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War. It can drive people apart or bring them together. The werewolves of the world are at war with the vampires, not that they haven't been for centuries but this time it's official. Every single werewolf, young or old is called to arms, no matter if they are pack, rouge or feral. With all the werewolves in one place, mates are bound to be found. The future royal alpha is on the look out for his mate, and it certainly wasn't who he was expecting.

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The Call

Orange eyes

I heard the sound. The command. The order. We were at war, I understood that at least; to kill the fanged humans. The howl echoed throughout the forest that I called home and across the whole country. We were all being called to arms, all being commanded to go to a certain area, ordered to converge on the royal pack lands. I pulled away from my kill, licking my muzzle, cleaning it of blood and letting out an annoyed huff. I had no choice but to follow the call, despite what I was. I looked down at the small deer I had killed, it's bones were almost picked clean, but I would need a lot more food to get me to the royal pack lands.

I guess I'll find something more filling and substantial on the way. I went to the closest drinkable water source and drank more than my fill. It would take many days to reach my destination. I would have to trek over hundreds of miles. I let out a breath of annoyance and started on my not so merry way.

My territory itself took hours to leave. I had managed to gain a lot of land for a lone wolf such as myself. I had a choice of all the food that lived on the land, all the fresh water and all of the dens I had fought tooth and claw to get it, scars littered the skin under my dark fur. I had drove off packs, rouges and even some ferals. It was my land, my home, and now I had to give it up. Years of hard work just gone. There was no guarantee that I would survive the war and even if I did it didn't mean that my land would still be mine when I got back.

I ran for days. Taking a break when I needed to. I tried to avoid humans and their densely populated areas for the most part. On day four I think of my trek I could smell a moose nearby. I was hungry. Only snacking on small animals like bunnies and martens, I was starving. I put my nose to the ground and sniffed in short bursts, letting the scent flow into my nose. Hmmm. Its close. I stalk the animal for a short while, sniffing the air to keep the scent, seeing where it is heading. I finally catch a glimpse of it. It's a large male, older. It's eating grass in a small clearing, facing to the side and slightly away from me. Perfect. I silently run up behind it, my large paws muffled by the damp soil and my thick fur.

If it want my first strike to count I really needed to aim precisely. Me taking on a such a large animal alone is risky and the chances of a single wolf taking down a moose is low, but I've been alone all my life, I've learned how to take down such a beast by myself. The wind is in my favour so it hasn't noticed my presence yet. I stalked around a little to the side and locked onto the spot I needed to bite; the jugular vein. I licked my lips in anticipation and sprung, latching my jaws around his neck and clawing with my front paws. Shredding flesh, muscle and the vein I was aiming for, the most important thing I've learned about taking down a moose is not let go. No matter how they thrashed, if I let go they could get me with their antlers and kick me with their powerful legs. I dug my teeth deeper and continued to lacerate with my claws and the animal slowly bled out, weakening, and eventually falling. As soon as it was low enough I reached up and ripped open the throat completely, cutting off its oxygen and it quickly died.

I eagerly tucked into my kill, it always tasted better after working hard for it. Killing bunnies had become easy, one snap of my jaws and crunch, done. Killing an animal such as a moose was challenging and exhilarating. I gorged myself on the large animal, feasting like it was autumn; eating until my stomach was fit to burst, like it was the last meal I would be getting in a long while.

After I had picked clean the moose as much as I could I left the other critters to finish off the bits I could no longer fit in my swollen stomach and sniffed out some water. Filling my stomach even more before finding an empty and unlived in cave to rest in. I could see why it wasn't occupied, it wasn't the best, the sky peaked into the cave through gaps in the rock but it would do. It was mid spring and it wasn't going to rain tonight or tomorrow, not that I minded the rain.

I woke up in the early morning. I felt full of energy and drank some more water as the sun rose before setting off again. I didn't stop for a few days after that, the moose giving me enough energy to keep going and I certainly had the endurance.

The call didn't once sound again, it didn't need to, I could feel deep in my very being where I needed to go, I was my own compass, leading the way. I came across human settlements eventually, I managed to stay on the outskirts and only ventured in to them under the cover of darkness. It seemed as if the human lands went on for ages. I kept on coming across small packs of them, they seemed to be getting bigger so I changed direction slightly, hoping to go around the big ones.

I came across a large river on the way. It seemed to be the only way to get away from the human settlements. I was a strong swimmer so I decided to go across. It was cold but my thick layers of fur protected me well enough and the current wasn't too strong. I made it across but I definitely felt a little chillier after. I shook off the excess water, I would dry out on the way, I kind of needed a clean anyway. The villages stayed small after the river thankfully. I reached a particular one early one night.

I was sticking to the shadows and walked on hard ground, I missed the soft soil already. On the one side sat strange, small red hills of the human dens and on the other the blooming spring forest. Outside one in particular there were a family of them with their big shiny box that was able to growl and move. I sniffed the air and found out they were like me, but not, obviously. They were pack wolves, as I got closer I could see their blue eyes in the low light of the moon.

"Look Mommy! Another wolfy, is he going where we're going?" a high pitch sound came from one of the cubs. I didn't understand this human talk, I never needed to learn it, I had always been alone, I was happy that way. The adult wolves stopped packing things into the moving box, they sniffed the air and looked into the shadows of the forest that I lurked in, I wasn't hiding from them, I had no need, they had their cubs with them, they wouldn't risk fighting me.

The adult werewolves looked over at me warily. I just carried on my journey through their village. "Mommy, why are the wolfies eyes orange?" The same high pitch noise came again. I looked over at the cub that kept making the noise. "Pretty wolfy." it said in its foreign language, a little quieter this time.

"Orange Maisy? Are you sure they're not red or yellow?" the female adult communicated to her cub and then looked over at me. I didn't really like their looks so I picked up the pace a little, intending to leave the land of the humans far behind.

"Hey wolf!" the Male made a loud sound. "We can give you a ride if you want!" this made the female angry and she chattered to him in a quick and quiet way. I shook my head slightly. I was happy I had no mate, I was happy alone.

I left that village and continued on my march. There wasn't many human settlements for a while, which I was glad for. I was beginning to feel hungry again traversing over this much land. I managed to kill a large deer in the forests on the outskirts of a small village and quickly stuffed my face and filled my belly before continuing on.

A few days later I could tell that I was getting close. It was very early in the morning and I should be there by midday. I came across a very small human territory and planned on simply walking around it, but a scent caught my attention. It was one of them. I quickly masked my scent and stalked closer. Why were they so close to the royal pack lands? Why would they risk being so close to that many wolves? They must be up to no good or just plain stupid.

As I got closer I smelt something that made me very confused. A wolf was with that thing? I shook my head in disbelief and continued to stalk closer. When I got a few feet from them I laid low in some thick bushes and decided to observe.

The thing was aged, which made it strong. I could tell it was trying to mask it's scent. Pack wolves and rouges wouldn't of noticed it was a fanged human, but I was very in tune with my nose and I had killed many of their kind. My land was near a large pack of wolves. They would often try and attack the pack, choosing my land, thinking it would be the easiest way in. Oh how wrong they were. I killed all of them, ripped their heads from their necks. I would toss the heads of the fanged humans into the pack land so that they could burn them. It was the only way to kill one. To separate the head and burn it, the body would soon follow and turn to ash on its own.

At first the pack was confused at my actions but I never caused them any trouble; I stayed off their land and they stayed off of mine. I had been at war with the fanged humans for years, it seemed the rest of the wolves had finally decided to join in.

The wolf I had smelt was indeed with the fanged human but something wasn't right. The wolf was in human form and it had very dark blue eyes, he must be a high ranking individual in a pack to have that colour eyes. The odd thing was that his eyes were glazed over, staring into the black orbs of the fanged human. All wolves knew not to look into their eyes, some of them could hypnotise us, this one included. This thing seemed to be trying to lead the dazed wolf into one of those shiny, growling boxes.

It wanted to take the wolf, but where? And why? It didn't matter. It was going to die before it got the chance. I charged from my hiding spot and leapt at the fanged human, knocking it to the floor and crushing its neck in my jaws and shaking, tearing it clean off.

I looked up at the dazed wolf, it was blinking in a confused manor, trying to dispel the fanged humans trick. I picked up the severed head in my mouth and chucked it at the wolves chest and that seemed to do the trick. Blood splattered over his human clothes and his eyes came back into focus. Sniffing deeply and taking in the scene before him. Realisation crossed his features and I let out an annoyed huff, stupid pack wolves, didn't even notice that human was one of them. Pathetic. I threw the head at him again and he managed to catch it.

My job was done so I simply carried on my way, a bit bloodied but otherwise the same. I heard the wolf try and talk with me but I wasn't sticking around, he wasn't worth my time if he got fooled by one of those things.

I reached the royal pack lands a few hours later. I had stopped to clean myself briefly of blood and had a drink to remove the taste of it from my mouth and headed to my destination.

There were a lot of wolves here. Most of them human form but a few in wolf from like me. Either young cubs or rouges and ferals. I could tell due to their eye colour. Rouges had yellow eyes, ferals had red eyes and pack wolves had blue.

I didn't feel comfortable here. I haven't seen this many wolves, ever. The most I'd ever seen before was about 10 and they had all died by my hand, well paw. Most of my encounters with the rest of my kind ended like that. I was wary to say the least. I kept to the edge of the land and found an open field past all the buildings. A group of rouges were sitting on wooden things and eating strange food. A small group of ferals rested on the field in the shade. A few of them gave me interested looks. I dismissed them and found a nice spot underneath a large tree and settled on the cool ground. Laying down and resting, not sleeping though, I didn't feel comfortable enough to do that, not with all these werewolves around.

One of the female ferals got up and slowly approached my spot. I watched her approach carefully. All ferals had lost the ability to change into their human forms so all of them were in their wolf forms. She stopped a short distance away and sat, sniffing the air, trying to get my scent. It was still cloaked from earlier and I didn't intend to change that. I didn't want to find my mate, I was happy alone. If they couldn't smell me, they couldn't find me. The female feral seemed disappointed from my lack of a scent.

I let out an annoyed snort at her presence. I wasn't interested. She didn't give up though and rolled on her side, exposing her belly, offering me to smell her instead. She wanted to know if I was her mate probably, or just wanted to mate. I wasn't interested either way but I knew courtesy dictated that I smell her anyway, it was rude not to. I languidly got up and trudged over to her. I looked in her red eyes as if to say really?

I let out a huff and leant down to sniff. Starting from her head and slowly working my way down. Not my mate thank God. I sniffed when I had to, which unfortunately included her tail and in between her legs. Once I was done I pulled away and swished my tail dismissively and plodded back to my spot and laid back down.

She let out a disappointed whine but got up and went back to the group of ferals. I bet a lot of this was going to happen, I grumbled at the thought, this situation sucks.

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