Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 60

Things were back to normal. Jennifer was enjoying motherhood as she quickly bonded with the triplets. They immediately took to her like they knew she was their mother. She and Ethan had a long talk about more children and decided that Jackson, Samantha, and Hayley were enough for them. She talked with Dr. Peters and was able to develop some eggs and got them extracted and frozen in case they changed their mind down the road. They were happy as a family of five and no one bothered them.

James and Ashley found out that they were expecting another baby. When she was four months along, they found out that they were having twins. Ashley talked with James and he agreed that once the twins were born, he would get a vasectomy. They knew they would be happy with just being a family of five like Ethan and Jennifer were.

Eric and Becca found out they were expecting at the same time as James and Ashley. They were only having one baby. They also decided to stop at two babies. They were doing aunt and uncle to their nieces and nephew.

Michael, David, and Amber were doting grandparents to the babies. There would be times they would babysit so the couples could have a break. Michael met someone he felt was the right person for him. Her name was Diane Lansing. Ethan and Eric gave their approval and soon Michael and Diane were engaged to be married.

Matthew and Callie got married in a small ceremony with just the family. They found a house close to Ethan and Jennifer.

Seth and Zack got married in a small ceremony a month after Matthew and Callie. They had a double wedding with Alex and Lacey. A month later, Lacey was expecting their first child. She became best friends with Jennifer, Becca, Callie, and Ashley and they often had girls day at the spa. Amber and Diane joined them at times.

Daniel and Tanya had a baby and three months later were expecting their second child. Jennifer forgave Tanya and she soon joined them on girls days.

Paul was still looking for his true love.

Ethan kept in touch with Brett once a month by phone but he never made a trip to Miami to visit as he was busy with the army. He found his other half who was in the army also.

Ethan and Jennifer enjoyed their family and extended family and they often would host family dinners once a week. Jennifer watched Ethan play with the babies and she knew where her heart was.


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