Diary of Choices

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Katherine Alexander had always lived life on her own terms. Her life takes a turn and every choice she makes digs her deeper and deeper into challenges. Will she learn from her mistakes? Will she correct her mistakes? Will she make the right choices? Will she take the right road? Follow the life of Katherine and find out how every choice she makes has its consequences. How every choice made comes at a price. The first major question is; are you ready to pay the price for every choice? She quickly learnt that she is the author of her own story. The controller of her life and her choices. She learns that she alone can mend what she so carelessly destroyed. The final question to be asked is; Will her choices be here salvation or her doom?

Romance / Drama
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Happy Birthday!

I almost thought it will be impossible for me to write anything today because the day was extremely draining.
Looking back at the day, there were several moments in the evening that I knew with every fiber of my being that I would have preferred to be anywhere else but in that hall, at that party and with those group of people.

So much for thinking this year would be different. If I had the slightest idea that the year would follow the same pattern as always, I would have found an excuse not to attend.

Today happens to be my younger sister’s birthday.
My best friend, Charlotte, who promised to be by my side and keep my company through the event, had completely forgotten all about me and was preoccupied with dancing with a remarkably handsome guy therefore I was left standing at a corner alone.

At least, I felt fulfilled and proud of my creation. I planned my sister’s birthday party and everything was going sweeter and smoother than butter spread on your freshly baked banana bread. Everything was on schedule, there was nothing amiss and there was no disaster to abate.
The guests were happy, my family was thrilled especially the birthday celebrant. The florist did an excellent job with using natural and beautiful flowers for the decorations. The food and drinks tasted like they were made by angels and there was more than enough for guests to indulge in. I has covered all my bases so I was fairly confident that nothing could possibly go wrong.

My little sister, Elizabeth, fondly called Liz, is the beauty of the family. She has distinctive lustrous, thick and long brown hair and the most beautiful and captivating light brown eyes (to be honest, when the light hits them at exactly the right angle, you could swear that they are hazel).
According to family history and pictures, she has our grandmother’s beautiful face and our great grandfather’s rich chocolate brown hair. She carried her 5foot 4inches with sophistication and of course elegance.

Everyone is painfully aware that she is loved by our mother above the rest of us which should naturally cause resentment but actually does not. Elizabeth is the kind of woman that is very much admired by men and revels in the attention she is given. It is just her nature.

This is her 18th birthday and therefore her first birthday as a legal adult. To commensurate the occasion, she was wearing a strapless long flowing black gown with princess cut, the gown is made of the finest silk money can buy. The end result is that Elizabeth Alexander looked spectacular

“Hey Katie” my brother said as he walked up to me looking as handsome as ever “You look like the house would fall very soon and you are wondering how to save everybody in this building” he said with a devilish smile on his face

“Lovely imagination I wonder why you don’t write books. You will make an excellent novelist”

“Laugh all you want, all I am trying to say is that you should chill, it’s just a party for Pete’s sake”

“I know that it’s just a party. However, you know that I am working this party so I have to be alert all through. This is business.”

“Yeah, I guessed you were going to say that so that is why I came over here with a very intelligent plan. This plan is to distract you. So dearest sister, no matter what objections you may think up, just know that I intend to achieve my aim. So the first phase of my plan is asking you to dance with me”

“And what if I refuse that offer, what would you do”

“I apologise if I did not make myself clear enough because it seems like you do not understand what is happening here. You don’t have a choice, it is not a request but an order. As your elder brother I have some rights over you and correct me if I’m wrong but the last time I checked I could order you to do things that I want. So, as your elder brother, I order you to dance with me”

“Yes sir, how could I ever refuse a direct order?” It was almost impossible to not burst out laughing throughout this exchange. I put my hand in his and he led me to the dance floor. Our bodies started swaying to the music. I was not a very good dancer so I just mimicked whatever he did

After dancing to a series of songs and at different points, dancing with other people, I completely let go and really began to enjoy myself. Just like magic, I relaxed. When I finally turned my face back to Alfred, my very tall, broad shouldered and handsome brother, I gave him a big hug

“Thanks for the intelligent plan, I feel a lot better, totally relaxed”
“You are highly welcome”

His attention was drawn to Elizabeth, she was flirting with a flock of men. The little minx somehow had a way of giving a smile to every one of them. She knew just how to make a man feel like he was the most important person in the world. Something was different about this particular evening, she seemed to be paying more attention to what two specific men were saying.

Alfred removed himself from my embrace and we both look at each other surprisingly. We had completely forgotten that we were still hugging each other

“Lizzy looks extremely happy, she is giving a lot of attention to Brian and Dan. I told you about them, right?” he did not mention the awkward encounter and for that I was extremely grateful.

“No, it must have skipped your mind because I was not informed on anything about it until now, who are they?”

“Those two devastatingly handsome and I must add, intelligent, young men are my business partners for that my dream project. Remember the project I have been talking of since I was old enough to understand my environment, the project I named ‘I’m possible’”.

“Oh yeah. I remember. I’m so happy for you. I am telling you again just in case I forgot to mention how proud I am of you and how happy I am for you”

“Thanks sis. The one in a burgundy suit is Daniel Smith but he personally prefers to be called Dan. He is a young billionaire, I must say he is known to be quite arrogant and very proud. He is a workaholic like you and God knows he always strives for perfection. His hair is cut to a particular length in a particular way, his laundry is done in a particular way, everything of his is done his way and I heard from my private investigator that when he loves his women, they too must be perfect. Only God knows if he would ever sincerely fall in love. I’ve always admired him, and always wanted to work with him, because even though people will say that the source of his wealth mostly stems from his family’s fortune, there is nothing farther from the truth. I know for a fact that the primary source of his wealth, as it is today, stems from his own hard work, his investments, his companies and his projects. That man works so hard and he doesn’t allow anything to stand between him and success. Everything in his life is a competition, either for good or bad. He isn’t called the unstoppable tiger in the business world for nothing. I think, what is most impressive for me, is his philosophy, which is a double edged sword, it is good and also kind of bad. He believes that once he desires something, he will move heaven and earth to get it, no matter the cost. Trust me, sis, he is a piece of work but God knows this town needs someone like him to help us achieve our aim. The one in a black jeans and a sky blue t-shirt is Brian Hoar, he is also a billionaire but his billions do not even begin to compare to Dan’s billions. There was a rumour going around about him that he had a wife scandal or something like that but I’m almost certain that it’s a lie. The weird thing is that my private investigator could not really get enough information on him so I really don’t know much about Brian. He is very secretive about a lot of things but I know about the source of his wealth. His money is also as a result of what he inherited from his family but I really cannot place his personality, or confidently say that I understand his nuances. What I am certain of, is that he doesn’t act like a rich man and ordinarily, you wouldn’t even know he is wealthy. He has a very secretive live. When we are chatting it’s almost impossible to get any information out of him even when he has had a little too much to drink. In business I am very sure he is a business man to the core. He is sharp and very intelligent. He is not ruthless but he is very calculative. He has a record of always making very sound business decisions for his company. Some people consider him to be a very dangerous man, mostly because he has this thing about him. He can be friendly and open at one time and at the other, he can be cold and reserved. In general he is a brilliant and rich business man. The contract that brought the three of us together is a 5years contract so invariably they or their representatives would be here for 5years. This is to ensure that everything is going according to plan and that operation is going on perfectly. We are confident that as partners that are very interested in being involved in every step of the project even down to every minute detail, 5 years will be a good start. This is the first big job my company and this town is having. I’m so very happy and I owe it all to you for convincing me to follow my dreams and not give up on my life. Anyway, enough on business and more on pleasure and party. Care to join, there is a dance competition coming up and I intend to beat you and take first place.”

I looked at my wristwatch and gasped “I’ve got to go now.”

“Where are you going to on your sister’s birthday?”

“Trust me, nobody would miss me. Besides, I have to walk Calmstorm and I’m really happy for you my dearest brother and I hope you achieve all you’ve set your mind to because we all know you deserve this. You deserve this more than anybody else and I’m not saying this because I am your sister, I am saying this to you because it is the plain truth”

I sprinted out of the house before Alfred could comment or condemn me.
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