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~ I look over at Addison, she’s standing there in the moonlight in that enticingly sexy dress and all I can think about is how her naked body looks like underneath. I’m trying really hard to do what’s best for me, but damn… a man can only stay strong for so long. ~

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

- Addison

“I now pronounce you two, husband and wife. Ethan, you may now kiss your lovely bride.,” the minister said, concluding my sister’s wedding ceremony. My sister’s now husband, Ethan, lifted the beautiful, lace veil up from Nora’s beaming face. She looked absolutely radiant. The two kissed and everyone in the church stood up to clap and cheer. It was official, my sister was now Mrs. Ethan Holt. Her life long, fairy tale dream had come true, she’d found her Prince Charming.

They joined hands and walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, smiling and laughing. I stepped down from the altar after them, looping arms with the best man, the rest of the wedding party followed. Cameras flashed and people were still cheering as we all made our way out. Once we’d reached the lobby of the church, I saw my Mom hugging Nora and my Dad shaking hands with Ethan. I was happy for my sister, I really was… however there was still that feeling of sadness that twinged within me.

My annoyingly gorgeous sister had no problem in the dating department. Blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a slim build- I’m almost positive she played a major part in more than a few male fantasies. Beautiful, outgoing and intelligent, any guy that had a chance with Nora should’ve considered themself lucky.

Me on the other hand... I see myself as pretty, I didn’t have that knock ’em dead wow factor my sister had, but I considered myself to be a decent catch. But as my dear sister went through quite a few serious relationships, I sadly stayed single. Don’t get me wrong, I go on plenty of dates and have no problem getting them, I just haven’t found anyone worth my time.

She went straight to college after high school, whereas I took a couple years off… I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career yet. She graduated and jumped right into a fourth grade teaching position at Three Hills Elementary. That’s when and where she met Ethan. I, on the other hand, am as single as they come.

“Picture time!,” my sister called out. I rolled my eyes at her. I couldn’t help but be annoyed with her, the last six months had been nothing but wedding planning hell with her.

“Addi? Come onnn!” My sister was the best when it came to whining. I walked over to where her and my mom were standing, Nora glares at me and my mother is just smiling away.

“Are you okay, Addi Ann?” For as long as I can remember, my mother has insisted on using my middle name when addressing me. She didn’t do it with Nora. Why me?

“I’m fine Mom… I just want to get these damn shoes off.” I wasn’t lying either, the only type of shoes I didn’t mind wearing were flip flops. Hell, if I had my way I’d be content going barefoot all of the time.

“Addi, do you ever stop complaining?,” Nora turns to say to me, clearly making an ass out of herself. I didn’t say anything back because I know that’s one thing that really gets to her, complete silence. This is her wedding day, I guess if she wants to make herself look like an ass then so be it.

“Alright my wedding party people, we’re gonna take a quick ten minute break and then meet back at the altar for a few shots.,” the photographer called out. I internally rolled my eyes again and kept reminding myself of all the alcoholic beverages that were awaiting me at the reception.

“Come on sweetie, we’re almost done and then we get to party!,” my mom commented with a quick shimmy of her hips. I swear the woman was just too damn cheerful.

After nearly an hour of what seemed like endless slow torture, the best man, Eric and I stood behind the closed double doors while we waited for the DJ to start announcing the wedding party. The reception room sounded packed, lots of voices chatting about, glasses clinking together. I couldn’t wait to get out there and have a good time.

“Jesus I can’t wait for this shit to be over with.,”Eric remarked, him being just as thrilled as I was. Eric was through and through handsome, dark blonde hair and sexy hazel eyes, a muscled build. Too bad he was already taken because he was definitely a hot piece of ass. I could’ve shown him a good time, plain and simple.

“Hang in there pal, we’re almost to the finish line.” I jokingly elbowed him, trying to lighten his mood, he managed to let out a chuckle. We looped arms again as the DJ started the introductions.

“ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT… LET’S GIVE A WARM WELCOME FOR THE FABULOUS WEDDING PARTY…” The DJ began to speak, Chris Brown’s song, “Forever” echoed through the venue, it’s always been one of my sisters favorites. I looked up at Eric who had managed to relax and was now bobbing his head to the music.


Eric and I start laughing as we push through the doors to a beautifully decorated ballroom. Purple wasn’t one of my favorite colors, but my sister had it displayed to perfection. The marbled wood dance floor was lit up in shades of blue and purple, the DJ sitting to the left. More than a dozen round tables were scattered about, draped in soft gray colored tablecloths. In the middle of those tables a dazzling centerpiece that consisted of a white lantern, filled with fairy lights and of course purple flowers was placed. The ballroom glowed a soft purple ambience that was stunning.

Eric and I danced our way in, the other remaining bridesmaids and groomsmen followed strolling in one couple at a time. It all led up to that big, exciting moment that everybody was waiting for.


The room was up on their feet and clapping, Nora and Ethan strolled in holding hands, looking magnificent and full of happiness and joy. My sister often got on my nerves, but of course I loved her and wished her nothing but the best life possible, after all … she was my best friend.

A couple hours later the reception was in full swing, we’d done all the necessary traditional dances, bride and groom, Ethan and his mother had their dance, and of course Nora and our father had theirs. Ethan had this whole routine choreographed for the garter removal and toss. It was hilarious. My sister tossed the bouquet in which her good friend Annie caught. The only thing left to do was the cutting of the cake which was happening very soon.

Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” begins to play and I’m standing by a pillar watching the newlyweds sway to the music. I can’t help the feeling of melancholiness that settles in and I know it’s written across my face. I long for what my sister has found, maybe not the whole marriage thing just yet, but having someone to love and have them love you back. I longed for someone to just want and need me.

Out of the corner of my eye I see someone coming towards me with their arms held wide open, it’s my dad.

“May I have this dance?” My fathers face seems to be full of empathy for me, as if he can read my thoughts and has now rushed over to cheer up one of his girls. I give him my hand and he dramatically spins me out on the dance floor making me giggle.

“She’s so happy Dad.,” I say to him. He looks down and gives me a reassuring smile.

“Ohh Addi, this will be you one day … and I bet it happens sooner than you think.” He squeezes me in one of his familiar tight bear hugs, making me laugh, fathers always seem to know how to make things better.

“Addi, your sister’s looking for you… she wants the whole wedding party to do a shot.,” Annie says and then turns to head back to the bar. I was already more than just a little buzzed, a shot would only descend me into a downward spiral. I know, I’ll just pretend to throw it back. I’m sure no one will notice.

I join everyone standing around the little mini bar and Ethan shoves a tiny glass of something strong at me. I hold it up to my nose to investigate, yep that’s tequila. Oh, crap. Tequila was one type of alcohol I had vowed not to mess with anymore for the rest of my life. It was a hard lesson for me at the age of nineteen.

Trying my best to wiggle in with everyone, I make sure to get a spot where there isn’t anyone standing directly behind me. After Ethan gives a short thank you speech to all of us for being in their wedding, we all shout out “CHEERS” and down our shots, well everyone does except for me. I discreetly and swiftly toss the hard liquor out over my shoulder.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” My face freezes and I’m thankful that no one has witnessed what just happened. I’m beyond mortified.

“Thanks a lot. Jesus.” I turned around to discover that there actually was someone standing behind me, unknowingly I had just splashed my drink out across this very attractive man’s face. I was beyond humiliated.

“I-I’m so sorry! Gosh, let me get something to clean that up.” I shuffle over to the bar, grab a handful of napkins and then return quickly. However it was only a shot and he’s already wiped most of it away with the sleeve of his suit jacket. Taking a better look at him now, there’s that feeling that I know him from somewhere.

“Again, I am so very sorry, I just didn’t want to do that shot… I thought it was all clear behind me. Are you okay?”

I felt myself starting to ramble as I apologized once more. He took the napkins from me, wiped whatever alcohol was left on his face and unexpectedly chuckled. I couldn’t help but notice his smile, full of charm and obnoxiousness. God, please don’t let him be a smartass.

“It’s alright, it was feeling a little too hot in here anyways, I guess you helped cool me off, huh.” He pushed the used napkins back into my hand and I could hear him mumbling “talk about being in the wrong place, at the wrong time” as he walked over to Ethan. Smartass.

Him and Ethan shared some weird, bromanced handshake, combined with the half hug and slap on the back guys usually did when greeting one another. That’s why he looked so familiar, he was friends with Ethan … but where else had I seen him?

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