Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 51

The next day, Ethan was at the club checking over things and going over stuff with Seth and Alex. His phone beeped and he looked at it and cursed.

“Boss?” Seth asked.

“That was Matthew, he said he came home and found Callie knocked out on the floor and Jen is missing,” Ethan said.

“Boss!” Alex said. They looked at the door of the club and saw two guys holding Jennifer. He saw an older man come in with a younger woman.

“What the hell?! Let her go!” Ethan said.

“I will let her go, after you divorce her and marry my daughter,” the man said.

“What did you say?!!” Ethan said.

“Who are you?” Alex asked.

“Thomas Martin, this is my baby girl Lacey,” Thomas said.

“And why should he divorce his wife to marry your daughter,” Seth said.

“Because my daughter wants him and I hold the cards here, I see that your current wife is pregnant and could have the baby any day, he will do what I say or something will happen to her and the baby,” Thomas said.

“Daddy,” Lacey said.

“Also after the baby is born, you will take full custody of the child and you and my daughter will raise the baby together,” Thomas said.

“I can’t marry some girl I don’t know,” Ethan said.

“You will or she will die along with the child,” Thomas said.

“Clock is ticking,” Lacey said.

“You are insane, both of you, you come into my club, holding my wife, expecting me to do your bidding,” Ethan said.

“I guess your answer is no?” Thomas asked.

“It’s a hell no,” Matthew said. They saw Matthew and Eric each holding a gun to the guys who were holding Jennifer and she moved to Ethan as Seth and Alex moved and grabbed Thomas and his daughter.

“Hey watch it!” Lacey said.

“Ethan, you are making a mistake,” Thomas said.

“How so?” Ethan asked.

“You could have had a good life with my daughter, she would have given you everything you could desire,” Thomas said.

“My wife already does that, I’m sorry but your time is up, take them down to the cells and make sure they have no weapons,” Ethan said. The guys took them to the cells. Ethan took Jennifer into his arms.

“God baby are you okay?” Ethan asked.

“I’m fine, I remained calm because I knew you would save me,” Jennifer said.

“I always will, baby, I love you so much,” Ethan said.

“Would you have given in to them?” Jennifer asked.

“Baby, I would do anything to make sure you and our babies are safe, I would have played along and then took them out,” Ethan said.

“I want them gone, Ethan, they wanted to take our babies from me,” Jennifer said.

“They will never see the light of day ever again,” Ethan said.

“Excuse me?” a guy asked.

“What,” Ethan said.

“I’m looking for my dad and sister, they were coming here,” the guy said.

“Thomas and Lacey?” Ethan asked.

“Yes,” the guy said.

“That depends, were you here to stop them or help them?” Ethan asked.

“To stop them, I knew their plan and I tried to talk them out of it but they wouldn’t listen to me, I’m Zack,” Zack said.

“We have them down in the cells,” Jennifer said.

“What are your plans for them?” Zack asked.

“It involves them ending up six feet under,” Jennifer said.

“Oh, can I watch?” Zack asked.

“What?” Jennifer asked.

“Lacey has always been his baby girl, his favorite, I could never have his attention, she always got it, she could do no wrong and I was always blamed when she did,” Zack said.

“That’s just wrong,” Jennifer said.

“You are telling us the truth, right?” Ethan asked.

“I swear to god I am,” Zack said. They went downstairs and saw Thomas, Lacey, and the two guys in the cells.

“Zack!” Thomas said.

“Bro!” Lacey said.

“I told you so,” Zack said.

“Zack please help us,” Lacey said.

“So now you want my help,” Zack said.

“Zack, son, please, get us out of here,” Thomas said.

“Why should I, huh, you decided to go up against the biggest baddest mafia leader in Miami, you should have known how it would turn out,” Zack said.

“Zack,” Thomas said.

“Why, Dad, why did you never love me?” Zack asked.

“I do,” Thomas said.

“No you don’t, she always got everything, she could never do no wrong in your eyes,” Zack said.

“Zack,” Thomas said.

“Sis, want to tell Dad who really took his prized car for a joy ride?” Zack asked.

“Zack, don’t go blaming your sister,” Thomas said.

“It’s true, Daddy, it was me, not Zack, I took the car, he caught me and took the keys, that’s why you caught him with them, because he took them from me after I got back,” Lacey said.

“And?” Zack said.

“I drove your motorcycle too,” Lacey said.

“What!” Thomas said.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I knew I would get away with it,” Lacey said.

“And I would get blamed,” Zack said.

“Oh god Zack, I’m so sorry,” Thomas said.

“It’s too late,” Zack said.

“You are going to let him do this to us?” Thomas asked.

“I can’t save you, you both went too far, kidnapping a pregnant woman just to get her husband to marry my sister, why does it have to be him, why can’t you find your own man, sis, why go after a married man,” Zack said.

“It was Dad’s idea,” Lacey said.

“I thought we could combine the families,” Thomas said.

“You went about it the wrong way,” Ethan said.

“Oh god I’m sorry, I was wrong,” Thomas said.

“The truth is that it wasn’t you that I wanted, it was him,” Lacey said. She pointed to Alex. Ethan looked at her and at Alex.

“Me?” Alex asked.

“Yes, I told him that I wanted to meet you and who you worked for and he came up with the idea for me to be with Ethan,” Lacey said.

“And he wouldn’t listen to you either,” Zack said.

“No he didn’t,” Lacey said.

“Let her go, Ethan,” Jennifer said.

“Baby, you sure?” Ethan asked.

“Alex?” Jennifer asked.

“I want to go out with her,” Alex said.

“As long as it’s not a plot to get to Ethan,” Zack said.

“It’s not, I swear,” Lacey said.

“All right,” Ethan said. They let her out and she went to Alex and they went to talk.

“Lacey!” Thomas said.

“Sorry Daddy, Alex is the one I wanted all along, you just wanted the power that Ethan has,” Lacey said.

“Dad,” Zack said.

“Zack, please, son,” Thomas said.

“I can’t help you, Dad, you went too far, all you wanted was power, you don’t care about anything else,” Zack said. He pulled out his gun and pointed it.



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