Diary of Choices

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The Report

I was at home, getting ready for bed. I had a busy day today.
The honest truth is that I did not have a job and I was almost done in the university. I had been told to try to get a job before completing my studies but I really didn't know what exactly I love to do the most. I was studying languages in the university and I was not sure I wanted to work a regular 9 to 5 job.

I wanted to do something that makes me happy yet brings me money and provides a sense of fulfilment, just like Alfred and Katherine.

Alfred was an engineer and Katherine was an event planner. They both do jobs that make them both happy. It was lucrative and they get to impact lives and make a difference.

As I was still pondering my life and the next step, my phone rang. My phone seemed to always be ringing since the first day I got it. I looked at the caller Id and it was Daniel. That's weird! He was supposed to be on a date with my sister. Was the date that terrible that he had to call me in between his date? Elizabeth to the rescue, again!

"Hey, Lizzy"
"Hi, what's up?"
"I just want to know if your sister has returned"
"I thought you were together. You remember you took her out on a date."
"She bolted on me"
"What made her bolt?"
"I asked her to marry me."
"Are you out of your mind?"
"That was the same question she asked me. You truly are sisters."
"Yes, we have to ask. Dan, It's too soon and too forward"
"I don't believe in slow and steady. I believe in fast and furious and I get everything I want"
"Well, see where fast and furious got you. Anyway, she isn't here. In fact, the whole family thinks that she is on a date with you. You better not worry about her. She can take care of herself. I can assure you of this, she knows more people than you would ever know in this town. I think that you should give her space. But I can assure you that even if you give her twenty years, she would never agree to marry you. She loves her freedom like a bird loves flying in the free air. You don't have a chance in heaven or hell for that matter. Let me give you a piece of advice; give up on your scheme because she would not fall for it. I still don't get why you picked her over me but it's your loss. Have a nice time. See you"

"Ok. Thank you for the unsolicited advice. I'll see you later."
"Guess what? She is here. She just arrived; you can call her cell phone but don't use your number. Catch you later."
"Thanks a lot, Lizzy, I really appreciate you. I'll get back to you later"
"You better get back to me"

I really had deep feelings for Daniel but he seemed to want to be with Katherine. I can't see why he would pick her over me. I really cannot see it, ever since my birthday, his eyes has been like a hawk, looking at her, analysing her and the likes. Why not me? What makes her so special?

Sometimes I really don't like Katherine at all, she always seemed to have it all, yet she is just so ungrateful about it.

I wish Dan chose me. I wish I was the woman he took on this date. I wish he asked me to marry him. I wish he was mine. I wish I had his heart.

My sister did not want anything to do with him but I did. Maybe I still had a chance. Maybe I should not give up on him yet. Maybe I could change his mind. He just might end up loving me if I played my cards right.
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