you did what you needed to do by getting away but you guys are married, you are having babies together, you both need to work this out, I’m not saying right now, take some time to think about things and see where you are in a few days,” James said.

“I just can’t believe he couldn’t be honest with me,” Jennifer said.

“Give it a few days and then go talk with him, you know he loves you,” James said.

“If he loved me, he wouldn’t have kept it from me,” Jennifer said.

“Sis,” James said.

“No James, I can’t handle this right now,” Jennifer said.

“Come on, you should get some rest,” James said. He took her to a room and got it ready for her and she laid down on the bed and curled up the best she could. James sat with her until she fell asleep. He went downstairs and called Ethan.

“James,” Ethan said.

“She’s here and she’s going to stay for awhile, she told me everything, I can see this from your side and hers, I told her to give it a few days and then come talk with you, she’s being stubborn of course,” James said.

“I hate myself for not telling her but I just wanted to leave that part in the past,” Ethan said.

“I know the feeling, there was stuff I wanted to leave in the past but it came back to bite me and I almost lost Ashley because of it but we worked it out, I know you guys can too, you have babies to think about,” James said.

“I can’t lose her,” Ethan said.

“You won’t, I’ll make sure of it, just be ready to be an open book with her,” James said.

“That was the only thing I was hiding,” Ethan said.

“Then I guess you are an open book now, just give her time, man, just maybe send flowers to show her how much you love her,” James said.

“Thanks man,” Ethan said.

“Anytime bro,” James said. James hung up and looked at Ashley who had came downstairs.

“Babe?” Ashley asked. James quietly told her what was going on and they sat on the couch.

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