Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 6

Jennifer, Ethan, Eric, and Becca went to the airport and got on their private plane for Las Vegas.

“You have a plane,” Jennifer said.

“Yes baby we do,” Ethan said.

“Wow, nightclubs really doing that good,” Jennifer said.

“Yes baby they are, we invested in a couple more in New York,” Ethan said.

“New York City?” Jennifer asked.

“I’ve got two best friends who own them,” Ethan said.

“We practically grew up with them, they are more like brothers than just friends,” Eric said.

“My sister lives there, she got tired of Miami so she moved up there and she’s glad she did, she met her husband, had two kids and a great job at a law office as a paralegal,” Becca said. Her phone beeped and she looked and saw a text from James. She sent him a text.

“He’s here?” Ethan asked.

“Yep,” Jennifer said. James and Ashley got on the plane and Eric introduced them to Becca. They all buckled up and the plane took off.

“Dad won’t stop bugging me about why I took off from the company, I told him that Ashley and I are taking a trip, then he asked about you and I told him that you needed a break from him and you would be back once he accepted Ethan as your fiance,” James said.

“Well this will piss him off when he finds out about this,” Jennifer said.

“Turn off the locator on your phones, guys,” James said. They all turned off their locators and sat back and relaxed as the plane headed to Las Vegas. Ethan looked at Jennifer who was looking out the window.

“Baby, you okay?” Ethan asked.

“I’m fine, babe, just excited,” Jennifer said.

“You sure?” Ethan asked.

“Yep, I can’t wait to be Mrs. Ethan Ross,” Jennifer said. He smiled and kissed her hand as he looked in her eyes.

“I love you so much,” Ethan said.

“I love you too,” Jennifer said.

“I thought after we got married, we would have the wedding night in our suite and then we fly out to the Maldives for our honeymoon,” Ethan said.

“Sounds perfect but we didn’t exactly pack any clothes,” Jennifer said.

“We will buy clothes,” Ethan said. James’s phone rang. They looked at him and saw him look at it.

“It’s Dad,” James said.

“Just ignore it,” Jennifer said.

“He will keep calling until I do,” James said. He answered it. Jennifer held Ethan’s hand.

“What’s up, Dad, what, I don’t know, I am going on a trip with my wife, well I haven’t taken a vacation since our honeymoon and that’s been three years now, it’s long overdue, look all she wants is your support, that’s all, of course I support it, she’s my twin sister, I will always have her back, yeah you do that,” James said. He hung up and rubbed his face with his hands.

“What’s going on,” Jennifer said.

“He’s calling Michael,” James said.

“My dad won’t say a word,” Ethan said.

“He will make up an excuse,” Eric said. Ethan’s phone beeped and he saw a text from his father.

“Hey son, David called me because he’s looking for Jen, I told him I haven’t seen her and you were headed to New York with Alex for business but Jen wasn’t going with you, so he’s trying to find her,” Michael texted.

“Probably to try to talk her out of the engagement,” Ethan texted.

“Yeah, he’s not really supportive, he wants you out of her life,” Michael texted.

“Unbelievable, I’m not going to do that,” Ethan texted.

“I told him to let her make her own choices,” Michael texted.

“Thanks for having my back, Dad,” Ethan texted.

“Always, son,” Michael texted. Ethan looked at her and cupped her cheek with his hand.

“My heart is yours forever and always,” Ethan said.

“As is mine,” Jennifer said. He leaned over and kissed her softly and held her hand as they sat back and relaxed.

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