Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 57

Three days later, Ethan heard Jennifer was released from the hospital and was recovering at her parents house. He and Amber talked when she came to get some clothes for Jennifer. He stood at the door of the nursery.

“Bro?” Eric asked.

“What,” Ethan said.

“Becca and I got them, go get some paperwork and payroll done,” Eric said.

“Okay,” Ethan said. He left and went to the club and went to his office and sat down and started on paperwork.

“Boss?” Alex asked.

“Boss?” Seth asked.

“What,” Ethan said.

“Eric told us,” Alex said.

“If you need us to help, let us know,” Seth said.

“I will,” Ethan said.

“Oh and Danny and Paul are here,” Alex said.

“Ethan,” Daniel said.

“We heard what happened,” Paul said.

“I feel empty,” Ethan said.

“She will come back to you,” Paul said.

“Memories don’t stay gone forever,” Daniel said.

“Where’s your wife?” Ethan asked.

“Home on bed rest, we are expecting and she had a scare last week so the doctor put her on bed rest for a couple of months, her mom is with her while I’m here,” Daniel said.

“Congratulations,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, if you need anything, let us know, we are here if you need us,” Paul said.

“Thanks guys,” Ethan said.

“We are all friends, Ethan, you need us, we’ll be there,” Daniel said.

“Thanks guys,” Ethan said. They left and Ethan went back to work on the paperwork and payroll. There was a knock at the door. He looked up and saw James.

“Hey,” James said.

“Hey,” Ethan said.

“My parents told me you know,” James said.

“Yep,” Ethan said.

“I so wanted to tell her everything but the doctor said it was better that she remembered on her own,” James said.

“I understand,” Ethan said.

“I know this is hard for you,” James said.

“It’s taking everything I have to not break down again,” Ethan said.

“How are my nieces and nephew,” James said.

“Missing their mother,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, I’m sorry about all this,” James said.

“Not your fault, bro, you didn’t cause this to happen,” Ethan said.

“I know,” James said.

“If anything, it’s my fault,” Ethan said.

“Ethan no,” James said.

“I got her pregnant with triplets,” Ethan said.

“You didn’t know this would happen,” James said.

“I shouldn’t have come into her life, she would be normal and working,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, don’t blame yourself,” James said.

“Maybe it’s better this way, maybe I should just let her get on with her life,” Ethan said.

“Ethan,” James said.

“Just go James,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, stop, you are the best thing that came into her life, I never saw my sister as happy as she was with you, she will come back, her memory will come back,” James said.

“And what if it doesn’t, what if she doesn’t get her memory back, what if she meets someone else, falls in love with him,” Ethan said.

“I’ll chase them off,” James said.

“James, my heart is broken, my babies don’t have a mother right now, there is no way of knowing if she will ever come back, I just have to face the fact that my wife is gone, their mother is gone, I have to go on, somehow I have to,” Ethan said.

“So you are just giving up,” James said.

“I don’t know what else to do, I can’t see her because all I want to do is pull her into my arms and never let go and that would hurt her because she doesn’t know me, she doesn’t know she has a son and two daughters, you said the doctor wants her to remember on her own, it’s best to let it be,” Ethan said.

“So you are going to file for a divorce,” James said.

“Did I say that?” Ethan asked.

“Not in so many words,” James said.

“I can’t divorce her unless there is no more hope of her memory coming back or she meets someone else,” Ethan said. James heard his phone beep and he looked at it.

“It’s her,” James said.

“Bro, where did you go?” Jennifer texted.

“I went to see a friend,” James texted.

“Okay, come back and look at these designs I did,” Jennifer texted.

“Okay sis,” James said. He put his phone up and looked at Ethan.

“I’ll see you later, I will stop and see the babies later,” James said.

“Okay bro,” Ethan said. James left. Ethan sat there and he got out his phone and looked at pictures of him and Jennifer together. He knew what needed to be done but could he really bring himself to do it.

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