Where The Heart Is

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Chapter 8

They walked out of the chapel after signing their names on the marriage license making it official. He took her in his arms and swung her around and buried his face in her neck.

“My wife,” Ethan said.

“My husband,” Jennifer said.

“You have no idea how happy I am right now,” Ethan said.

“I have an idea how happy you are,” Jennifer said. He kissed her deeply and held her close. They heard a phone ring. They saw James looking at his phone.

“Let me guess, Dad?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s Mom,” James said.

“Put it on speaker,” Jennifer said.

“Mom?” James said.

“Hi honey, your dad said you took a trip?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, me and Ash needed to get away for awhile,” James said.

“Sounds like you are in a city somewhere,” Amber said.

“Yeah, we are in a city,” James said.

“Hi Mom, we are fine,” Ashley said.

“Have you guys heard from Jen?” Amber asked.

“No I haven’t but I’m sure she’s okay,” James said.

“I know she’s mad at your father and I don’t blame her one bit, I’m not happy with him either,” Amber said.

“I wish he would just let her make her own choices, I know she’s his daughter but she is a grown woman who is strong and independent,” James said.

“That’s what I told him but he thinks there is something going on that none of us knows,” Amber said. Jennifer looked at Ethan who looked at her.

“Like what?” James asked.

“He thinks Ethan and his family are hiding something,” Amber said. James looked at Ethan and Eric who shook their heads.

“What does he think they are hiding,” Jame said.

“He is meeting with Michael right now, he’s determined to find out,” Amber said.

“Mom, what do you think?” James asked.

“I think your father is just so overprotective that he is just trying to find a reason that isn’t there, he refuses to listen to anything I say, I think he’s just scared of losing his little girl, I told him she’s not little anymore,” Amber said.

“I will call him,” James said.

“Okay honey,” Amber said.

“Love you Mom,” James said.

“Love you too, let me know if you hear from your sister,” Amber said.

“I will bye,” James said. He hung up and looked at everyone. Ethan got out his phone and went to call his father. James called his father and put it on speaker.

“James,” David said.

“What are you doing, Dad, Mom called me and told me what’s going on, why can’t you just support Jen and just be her father, why are you looking for something that’s not there,” James said.

“That family is hiding something and I am going to find out what it is,” David said.

“Why?” So you can break your daughter’s heart?” James asked.

“I’m trying to prevent that!” David said.

“No, Dad, she loves him, I know it hasn’t been that long that they’ve been a couple but she was following her heart, Dad, stop what you are doing and go home to Mom, let Jen come to you if she gets hurt, don’t be the cause of her heartbreak, who will she go to if something happens and she ends up with a broken heart, certainly not the person who caused it, you will lose her if you keep it up, just be her father and be supportive, don’t push her away because you will do that if you don’t stop,” James said. Ethan came back and hugged her from behind.

“You’re right, son, I can’t believe what I’ve been doing, have you heard from her?” David asked.

“Yes she’s fine and with Ethan,” James said.

“Okay, can you tell her to call me when you talk with her again?” David asked.

“Okay but she’s still mad at you so give her time, like a week off from work, I’ll be back in a couple days,” James said.

“Okay, see you then and tell her I’ll see her at work in a week,” David said.

“Okay bye,” James said. He hung up and looked at them.

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