Diary of Choices

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The Pact

I woke up and reached for my phone. I saw a notification on the screen that I had missed 5 calls from Daniel. I also noted that the time was 5am. I had been asleep for over 10 hours.
The day before, I left Kayla at my parents’ house, and I went to Alfred’s office to look for him so I could find out what the issue was and assess the situation for myself. I remember being told by the secretary that he quickly stepped out but would shortly be back, so I waited and that was most likely where I slept off. I remembered where I fell asleep and, in my struggle, to get up, I fell. The fall gave me the jolt I needed to be fully awake and then I studied my surroundings properly. I then realized that I was on a bed, the bed looked familiar, but I was certain it was not my bed. How did I get transported from my brother’s office to this familiar yet unfamiliar room?

My eyes then caught something or someone moving under the duvet on the bed. I got very scared as there has been plenty kidnapping cases going on around town. I quickly picked up one of my shoes from the floor that somehow must have gotten off my leg when I was asleep and I tip-toed my way towards the bed, posed to attack. I was practically shaking all through, I pulled up the duvet and saw that it was Alfred, my beloved brother. Even in sleep, he looked troubled, then definitely whatever was bugging him must be profoundly serious. Recognition hit me at that moment as to why the room looked so familiar and yet so unfamiliar, we were in Alfred’s house, in his room.
The house that I specifically told him that he was banned till the night of his party. 0f course my very stubborn brother did not bother to acknowledge my instructions. I dropped the shoe on the floor and the thud woke Alfred up which was good because we still needed to talk. He opened his eyes and gave me one of his lazy wonderful, rare morning smiles, the type that gets young ladies into trouble.
“Good morning bro, how are you doing?”
“I’m fine. You are the one I should be asking that question. You looked totally fagged out yet peacefully beautiful last night. It would have been a total shame to wake you up. I had to carry you to a more comfortable place where you would not suffer from any kind of body or back aches due to your sleeping conditions. I hope you do not mind that I brought you to this place. I know that you banned me from coming here but this was the closest place that I could take you to at that time of the night”
“Where were you yesterday? I have been trying to get in touch with you ever since I arrived. Where have you been?”
“I had some things to take care of. How was your trip? Hope you managed to achieve all your objectives” he said trying to change the topic, but we had been at this game for an exceptionally long time, I knew exactly how his mind worked and I refused to be diverted to another topic of discussion.
“It would be really nice if you could share whatever it is that made you busy to the extent that you were noticeably absent from work and if these things that you are taking care of is what made you slap your sister and act like so irrational, then I really am very much interested in what these things are and I demand an explanation now”
“I missed you so very much, your fire. Your persistence and your arrogant bullying are just a priceless gift. You look exceptionally beautiful whenever you are bossing people around”.
“I’ll ignore the sarcasm. So, what’s up? Talk to me please”
“Ok, I’ll let you know what is up, but I can’t tell you now. I promise to tell you but I’m just not ready to talk about it yet, give me some time”.
“Then whenever you feel that you are ready to tell me what is happening, that would be the next time that I would talk to you. Till then do not expect me to talk to you for any reason whatsoever. And I stop talking to you starting from this very moment. Goodbye.”
“Babygirl, wait.”
“Why would I wait? I asked you a simple and very disturbing question, but you refuse to tell me. We tell each other everything. Alfred, everything. That is how we have always been. Do you have any idea how much what you just said hurt me? I am sure you do not. I can understand you being private and keeping work related details, that is work but now you are hiding things that affect your personal life from me, I cannot do this with you, I refuse to do this with you. I must get out of here. This was not our pact.”

I was already crying so I stormed out of the room, the cleaning crew arrived early, I decided to calm myself before I face the day and a good bath always had a soothing effect on me. I had my bath and dressed up in my room in Alfred’s house rather than go home to face the inquisitive Kyle and maybe even the nosy Elizabeth.

When I was done, I realized I spent more time than I should in the bathroom, it was almost 10am. I hurriedly got dressed in a black stripped t-shirt and matching plain pant trousers. I wore my favourite black wedge shoes with a lot of diamond studs, that shoe always lifted my mood, no matter the circumstance. I packed my hair to the back with a band and I was ready to start my day.
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