Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 59

James looked at the phone and looked at them.

“James?” Ethan asked.

“Babe?” Ashley asked.

“Dad is on his way here with Jen,” James said.

“What?” Ethan asked.

“OH god, she’s back?” Ashley asked.

“I’m not sure, all he said was that he and Jen were on their way here,” James said.

“That can only mean that she remembers Ethan,” Callie said.

“Or she knows Brad and James are here,” Matthew said.

“I didn’t tell anyone but James that I was coming here,” Brad said.

“I didn’t tell my dad either,” James said.

“Oh god,” Ethan said.

“She has to have her memory back,” Ashley said.

“Or Dad is going against the doctor’s orders and forcing her to remember or he told her,” James said. They heard the front door open and close. David came in with Jennifer.

“Dad?” James asked.

“I brought someone home,” David.

“Jen?” Ethan asked.

“Ethan!” Jennifer said. She ran to him and he took her into his arms and she buried her face in his chest. He buried his face in her neck as they both cried happily. Everyone smiled as they reunited.

“She had taken a nap because her head was hurting, turns out that the headache was her memory returning, she woke up wondering why she was in her old room,” David said.

“I can’t believe this is happening, I thought I lost you, when I heard you didn’t remember anything about us, my heart broke,” Ethan said.

“I remember you now, oh god, the babies,” Jennifer said.

“They are right here,” Ethan said. She went to the bassinet and gazed at them as they slept.

“Oh my goodness, they are so precious, oh god how could I forget them,” Jennifer said.

“Baby it wasn’t your fault,” Ethan said.

“I know, I can’t believe they are here, they’re okay,” Jennifer said.

“They are perfect,” Ethan said.

“Jen?” Brad asked.

“Brad, what are you doing here?” Jennifer asked.

“I wanted to meet your husband and babies,” Brad said.

“Oh and?” Jennifer asked.

“James told me everything that happened and I’m keeping my promise to them,” Brad said.

“What promise is that?” Jennifer asked.

“That if you remember everything that I would step aside, and now that has happened so I will get going, it was good meeting you Ethan, take care of her and your children, bye,” Brad said. He left. Jennifer looked at Ethan and went into his arms.

“What did I miss?” Jennifer asked.

“Sis, there is something you should know,” James said.

“It won’t be easy to hear,” Ashley said. Ethan sat down with her in his lap and he held her close.

“What is it,” Jennifer said.

“Baby, when they were getting the babies out, they had trouble getting the bleeding to stop so they had to remove your uterus,” Ethan said.

“So these three babies are the only ones we will ever have,” Jennifer said.

“They left your ovaries so you can still produce eggs, you just can’t carry them,” Ethan said.

“Oh,” Jennifer said.

“They tried to stop it without taking it out but it didn’t, it caused you to go into a coma,” James said.

“Ethan didn’t want to leave you but he left to bring the babies home but when he went back, he heard you awake and talking with James and realized you lost your memory,” Ashley said.

“Oh Ethan, I’m glad you brought them home,” Jennifer said.

“I wanted to do it with you,” Ethan said.

“I wish I could have,” Jennifer said.

“You are home now and that’s all that matters,” Ethan said. She smiled and snuggled up against him.

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