Diary of Choices

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First Date

Charlotte came over to the Alexander mansion to visit me. It had been so long since we last chatted and hung out. We spent all day chatting, eating a whole 10 inched chocolate cake and drinking fresh homemade mango juice.
Brian entered the kitchen as we had discussed him bringing his dog, Wildfire, over to familiarize himself with Calmstorm and vice versa. He greeted us both and at my request, joined us in eating the mountain of cake and drinking the juice.

Immediately the two dogs sniffed each other, Calmstorm and Wildfire got into a growling and barking match. We were so worried that they would bite each other but fortunately,they decide to sit beside each other for a while and soon enough they both became fast friends or they look like they are getting along very well.

“What did you say about counting your chicks before they hatch or was it counting your puppies before they are born?”
Brian gloated as he sat down on one of the kitchen stools looking at me making dog food for Calmstorm and wildfire. I couldn't helpbut smile. I could feel his eyes staring at me.
“It is still not a sure thing that they would mate naturally”

I said as I brought out two clean bowls for the two beautiful dogs. Wildfire is a beautiful, very tall, black and brown furred German-shepherd. Calmstorm is a big light brown Austracian dog which is almost as tall as Wildfire. I served the two dogs food and they hungrily dig into their bowls. After a few minutes, the two dogs run around the kitchen, I got the message so I opened the door for the two dogs to run out of the house and do their business or play, they ran through the door and out of the house.
I, being very pleased with myself, turned around to give Brian a triumphant smile when I saw that his face was pale. I was alarmed

“What’s wrong? Are you alright? You look pale.”
“Wildfire is in an unknown environment”
“Oh, don’t worry. Calmstorm would watch out for him, they’ll be back sooner than you know it” I gave him one of my most reassuring smiles. I used that smile frequently on Alfred and Kayla to make them feel better and more comfortable with whatever situation they were facing.
“Okay, if you say so”
“Charlotte, what do you think about Wildfire and Calmstorm mating?”
“First of all, what is it with you both and those names, Wildfire! Calmstorm! You are both just crazy. About the mating thing, I think you should be expecting little adorable puppies soon. If you guys also heat things up, you both might also have little kids of your own. Stop taking your sweet time” Charlotte said making everything awkward, I just had to break the ice one way or another
“You are the most unserious human being on this planet and yet the best friend I have”
“Awww…..That is so sweet, talking of sweet, there's no more juice in my glass. let me go and get more juice, who wants more juice?”
“That sounds wonderful, please I wouldn’t mind more cake as well. Katherine, what’s wrong with you? You seem upset about something” Brian quickly responded
“It’s nothing that you should worry yourself about.” I said through clenched teeth. I did not like being such an open book.
“Does it have anything to do with Dan and his domineering attitude? You can tell me all about it. I will definitely teach him a lesson, if one needs to be taught” I just had to smile at Brian’s thoughtfulness, he was so charming and gentlemanly, like a knight of the round table
“It’s nothing of that nature. He just asked me to dinner”
“Then honey, there is something known as No. If you are uncomfortable with it, all you had to do was give one of those baby smiles of yours and say ‘NO’. It’s that simple”
That time I actually laughed
“Thanks a lot for your thoughtfulness Brian but I am not so unhappy about the date. Truthfully, I am more nervous and inquisitive about the whole thing, I mean why me? Why now?”
“Honey, like I’ve always been trying to tell you, you have all it takes for a guy to look at you and never want to set his eyes on any other woman again but you’ve got to know it and believe in it. My beautiful intriguing creature.”
“Save your lectures for another time. Aren’t you going to congratulate me on my first date in a long while?”
“I guess I am. Congratulations, I wish you a wonderful and smooth date today” Brian said while holding my gaze. There was something off about his tone. I could not really place my hands on it.

“Wow! Wow! Shy Kat. I must sound the trumpets and let the whole world know that the nun has decided to sneak out of the convent to go on a date” Charlotte said in her usual teasing manner as she came back with the juice. We all burst into another round of laughter, it was so funny the way she said it.

Alfred entered the kitchen, guess the laughter drew him to the kitchen
“Would someone like to share the joke or do you want to leave me out of the fun”
“You are late Alfred, better luck next time” Katherine said
“Says who? What I just said is, the nun is sneaking out of the convent and going on a little escapade” Charlotte said in a rather loud voice
“A little escapade? What is your definition of an escapade?”
“Well, a little bird told me that the nun is going on a date”
Alfred opened his mouth in shock. It has really been a very long time since I went out with anyone on a date but everyone was acting like it was my very first date.
“Come on, stop looking so surprised, it’s not like I haven’t gone on a date before.” I voiced out in exasperation.
“Remind me of the last time you went on a date, it seems like I can’t remember a single time since university. Is my brain is a little slow today in catching up with things?”
“Oh, shut up. You know that your brain is perfect. You all know that I have been too busy to go on dates. I have a very busy schedule, that’s all. I would really appreciate it if you could just drop the topic, thanks. Now that it is settled, I would like to leave you men to discuss business while Charlotte and I go to get me ready for my date tonight”
I turned to walk away before another silly comment escaped Alfred’s lips. As I was walking away I felt Alfred’s hand on my shoulder. The pressure of his hand made me to turn around

“Shy Kat, wear the pendant that I bought for you on your 21st birthday. I have never seen you wear it before. Please wear the dress that I bought for you on saint valentine’s day. It looks magnificently made for you and only you.”
I gave him a big tight hug and he lifted me up and turned me round twice
“I love you so much, Alfred. Thank you for the advice and the support”
“Kat, be careful and of course what I always want to see you do every single moment, relax, stop worrying and have fun”
“I definitely would try. Thanks once more and Brian thanks for cheering me up. Catch you both later. Charlotte, please can we see later. I know we were supposed to hang out today but things have changed a lot. I just remembered that I have to do a few things before it is time to go out this evening. I have to get some essentials for Miss Bridgette’s wedding. I’ve got to go now. Love you and catch you later. There is egg custard in the fridge if you get hungry, I would be back in a jiffy”

I didn’t wait for a reply, I took my hand bag and was on my way out. Immediately I opened the door to the main entrance, I was greeted by Calmstorm and Wildfire at the door, the beauties were back. I turned to give Brian a see-I-told-you look and he smiled back at me. I went to le meilleur gateur to confirm the ingredients being used seeing that the groom and his siblings had different allergies. I also confimed the date and time of delivery of the 5 step Monaco royal cake. Seeing the display cabinet, I bought a small cake for my niece, Kayla. I went over to le chef , met the chef and gave him a list of things that he and his crew would need to know when making provisions for the refreshment. I tasted some samples of finger food he made. It was obvious the chef didn’t like me giving him tips on the couple's preference but the customer is always right.
Once I was satisfied with the menu, I took a short trip to the event hall booked for the wedding. I made sure everything agreed with the client regarding the specification of the reservation of the hall was intact. Since I was at the venue, I inspected the decoration done so far by the florist. To my pleasurable delight, it was flawlessly beautiful. For a place not yet fully transformed, it was already looking magical. I loved the fact that the florist agreed to use fresh flowers for the interior decoration. It would definitely look and smell exquisite. After my inspection, I gave the florist a call. I would have preferred to have met her at the event hall but seeing as she was not avaliable, a phone call was the next best thing. On the call, I commended her on a job well done and I inquired about her progress with the church decorations.

After the cal, I paid the bride a house call to tell her of the new development; tell her how everything was nicely coming together and convince her of how wonderful her wedding would turn out to be. I also waited to hear her views and concerns about everything. I absolutely love my job.


At precisely 6pm, I made sure I was back in my parents house. I didn’t even have the opportunity to greet anyone. I had so much to do before my date picked me up by 7pm. I went straight to my room and soaked herself in the bath tub for a few minutes. I felt so dirty and sore from the activities of the day. After the soak in the bath tub, I began to feel totally energized and refreshed. I felt pleased with my efforts of the day as everything was in place for Miss Bridgette’s big wedding.

I was looking at myself in the mirror wearing a pink tutleneck knee-length bodycon gown. My hair backed up in a doughnut. I was also wearing dangling love shaped gold earring and a matching Gold chain with a cupid shaped pendant attached to it. I complimented it with my favourite high heeled peep-toe shoe. I used very light makeup

“Yes, this is attractive, beautiful but still me, simple.”

I looked at the time and it was 6:58pm. I was proud of myself. I got ready in less than an hour. As I was about to sit on my bed and wait for my date. I heard the doorbell and I immediately knew that to be my cue, Daniel was around. My heart skipped a beat with just the thought of him. What was wrong with me? Why was I having this kind of crazy reaction to him. I picked up my black purse and walked down the stairs. The first person my eyes made contact with was Daniel, a shiver went through my body as I was studying him. He was sitting in the sitting room with my brother and Brian. He was a tall man with broad shoulders and a clearly toned body. They were all laughing and obviously enjoying each other’s company. He had a very beautiful smile. When he threw his head back in laughter, he looked very captivating. When they noticed my presence, they all stood up. I, Katherine Alexander, got a standing ovation and looks of admiration and awe from handsome and wealthy men. That was a first for me. I almost got dizzy and fainted.
Dan swallowed his saliva so many times that I lost count. I could tell by the expression on their face that they wouldn’t have acted any differently if they had seen a goddess or an enchanting ghost. I could be exaggerating but that is how the attention made me feel. I gathered courage, stood up straight and walked down the stairs. I got down the stairs and shuffled over to my brother. He bent a little so that I could plant a kiss on his cheek. I went to Brian and gave him a hug. I said my goodbyes to everyone else. When I kept my hand in Daniel’s hand, I felt a jolt of electricity. I channelled all my energy into getting out of the house with my date as quickly as possible. I gave him a little push so that he would move faster. I didn’t stop pushing till I was safely in the car away from eyes of my family.

Throughout the car ride, Daniel was lost in his thought so didn’t say a word to me or give me a side glance. The same man who couldn’t get his eyes off me in the house. Now couldn’t even spare me a glance or say something to me. My mind wandered to Brian. Brian would have been charming all the way in the car. He would have been talking to me and making me laugh. Daniel didn’t seem to be much of a talker. I looked out the window as he brought the car to a halt. I knew we were at the outskirts of town but I did not recognize the exact location. I got down from the car and my legs landed on the muddy ground. Damn! I was on heels and standing in a muddy place. My heels were digging into the ground. It took sheer will not to fall. He led me to a boat. I was so upset. I was not dressed appropriately and that made things harder than they needed to be. Somehow, we got on the boat and the boatman's took us on a short trip on water. Daniel had not yet said a word to me and I was getting uncomfortable with the silence.

We got off the boat and I felt like I was lost. We seemed to be on some sort of island. I looked at Daniel and he was in suit and jeans. Still not saying a word to me, he held my hand and led me through a path. I was a little worried because this looked like a scene from an horror movie. As I was contemplating my next move, I saw it. It was the most beautiful place I had ever set my eyes on. It was a restaurant that had a lighted signpost which read 'Cruise Island'. I had heard so many tales about it but I didn’t know where it was or what it really looked like. It opened last year but it was a very coded place. Its walls were made of glass. The ambience looked so peaceful and exotic. It had the feel of being in the middle of an ocean. The sound of the waves and the magnificient view of the water was everything. I discovered that Daniel made reservation in this wonderful heaven on earth. How he found the place out, I couldn’t even begin to imagine. Our table was by the open window. This date just got so much better.

"Good evening Sir and Madam, welcome to Cruise Island. My name is Pete and I'll be your waiter for the evening. Are you ready to order"
“Hi, I’ll have the seafood sweet and sour soup first. After that, I’ll have Genoese Seafood Risotto and I would like a tall glass of Moet" I dictated while studying the voluminous menu.
“I’ll simply have whatever the young beautiful lady is having. It seems she knows her seafood well but instead of the glass of Moet, can we have a bottle of Salvatore Calabrese. Thank you, that would be all” Daniel said with a note of finality.
“Yes, I’ll get your orders. In the meantime enjoy the breeze, the view and the music. Please call me if you need anything else."

“I love this place, Dan. It is beautiful and perfect. It’s like I’m in a dream. It is magical” I was delightfully impressed.
“But it is not as beautiful and gorgeous as you are” he gave her a bouquet of flowers that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The evening seemed to be getting better and better by the minute.
“Wow, that’s so sweet, thank you. I try as much as I can to not look too extravagant or flashy. I prefer to look sweet and classy. What I really aim for is to look simple at all times.” Daniel seemed so quiet. I felt like I had to talk to fill the gap and now I think I have said too much. Why wouldn’t he try to be a little more like Brian? Conversation was so much easier with Brian.

I simply smiled and took the bouquet of flowers from him. He got me tulips. They smelt wonderful. I kept the bouquet on the table and we were back to silence. What do I say to keep the wheels of conversation going.

As if my silent prayer was answered, the food arrived. They were definitely efficient. The soup was out in less than 30 minutes. Th sweet aroma was making my mouth water so much that I feared that if I didn’t start eating anytime soon, the whole floor would be wet with saliva. I had never seen a meal that made me react this way. I wasted no more time as soon as it was set before me. I picked up my spoon and with more self-control than I had ever had to muster, I ate the food. I had to take it slow so I could savour every taste. Since Daniel was not talking to me, I had the rare opportunity of being able to focus squarely on my soup. I was lost in how amazing the soup was. If I could lay my hands on the cook that created this wonderous meal, I would do anything within my power, to make sure that she/he became my personal chef and I would never return her/him back to cruise island.

Daniel kept his hand on my hand and I almost jumped up in shock as my mind was completely far away
“What did you do that for?"
“I saw that you were in a sort of trans and I was talking to you. I will appreciate it if you paid some attention to your date” he said with an amused look on his face.
“Sorry, I was deep in thoughts.” I scolded myself. I was complaining that he was not talking and when he finally talked, I was not present.
“I could see that”
“So what were you saying while I was a lost in thought?”
“I was explaining to you how wonderful you look eating”
“Well, I’m glad I missed that and it means that I did not miss a lot of things” I dived back into my meal. It's settled, he did not know anything about social interactions while on a date.

“You are adorable. Do you know the reason why I love you?” once I heard that statement fall from his mouth, It was as if by magic, I lost my appetite. I totally forgot where I was, it was like everything was at a standstill. I dropped my spoon and picked up my purse. How could he even love me? This is the definition of complicated.

“Dan, I really don’t think that I am ready to talk about love anytime in the nearest future talk less of now. I really have to go” he held my hands as I was about to get up and he pulled me gently until I sat down. I felt a magnetic pull to him. I sat down even though I dreaded what he would say next.

“Katie, please hear me out first. There is no denying the fact that I love you very much. In fact, I have loved you since the first time I laid my eyes on you. Your name alone is captivating to my soul. Your firm strictness yet gentle kindness is a wonder to me. Your easy grace is an inspiration to me. Your voice is music to my ears and oh my God! Your lovely, beautiful smile brightens my day. You are so much to me. I tried to deny it. I tried to run away from you. I tried to avoid you. I tried so many times to walk away from everything. I even swore to take it slow so as not to scare you but I just can't. I really love you.”

“I have to go” What is wrong with him? Who says things like this on a first date? He is a brute in every sense of the word.

“Before you go, there is something I need to know; do you feel the same way about me?"
I was at my wits end, what did he want from me?How could he ask me such a question? What kind of freaking first date was this? I was attracted to him yes. I felt a weird connection to him yes but talking about love was a bit of a stretch.

"I do not know what I feel for you. I do not know what to say. I do not even know if I should be having this conversation with you"

"I can't wait anymore. I do not have the patience for this. Katherine Alexander, I have to ask you; would you marry me?”

And that was the craziest story of the day, I honestly wouldn’t have been more surprised if he said I should jump into the water or I should kill myself. Once the wave of surprise passed, I became totally angry. What sort of sick game was this? What kind of crazy mad fellow was he? I was still reeling from the confession of love and he dropped this bomb on me. Are we in a freaking movie?

“You are the craziest, stupidest man I have ever met in my entire life on this planet earth. To think that I thought you were cute and funny and actually sane. You are the most insane mad man I have ever laid eyes on. Cursed be the day I lay eyes on another like you again. You are definitely out of your mind. Have you no shame? Is this how you treat ladies on your first date with them?”

I stood up abruptly, picked up my purse and was ready to walk out. When he tried to hold my hand, I looked at him with tears in my eyes, I didn’t even know when tears started to flow down my cheeks. How dare he play with me like thatow dare he?

“Stupid me, I definitely should have known better”

I pushed his hands away and stormed out of the restaurant.

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