Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 54

They all stood there looking at Dr. Peters.

“Doc please,” Ethan said. Tears ran down his cheeks as he looked at her.

“Due to the blood loss, we had to remove her uterus and that stopped the bleeding but she slipped into a coma as a result, we don’t know when or if she will wake up,” Dr. Peters said.

“Oh god,” Becca said.

“But she’s alive right, she will live?” James asked.

“She’s stable for now, we will monitor her very closely,” Dr. Peters said.

“Can I go to her?” Ethan asked.

“They are getting her situated in a room so you can soon,” Dr. Peters said.

“You said you had to remove her uterus, so she can’t have more children?” Amber asked.

“I’m sorry but it was the only way to stop the bleeding,” Dr. Peters said.

“As long as she’s alive, that’s all that matters, if we want more kids, we can adopt,” Ethan said.

“We didn’t have to remove her ovaries and they will continue to produce eggs but she won’t be able to carry a baby,” Dr. Peters said.

“We will decide when it’s time,” Ethan said.

“I’m going to go check on her and I’ll be back to get you to take you to her,” Dr. Peters said. She went down the hall. Ethan sank to the floor. Eric knelt down and hugged him.

“She’s alive, bro,” Eric said.

“Thank god, I can’t live without her,” Ethan said.

“Let’s go see your babies,” Eric said.

“I’ll come get you when she comes back,” James said. They went to the window of the nursery and saw the three beds with Ross on the label.

“My boy, my girls,” Ethan said.

“They are beautiful, man,” Eric said.

“They are the only kids we will have,” Ethan said.

“You said you can adopt and Dr. Peters said there was the other option, it’s not the end, bro,” Eric said.

“Everything we’ve been through and now this, what if she never wakes up,” Ethan said.

“She will, bro, she will come back to you and to them, she knows you are here for her, she will fight her way back to you,” Eric said.

“My babies, Daddy’s here,” Ethan said. They had opened their eyes and looking at him. He put his hand on the window.

“Wow, they are beautiful,” James said.

“Handsome boy, beautiful girls,” Ashley said.

“You can go be with Jen, bro,” James said. Ethan went back to the waiting room and went with Dr. Peters to the room they had Jennifer in and he walked in and saw her lying there hooked up to machines.

“She’s so pale,” Ethan said.

“That’s from the blood loss, we got her more blood so her color should be coming back soon,” Dr. Peters said.

“Thank you Dr. Peters,” Ethan said.

“You’re welcome, I’ll have an orderly bring in a bed for you because I know you probably won’t leave her,” Dr. Peters said.

“Not until she does,” Ethan said.

“What about when the babies are ready to go,” Dr. Peters said.

“Hopefully she will be awake by then, if not, we got family to help,” Ethan said.

“All right, I’ll be back soon,” Dr. Peters said. She left the room. Ethan took Jennifer’s hand in his and held it to his face.

“Hey baby, I’m here, I hope you can hear me, our babies are here, they are beautiful and healthy, baby please wake up soon, I can’t imagine my life without you,” Ethan said. He kissed her hand and held it against her cheek as he watched her.

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