Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 56

Ethan stood outside the door of the room and heard voices.

“Jen,” James said.

“What’s going on, bro, why am I here?” Jennifer asked.

“You don’t know?” James asked.

“No, I remember being at my apartment getting ready for work,” Jennifer said.

“What year is it?” James said.

“2019,” Jennifer said.

“Date?” James asked.

“June 21st,” Jennifer said. Ethan’s heart sank as he realized that she had amnesia. He quietly left the hospital and went back home and walked in and sat down in a chair.

“Ethan?” Matthew asked.

“I thought you went to be with Jen?” Callie asked.

“She’s awake,” Ethan said.

“That’s great!” Amber said.

“Why didn’t you stay?” David asked.

“I heard her and James talking, she thinks it’s June 21st, 2019,” Ethan said.

“Oh god,” Callie said.

“That means she won’t know you or the babies or me,” Matthew said.

“Or that I’m here,” Callie said.

“I lost her, my wife is gone, she’s just Jennifer Aspen,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, Amber and I will go see her and find out what happened and why she lost her memory,” David said. They left. Callie and Matthew hugged Ethan.

“I felt so empty,” Ethan said.

“She will come back, she just needs time,” Matthew said.

“How am I to go on,” Ethan said.

“Your babies need you now more than ever, they need their father,” Callie said. Ethan broke down crying.

“My babies, who won’t know that their mother doesn’t remember them,” Ethan said.

“She will,” Callie said.

“Just will take time,” Matthew said.


David and Amber arrived at the hospital and walked into their daughter’s room.

“Mom, Dad,” Jennifer said.

“Hi honey,” David said.

“My baby girl,” Amber said.

“Why am I here?” Jennifer asked.

“We found you at your apartment passed out,” David said.

“You didn’t show up for work and we got worried so we went to check on you and found you and called for an ambulance,” Amber said.

“Why do I have stitches on my stomach,” Jennifer said.

“You had surgery,” David said.

“All is well, honey,” Amber said.

“Okay, why do I have rings on my hand?” Jennifer asked.

“Uh, you decided to wear them,” James said.

“No I didn’t,” Jennifer said.

“You must have forgot about them,” Amber said.

“Okay I need to get some rest,” Jennifer said.

“Okay honey,” Amber said. She went to sleep. They left the room with James.

“How did you know?” James asked.

“Ethan came back and heard you guys in the room and realized that she wouldn’t know him so he came home and told us,” David said.

“Oh god, how is he?” James asked.

“Devastated, heartbroken,” Amber said.

“Oh god,” James said.

“He was so broken, I’ve never seen him like that,” David said.

“My heart hurts for him,” Amber said.

“I think everyone’s heart does,” David said.

“I texted Ash and told her, she’s heading over there now,” James said.

“I texted Michael on the way, he’s heading over with Eric and Becca,” David said.

“What are we going to do, she will want to go home to her apartment but she can’t because it’s not hers anymore,” James said.

“We will just say she had to move out because they were doing away with them to make the building an office building,” David said.

“I wish we could just tell her everything she’s missing,” James said.

“I know son,” David said.

“But it’s probably best to let her remember on her own,” Amber said.

“What if she doesn’t remember,” James said.

“She has to,” Amber said. They stood at the door watching her sleep.

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