Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 5

Jennifer and Ethan stood in the conference room kissing.

“Mmm, did you just ask me to marry you,” Jennifer said.

“Yes I did, and you said yes,” Ethan said.

“Okay so it wasn’t a dream,” Jennifer said.

“It was a dream come true for me,” Ethan said.

“Where’s my ring?” Jennifer asked.

“We will go pick it out together,” Ethan said.

“I just can’t believe it,” Jennifer said.

“Me neither but I wouldn’t change anything, I want this, I want to be with you forever,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, I have to ask you something,” Jennifer said.

“I think I know what it is and you are wrong, there is no marriage deal in place,this is my decision and yours, there is no marriage contract, our parents have no clue about this,” Ethan said.

“Okay good,” Jennifer said.

“But we will have to tell them,” Ethan said.

“Do we have to,” Jennifer said.

“Jen,” Ethan said.

“Fine,” Jennifer said. They held hands and went to her father’s office where her parents were.

“Mom, Dad?” Jennifer said.

“Hi honey, hi Ethan,” Amber said.

“Mrs. Aspen,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, you are with my daughter, you can call me Amber,” Amber said.

“Okay, Amber,” Ethan said.

“What’s up you two,” David said.

“We have something to tell you,” Jennifer said.

“Oh god,” David said.

“Honey, you are pregnant already,” Amber said.

“Um no, I’m not,” Jennifer said.

“I know we haven’t been together long, but I just couldn’t wait, I asked her to marry me,” Ethan said.

“I said yes, so we are engaged,” Jennifer said.

“What!” David said.

“What!” Amber said.

“We aren’t getting married tomorrow, we want to plan the wedding and enjoy being together as an engaged couple,” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer, it’s only been three weeks,” David said.

“Honey,” Amber said.

“I know, Dad, but this is it, he’s the one,” Jennifer said.

“And she’s the one, we want this to be our decision, no marriage deals, nothing, my dad doesn’t know about this yet, I love your daughter, sir, I want to be with her for the rest of my life,” Ethan said.

“I don’t know about this,” David said.

“David, she’s a grown woman who is making her own choices, we must accept them and just be supportive,” Amber said.

“I’m sorry but I can’t support this,” David said.

“David!” Amber said.

“Let’s go Ethan,” Jennifer said. She took his hand and pulled him out the door and they left and went to see his father and told him the news.

“David didn’t support this?” Michael asked.

“No,” Ethan said.

“Because of how long we have been together is why,” Jennifer said.

“Well, I’m happy for you both,” Michael said.

“Thanks Dad,” Ethan said.

“So when’s the wedding?” Michael asked.

“Wedding?” Eric asked coming in.

“What wedding?” Becca asked.

“Ethan and Jennifer are engaged now,” Michael said.

“Congratulations!” Becca said.

“Congratulations you two,” Eric said.

“I take it not everyone was happy about it,” Becca said.

“My father,” Jennifer said.

“Why not just elope, just fly to Vegas and get married, he won’t have much choice but to support it because it will be done and it will show you guys are serious for each other,” Becca said.

“Bec,” Ethan said.

“Baby,” Eric said.

“I like that idea,” Jennifer said.

“Baby,” Ethan said.

“Eric and I will go with you as witnesses,” Becca said.

“We will?” Eric asked.

“Guys,” Ethan said.

“You don’t want to get married?” Jennifer asked.

“I just thought you would want your father to give you away,” Ethan said.

“Why not just go get married in Vegas and then we can have a family wedding once they come around to accepting it,” Michael said.

“Her mom seemed to be supportive, it’s her dad,” Ethan said.

“I need to call James,” Jennifer said. She went to make the phone call while Ethan talked with his family.

“Sis, what’s up?” James asked.

“Dad talk to you?” Jennifer asked.

“He told me, sis, I support you,” James said.

“I know he thinks it’s too soon but I want this,” Jennifer said.

“Then do it, sis, go get married tonight, prove to him how much you want it,” James said.

“Becca had the same idea,” Jennifer said.

“Who is Becca?” James asked.

“Ethan’s sister-in-law, she’s Eric’s wife,” Jennifer said.

“Go do it, sis, I’ll meet you out there,” James said.

“Bro,” Jennifer said.

“I’m not missing your wedding because of him,” James said.

“I’ll text you once I know the plans,” Jennifer said.

“Love you sis,” James said.

“Love you too, bro,” Jennifer said. She hung up and felt arms around her from behind.

“James supportive?” Ethan asked.

“Yes, he thought the same as Becca did,” Jennifer said.

“So he wants us to go to Vegas too,” Ethan said.

“He said he would meet us there if we go,” Jennifer said.

“Then let’s do it baby,” Ethan said.

“Really?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, let’s just go to Vegas and get married,” Ethan said. She smiled and kissed him deeply.

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