Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 55

Three hours later, Dr. Peters came in with an orderly to set up a bed.

“Ethan, I need the babies’s names for their birth certificates,” Dr. Peters said.

“Jackson David Ross for the boy and Samantha Michelle Ross and Hayley Ann Ross for the girls,” Ethan said.

“Got it, they should be ready to go home in two days,” Dr. Peters said.

“Okay,” Ethan said. She left the room with the orderly and he sat there watching her.

Two days later, the babies were heading home. Ethan didn’t want to leave Jennifer but felt he should at least take them home. James stayed with his twin while Ethan got the babies ready to go.

“Uncle Eric is here,” Eric said.

“Thanks for helping me, bro,” Ethan said.

“Of course,” Eric said. Ethan looked at his son and daughters. He felt a tear run down his cheek.

“Hey hey bro, what is it,” Eric said.

“This is something we should be doing together, me and Jen, bringing our babies home together, not me alone, they deserve to have their mom and dad bringing them home, it shouldn’t be their dad and their uncle,” Ethan said.

“I know bro, but you know they should be able to go home to the house,” Eric said.

“Yeah,” Ethan said.

“Who is going to take care of them while you are here with Jen?” Eric asked.

“Matthew and Callie are going to alternate with David and Amber so they all aren’t overwhelmed,” Ethan said.

“Me and Becca can take some days and nights too,” Eric said.

“What about your son?” Ethan asked.

“Jake can bond with his cousins,” Eric said.

“Let’s get these little ones home so I can rest and come back to be with my wife,” Ethan said. They took the babies home and got them inside where Callie, Matthew, David, and Amber were waiting. They gushed over the babies.

“Ethan, I know you want to be at the hospital with Jen, but you should be here with your son and daughters, they need you,” David said.

“I need to be with my wife, David, she is the one who should be here,” Ethan said.

“We know that, Ethan,” Amber said. The babies started crying. Ethan’s heart melted as he heard his babies cry. He sank down on the couch and just fell apart. David and Amber got bottles ready for them and with Becca’s help, got the babies fed. Ethan sat there on the couch. Matthew and Callie sat with him.

“Ethan,” Callie said.

“Ethan,” Matthew said.

“My babies are crying, they were crying, they want their mother, oh god,” Ethan said crying.

“Hey she’s not gone forever,” Matthew said.

“She will wake up, I know she will, she knows you and the babies are waiting for her,” Callie said.

“I need to go to her,” Ethan said.

“Shower and change first,” Matthew said. Ethan nodded and went to shower and change and went back to the hospital and went to her room and heard voices inside.

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