Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 53

Ethan got up and paced the waiting room. Eric got up and came over to him. Michael followed.

“Ethan,” Michael said.

“Bro,” Eric said

“I’m scared,” Ethan said.

“We know you are but she’s got the doctors and nurses with her,” Eric said.

“I should be with her!” Ethan said.

“She will be okay, son, she knows you are close,” Michael said.

“Boss,” Alex said.

“Boss,” Seth said. He saw them there with Lacey and Zack.

“Hey,” Ethan said.

“Is it okay that we are here?” Lacey asked.

“We can go if it’s not,” Zack said.

“It’s fine, you guys are with Seth and Alex so it’s fine,” Ethan said.

“What’s going on, Ethan?” Alex asked.

“Her water broke and there was blood with it so I brought her here and they have to do an emergency c-section and I have to wait out here,” Ethan said.

“She’s going to be okay, they will do everything they can for her,” Seth said.

“Ethan?” Dr. Peters said. They saw her standing there. Ethan walked to her. Eric and Michael stood with him.

“Doc, please tell me she’s okay,” Ethan said.

“Come with me, Ethan,” Dr. Peters said.

“Doc, they are all family okay so tell us what is going on,” Ethan said.

“We got the babies out and they are in the nursery, they are healthy and thriving,” Dr. Peters said.

“Doc,” Amber said.

“What about my daughter?” David asked.

“Please tell us she’s okay, please,” Amber said.

“Doc, please tell me my wife is okay,” Ethan said.

“She lost a lot of blood during the c-section and we couldn’t get it stopped,” Dr. Peters said.

“Oh god no,” Callie said.

“Doc, what are you saying?” James asked.

“Doc please,” Ethan said.

“Ethan,” Dr. Peters said.

“Doc no, please no, just tell me she’s okay, tell me she is okay,” Ethan said.

“I wish I could say she’s okay but I can’t say that,” Dr. Peters said.

“Doc what exactly are you saying?” Matthew asked.

“Doc?” Michael asked.

“Doc, please tell us,” Becca said.

“Doc please,” Ashley said.

“Doc, please tell me she’s still with us,” Ethan said.

“Please tell us she’s not gone,” Amber said.

“Doc,” David said.

“I’m sorry I wish I had better news,” Dr. Peters said.

“Doc, please tell me what’s going on,” Ethan said. They all looked at her. She looked at all of them and looked at Ethan.

“Ethan, we did all we could but something happened during the surgery,” Dr. Peters said.

“No, please, doc, what exactly are you saying,” Ethan said. They looked at her as Eric and Michael stood next to him.

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