Diary of Choices

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The Proposal

I had been out of town for a week so immediately I got to town, I checked up on the preparation for the business party at Alfred's house. My brother insisted on having the party at his house. He wanted something homely yet professional. I had hired a cleaning agency to do some heavy deep cleaning of the house. I had also hired Fiona to transform the house to suit the theme. Stepping into the house, I could see the cleaning crew outdid themselves. I did not think Alfred's house could have that kind of look. I also noted that Fiona was halfway done. She had removed the dinning table and transformed the room to a large ballroom with a magnificent stage being made in the centre of the room.

As I was admiring the room, my personal cell phone rang and the caller was using an unknown number.

"Good afternoon"
"I love the sound of your voice. It always makes me feel so good."
"Good afternoon Daniel. I do not recognise this number,"
"I suppose if you did, you will not have answered the call."
"You are correct."
"My darling Dynamite. What have I ever done to you to make you treat me so?"
"I told you to stop calling me that. I do not have time for this, Daniel."
"How about that date we talked about?"
"I thought about it, and I do not think it is a good idea."
"Why not?"
"I do not think I want to have this conversation again."
"If you are going to blow me off, I will love to know why."

Daniel was beginning to irritate me! I did not understand what he was trying to achieve. He had called me 3 times since our unusual date, and he had been pushy and annoying every time. My mind wondered to our conversation two nights ago, he sang a lullaby for me because I could not sleep, and his voice was so soothing. I found myself floating. I did not realise I slept off until the next morning, he was still on the call, but I could hear his quiet snore. It was cute to listen to. In that moment, I wished I were beside him to watch him sleep. I did not have time for this love thing. I needed to put an end to it.

"You are a businessman, and your word is your bond, right?"
"Yes! Why do I feel like I may not like what you are about it say?"
"I will make you a deal!"
"We go on a date tonight. If you cannot get a kiss from me, you back off. You stop disturbing me. You move on to someone who will actually fawn over you".
"I love a challenge, but I do not like the odds. How about a counteroffer"
I found myself laughing, I could not help it. He was truly a businessman.
"Why am I not surprised? Please go ahead."
"We go on the date tonight. If you feel like your heart flutters or feel any sweet sensation, we continue this journey but if you feel absolutely nothing, I'll back off, but I trust you to be honest."
"That is unfair, I already told you that I have a weird reaction to you. Of course, I will feel some sweet sensations.
"On second thoughts, I'll take your bait. If you feel like kissing me or if we kiss, you promise me that you will give us a chance. If not, I will just stay your friend. Nothing more"
"I accept this proposition. See you in the evening. I'll send you an address since I am the one picking the location."
"I'll patiently wait for your call. Love you Dynamite!"

I ended the call. I was finally going to be rid of Daniel. It would be easy to avoid kissing him or even thinking about kissing him. I was ready for this. I could not afford to like him. I could not afford to be in a relationship with him. He did not just want a relationship, he wanted to go to the altar, and I was not interested in that so it would be terribly unfair of me to selfishly date him when I knew, for a fact, that marriage was not a part of my plan for the near future. He may not understand it, but I was only trying to protect him from me. He needed someone who will be fawning over him regularly, and that person was definitely not me.

I looked around the house once more and then my eyes landed on my sweet niece, Kayla was on a ladder placing some ribbons on the chandelier

"Kayla Alexander, come down here now" Kayla looked down suddenly and the action caused the chandelier to tilt along with her. It almost gave me a heart attack. That girl was naturally clumsy. Being at the top of a ladder hanging on to a chandelier was enough to give anyone high blood pressure.
"Hi, when did you arrive?" the minx was waving at me as if she were doing the most natural thing in the world.
"Honey, I just arrived. Can you do me a noticeably big favour and come down here steadily, I really need you on the ground with me."
"But I have to finish here so that I can be allowed to get the red carpet and roll it down the staircase."
"Kyle, you have done enough here already. I would really want you to come down right now. I want you to stop what you are doing and come here this instance" I said with a gentle but strict voice. Mrs. Nice was not working so Mrs. Stern is on the loose.
"Ok, I'm coming" she said sadly but thankfully she got down from the ladder. It looked like she was in a hurry, she was not watching her steps. She would be the death of me.
"How are you? How is your father?"
"Let's just say that he is not my favourite person now."
"What's up?"
"He has been acting up since you left, it's so annoying. He exchanged words with Aunt Lizzy. I must tell you that it was the most unpleasant sight that I have ever seen. It did not stop there; he had exchanged words with anyone with enough courage to confront him on his inexcusable actions. Last night was the height of it; he came home extremely late last night. What am I saying? He did not come home last night; instead, he arrived this morning after spending a lot of time drinking. I mean, it was so evident that he was drinking. His dress smelled of it and his mouth were no different at all. Something is upsetting him, and no one seems to be able to get through to him." At this point Kayla was pacing around and mumbling through her words. It was evident that she was talking from her emotional frustrations. She must be very bothered by his actions.
"Don't worry Kayla. I'll talk to him, okay?"
"Okay, please do."
"Now, I want you to follow me, I'll drop you at the Alexander mansion with your doting grandparents"
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